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Spring 2009 

A News Magazine Published by The Governor's Ac 

r Troopers Marched for Salvage 

Recycling efforts are nothing new to our school campus. During World War II, Academy students participated in paper drives 
to benefit the war effort. A 1 942 study estimated that the country needed more than 20 million tons of paper for the war and 
associated uses. The recycled paper was converted into everything from blood plasma containers to K-ration cartons, boxes for 
shell casings and vaccines, and bullet cartons. 

Those youth who participated in the salvage program were called "Paper Troopers." The name was chosen because it conjured 
up images of Paratroopers, the daring soldiers who dropped behind enemy lines. It was thought the name would have great 
appeal to pupils. In some communities, students were given accolades and badges for their successful paper salvaging.They could 
also earn certificates of merit for themselves and for their schools. 

If you are interested in donating items to the Archives, please contact Laurie DiModica at 978.499.3340 or ldimodica@ Learn more about the Academy Archives at 

information from "Use of Reclaimed Salvage" Memorandum, circa March 1 942. Folder 13, Box 28, Defense Council Records, OSA;"PaperTrooper: A Manual for School 
Administrators and Community Leaders," U.S.War Production Board, circa 1944. Folder 9, Box 30, Defense Council Records, OSA. 


Published since 1884 


John M. Doggett Jr. P'04, '07, '08, '08 


Judith Klein P'99, '08 


Douglas Fortado 
Graphic Details 


David Oxton P'03,'08 
Dick Searles P'02 
i Kathy Guy P'05 
Douglas Fortado 
Insight Studios 

II Director of Advancement 

) Lori Correale 

i Director of Alumni and Parent Relations 

It Michael A. Moonves P'82 

)i Director of Annual Giving 

Ellen C. Oliver 

Trustees of The Governor's Academy 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, President 

Christopher C. Beebe '55, Co-Vice President 

Priscilla M. Mclnnis P'02, '03, '06, Co-Vice 


James L. Rudolph '68, P'05, ' 1 2, Secretary 

Steven Shapiro'74, P'09,Treasurer 

William L.AIfond '67 

Nathalie E.Ames '85 

Adrienne Berry-Burton P'96, '04 

Christopher W. Collins P'07, ' 1 

Jonathan J. Doyle P'08, '09 

Henry B. Eaton 70, P'03, '08 

Beverly R. Giblin P'04, '05 

Lauren B. Gudonis P'03 

Kathleen S. Hines P'08, '09, '12 

Stephen G. Kasnet '62, P'95 

Richard M. Kelleher P'99, '01 

Thomas M. Mercer Jr. '6 1 

Kara Moheban McLoy '88 

Daniel M. Morgan '67, P'97, '02 

Brian H. Noyes 76 

James M. Pierce 72, P'08 

Peter H. Quimby '85 

Haskell Rhett '54 

Gary A. Rogers P'04, '07 

George S. Scharfe P'95, '95, '00 

Aaron M. Sells '96 

Bruce C.Turner '83 

Mark B.Whiston 

Alumni Trustees 

Daria C. Grayer '00 
Matthew R. Lee '0 1 
Sarah Willeman '99 

Ex Officio 

Christen H. D'Orio '88, President, Alumni Council 

Alumni/ae Council 

Chris D'Orio '88, President 

Carolyn Nissi 77, Vice President 

Gretchen Scharfe '95, Secretary 

Mathalie Ames '85 

Deana Boyages '88 

Tyler Collins '03 

David Corbett '9 1 

Daniel Cross '81 

ohn P. English '28 (Life Member) 

'utnam P. Flint '37, GP'99 (Life Member) 

irendan Forrest '94 

Anthony P. Fusco '85 

Dan Guyton '03 

; ranklin E. Huntress '52 

lay Long '96 

Daniel Look '68 
Aichard Lufkin '0 1 
lustin Marshall '99 
Ted Nahil '68 

'aul Nardone '86 

jlie O'Shaughnessy '05 

Uchard Pew '54 

1att Prunier '94 

latthew Remis '92 

"hris Ruggiero '92 

■rian Rybicki '96 

leidi Danielson Stevens '88 

Jevin Sullivan '92 

ahnTarbell '62 

1arc K.Tucker '68, P'O I, '05 

ickieWard '04 

Jison Williams '89 

:ssica Karlin '99 

x Officio 

j latherine D. Burgess '9 1 , Past President 

1 eterT. Butler, '62, Past President 

J. imes C. Deveney Jr. '60, Past President 

>hn S. Mercer '64, P'95, Past President 
I aren A. Schulte '83, Past President 
j ster M. Sherin '59, Past President 

rthur H.Veasey III '68, Past President 


We are living during a period 
where there is no longer any 
conventional wisdom about 
economic matters. The moniker 
"dismal science" has always been 
associated with the study of 
economics. Current events have 
done little to rehabilitate this image 
or added any clarity to its general 
understanding. The humorist PJ 
O'Rourke probably had it right 
when he said that "no amount of 
situations cause most Americans to 
identify economics as a distinct entity - it is like gravity - if a man falls 
down, he doesn't curse gravity or mumble, I fell at 32 feet per second 
squared. So it is with economics. No amount of losing money, one's job 
or nest egg sends you to the library for a copy of John Maynard Keynes' 
GeneralTheory of Employment, Interest and Money!' Nevertheless, none of 
us today can open a newspaper, turn on the radio or television, or meet 
an acquaintance in line for a cup of coffee without hearing or talking 
about the economy. Will it get worse? When will the recession end? 
How can we best care for our families? 

During these uncertain times, all of us in Byfield, the Trustees, 
Headmaster, faculty, and staff are committed to managing the School's 
resources in a fiscally prudent manner. The Academy has operated 
with a balanced budget for 33 consecutive years and this year will be 
no exception. Despite a significant reduction in endowment revenues, 
we feel that we can operate prudently and efficiently and focus 
our priorities to nurture the things that are central to the student 
experience. We continue to examine every budget line item with cost 
management in mind. Administrative expenses have been reduced. 
We are looking carefully at our course enrollments, combining some 
sections in under-enrolled courses while maintaining our average 
class size of 13. Maintaining the strength of the academic program 
remains our principal priority. We will continue to teach more than 20 
Advanced Placement courses and Honors Sections in all departments. 

This year we hope to realize real savings from a three-year initiative 
of energy improvements. Most of our buildings now have dual fuel 
capabilities; we have engaged in an aggressive window replacement and 
insulation program, and we have locked in 70 percent of our energy 
costs at competitive rates. Our community "green" initiatives in the 
area of recycling and energy conservation have already begun to pay 
financial dividends. Our new recycling compactor has processed 9.54 
tons of recyclables in only three months of operation. 

During the last decade, the Academy has made a significant investment 
in new academic, residential and athletic facilities and has dedicated 
a significant percentage of the budget for capital maintenance to 
our historic campus. We will continue to devote a responsible level 
of resources to the upkeep of the physical plant. However, with the 
exception of the new faculty townhouse currently under construction, 
we do not anticipate any new building projects in the immediate future. 

In the end, students are the heart of the Academy's mission. We are 
fortunate that our applicant pool is strong and approximates last year's 
record numbers. Sensitive to the fact that this is a challenging economy 

for many households, the Board of Trustees established a tuition 
increase of 3.1 percent. This represents the lowest annual increase in 
over two decades.This year's tuition increase again will be below the 
average of the group of 40 New England and Middle Atlantic boarding 
schools to which we commonly compare ourselves.The school will also 
be augmenting the financial aid budget to $3 million dollars to assist 
families who demonstrate need; this is an II percent increase over last 
year's appropriation. 

Today students and families rightfully look for "value" in secondary 
education. This should not be simply quantified as out of pocket 
expenditures, but also as the qualitative educational experience that 
a student enjoys. There are intrinsic benefits derived from working 
with talented and dedicated teachers, associating with other bright 
and motivated classmates, and engaging in the depth and breadth 
of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities. These 
transformative experiences are investments in our children's future 
and are the occurrences our alumni consistently cite as their most 
formative moments in Byfield. They create a world view of individuals 
who value personal responsibility, autonomy and virtue. They are 
people whom the political scientist Hugh Helco views as debtors who 
owe something, not creditors to whom something is owed; life long 
learners who embrace their civic duty and global responsibility. 

In these turbulent economic times, educational institutions take on 
even greater relevance and significance. Our schools must be places 
of hope and optimism where future leaders can develop creativity, 
critical analytical skills, the ability to think for themselves, flexibility and 
judgment to take on the challenges of a world of constant change. In 
a recent essay, David Brooks spoke eloquently about the importance 
of institutions and how they impart values and expectations and how 
they help to define who we are. The future of our country, indeed our 
world, is inexorably tied to the success of our schools. 

The campus continues to be alive with activities; a spirited production 
of the musical Grease, a vibrant winter dance concert, several art 
exhibits, and edge-of-your-seat athletics contests all generated high 
energy to the winter season. Many of our seniors have received fat 
envelopes with wonderful college options enclosed.Venturing further 
afield, English teacher Karen Gold and four students recently returned 
from our first exchange program with the Pudong Foreign Language 
School in Shanghai. Academic Dean Elaine White and two students 
spent much of March in Honduras studying and working at Zamorano 
University run by alumnus Ken Hoadley '64. Mark Gerry and Susan 
Oleszko led a delegation of students on a month-long exchange with 
the Alliance School in Kenya. Our efforts keep expanding to provide 
global understanding and experience to more and more students. 

As always, I hope to see many of you on campus this spring. 

Best wishes, 

J. Martin Doggett 

TheArchon | Spring 2009 


An vrai courage Hen impossible. 

At The Governor's Academy, 
students discover their own voices... 

xw^y^jF j 

The Archon | Spring 2009 3 



Alumni Gymnasium was the site of a dazzling display of hoop madness on February 8, as varsity coaches Ike Suggs '78 and Dave Van 
Ness squared off for the annual Alumni Basketball Game. Twenty alums showed up for this popular event including former women's 
team stalwarts Randy O' Brien 79,Anabel Perdomo '02, and Jessica Long '04. 

Elvinson Corporan '04 came all the way from New Jersey to participate. Meanwhile, at theWhiston»Bragdon arena, more than 20 
former hockey players showed that the skills are still there, as spectacular puck handling and shooting prevailed in the spirited affair. 

Following the games, an array of food and drink brought the former Academy greats together in the lobby of the rink. Players' 
families and friends were in attendance as well, which helped make the day a great success. The annual Alumni Basketball and Hockey 
Games were rescheduled after a major snowstorm forced postponement in January. 

Alumni hockey players (above and below, not listed in order pictured): Joe Benson '80, Hans Carbonneau '98,Jim Cavanaugh '94, Lenny Ceglarski '02, Rob Curran '02, 
Mike DiModica '84, Justin Feingold '86, Brendan Forrest '94, Mike Foster '94, Matt Heath.Taso Kapernakas '03, Gerald Kean '94, John Leonard '03, Greg Lydon '94, 
Eric Marshall '84, JJ Morrissey '02, Damian Prescott '94, Mark Rinaldi '06, Chris Ruggiero '92, Andrew Samel '04, Michael Weldon 79,Ted Werner '84 

ii m ": .«^ii i i iw-:(ii i .i iii iiii» » 

The Archon | Sp 

Alumni basketball players (not listed in order pictured): Billy Batchelder '9 1 , Kevin Callahan '80, Elvinson Corporan '04,Troy Dagres 79, Pat Dempsey '04, David 
Dunwell '88,Anthony Fusco '85, Jessica Long '04, Ray Long '96, Kevin McDormand '98, Randy O'Brien 79, Shane O'Neil '98,Annabel Perdomo '02, John Perlowski 79, 
Justin Rivera '94, Henry Rosen 79, Bobby Sims '99, Kyrie Stevens '90, Ike Suggs 78,Todd Walters '96 

Governors on Ice 

2009 Auction 

join us for a special evening! 

Live and Silent Auction 
Food and Dancing 
Cash Bar 

Saturday May 2, 2009 
6:00-1 1:00 pm 
The Governor's Academy 
Whiston • Bragdon Arena 

$75.00 per person 
RSVP by April 27,2009 

The Archon | Spring 2009 



"~™ s#\ 

Chris D'Orio '88 

It gives me great pleasure to 
write to all of our graduates 
as the new president of The 
Governor's Academy Alumni 
Council. After eight years as 
a member of the Council and 
serving as vice president, I am 
thrilled to be taking on the role 
of president and leading this 
group as we prepare to take the 
activities of our alumni body to 
the next level. 

In this inaugural message, I would 
like to focus on one particular event. On the weekend of 
February 27 and 28, 2009, members of the Council gathered in 
Byfield for a Planning Advance. This was an opportunity to take 
a good look at what the Council has accomplished to date, to 
plan for new initiatives going forward, and to re-energize our 
enthusiasm for building a strong alumni community that stays 
engaged with the Academy and with each other. As the 250th 
anniversary approaches, it is important that we renew our ties 
with our alma mater. 

I am very pleased to report that the Advance was enormously 
successful. As you will hear in the coming months, the Council 
made plans to launch some new initiatives that will benefit all of 
us, including the creation of regional alumni chapters around the 
country, establishment of an annual program of events specifically 
for our younger alumni, and development of a technological tool 
that will break down the barriers of geography and provide us 
with greater capacity to find each other and communicate more 
freely amongst ourselves and with the school. 

If you have thoughts or ideas you would like to share with the 
Council, or if you would like to become more involved in our 
activities, I encourage you to get in touch with Mike Moonves, 
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations (mmoonves@ or 978-499-3 1 52.) I hope to see you on campus 
one day soon. 


Chris D'Orio '88 
Alumni Council President 

Caroline Kelleher '99, friend of alumnus, Polly Titcomb '99 

More than 50 alumni from 1990 through 2004 met on February 19 at the Living Room Bar and Restaurant in Boston for the kickoff 
event of the Academy's Young Alumni Group.The evening of food, drink and reconnecting with old friends was a huge success. 

The new Gov's Young Alumni Group was formed to spearhead social events that are of interest to the younger class members. Rich 
Lufkin '01 is heading up the initiative and working with other young alumni on additional events for this spring and summer. "The 
Academy, our faculty and classmates played a huge role in our lives," says Rich. "We don't want to lose those memories... those 
friendships. I really hope that, in time, other alumni will hear about what we're doing and join us." 

6 The Archon | Spring 2009 


An vrai courage rien impossible. 

attempt what once seemed unachievable., 

TheArchon | Spring 2009 7 



April 15 

April 16 

April 23 
April 29 

May I 
May 2 

May 7 

Los Angeles, California Reception 

Hosted by Ted '37, P'65, 70, 75 & Beverly Bergmann 
Riviera Country Club 

San Francisco, California Reception 

Hosted by Bill O'Leary 73 
University Club 

Alumni Council Dinner for Seniors 

Boston Business Leaders Luncheon 

Boston Harbor Hotel 

Grandparents Day 

Governors On Ice 

Allies Auction Fundraiser 

Academy Night at the Boston Pops 

Symphony Hall 

Celebration Dinner for Michael A. Moonves 
Reunion 2009 

June 5 

June 5,6,7 

*AII events without locations listed are on campus 

Jon Mahoney '05, Jordan Dodier '08, and Tim Lang '05 

An enthusiastic throng of alumni from classes of the 1950s up to 
recent graduates, Academy parents and their guests attended a 
reception hosted by Daniel '8 1 and Suzanne Cross at the Chevy 
Chase Club on February 18. Representing the Academy were 
Headmaster Marty Doggett and Director of Alumni & Parent 
Relations Mike Moonves. 

Save the Date 


A Dinner to Celebrate the Career and Retirement of Michael A. Moonves 

June 5, 2009, Friday of Reunion Weekend 
6:00 p.m. Cocktails 
7:30 p.m. Dinner 
Whiston • Bragdon Arena 
The Governor's Academy 

Almost everyone who knows him has a funny, sweet or quirky memory of Mike worth sharing. Whether 
or hot you can attend, please send congratulatory or personal messages with favorite anecdotes to 
sl<eyes@govsacademy.Org. These will be compiled into a scrapbook for Mike along with 
pictures of the celebration dinner. 

8 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Save the Date 

A Business Leaders Luncheon hosted by The Governor's Academy 

Tomorrow's Education in Today's Marketplace: 

How the Economy Affects Higher Education 

Presented by Lawrence S. Bacow, President of Tufts University 

It's Not Easy Being Green.... 

)on't be left out. In an effort to save paper, energy and funds, we plan to use electronic technology more and more to contact our parents 
nd alumni. Make sure we have your correct email address. Send to The Archon Spring 2009 r 

rt students from 
The Governor's Academy 
garnered more 2009 Boston 
Globe Scholastic Awards than 
students at any of the other 

1 3 independent schools that 
competed. Congratulations to 

1 4 students at the Academy 
who won five Gold Keys, 
five Silver Keys, and seven 
Honorable Mentions. Also 
of note is the fact that three 
Gov's students received Gold 
Keys for portfolios in three 
different art disciplines: drawing, 
ceramics and photography. 

"For a school our size, this 
accomplishment is really 
impressive," according to 
photography teacher David 
Oxton.'To have Gold Keys 
for portfolios in three different 
art specialties reflects the 
fact that we have such quality 
training in many media.This is 
a tribute to our students and 
our teaching staff." 

In ceramics, Carolyn Hoffman 
' 1 1 of West Newbury, MA won 
a Gold Key for an individual 
piece and Eric Dunstan '09 of 
Beverly, MA won a Gold Key 
for his ceramics portfolio. Jen 
Basow ' I I of Southborough, 
MA, Chen-wei Chang ' I I of 
Taipei, Taiwan; Kathleen Leary 
' I I of Boxford, MA; and Angel 
Chen '12 of Taipei, Taiwan won 
Silver Keys for individual pieces. 
Alanna McDonough 'I I of 
Andover, MA; Sheridan Smith 
' 1 of Merrimac, MA; and Alice 
Tonry ' 1 of West Newbury, 
MA received Honorable 
Mentions for individual 
ceramic pieces. 


aI\ I ^WV#\i\L^O 

10 TheArchon I Spring 2009 

Veronica Soo Kyung Chai ' 1 of Seoul, Korea, received an Honorable Mention for a painting and Anna Soo Yeon Chai '09 of Seoul, 
Korea, won a Gold Key for her drawing portfolio as well as an Honorable Mention for a photograph. 

Other photography winners are Laura Beohner '09 of North Andover, MA, who garnered a Gold Key for her portfolio and another 
Gold Key for a single photograph; Rory Hamovit '09 of Byfield, MA, who won a Silver Key and an Honorable Mention for two 
photographs; and Amanda Ludeking '09 of South Hampton, NH, who received an Honorable Mention for a single photograph. 

Hamovit's two awards this year bring his total to four Globe awards in the past three years - one Gold, two Silvers and an Honorable 
Mention. Laura Beohner's two Gold Keys this year join another she won last year. Anna Chai's awards in two different categories, 
drawing and photography, are a notable achievement showing versatility and multiple talents, according to Mr. Oxton. 

The other independent schools in competition for Globe Art Awards were Phillips Andover, Cambridge School of Weston, Tabor, 
Landmark, Winsor, Waring, Boston Arts Academy, Walnut Hill, Roxbury Latin, Pingree, Dana Hall, Brooks, and Belmont Hill.B 


The Archon | Spring 2009 1 1 


k* % 






«*H - 


SI* I ■ 

. _ . ji 

,■ .- 




*^ -■ ' f ■■ 

The people themselves are so resourceful and inventive and 
vital that they transcend their poverty. 

12 TheArchon! Spring 2009 


rouched on his haunches in the public park, the 
three-year-old toddler held his hands in front of his face, palms 
out and cried, "Throw, throw" in Spanish. Confidently, his small 
fingers caught the ball of crumpled paper that flew towards 
him. He smiled, threw the ball back and walked to the "plate" to 

bat. Already, he had the swagger of a ball player as he engaged 
in one of his country's favorite pastimes. 

The image of the little child exuberantly at play is just one of 
the many that come to the minds of Academy English teacher 
Dick Searles and Language Chair Kathy Guy as they recall their 
January trip to Cuba as part of a delegation organized by the 
Key West Literary Seminars. 

TheArchon | Spring 2009 


II m 


The most potent image of Cuban society for Dick is "the 
liveliness of their culture despite the poverty. The people 
themselves are so resourceful and inventive and vital that they 
transcend their poverty." Throughout Havana, music flows day 
and night from open windows and bars. "Cuban music is part of 
their life, interwoven into their entire world," says Dick. That is 
not to say there are not problems in their culture, he is quick 
to point out. Prostitution, for example, is quite prevalent. Since 
there are two currencies in Cuba, one for tourists and one for 

residents, professionals such as lawyers and doctors do not make 
as much money as those in the tourist industry who are paid 
with the more valuable "cues." This "creates an odd situation," 
Dick explains, "where professionals are going into service jobs" 
and leaving vacancies in needed vocations. 

The many textures of the Cuban society impressed Kathy. She 
saw the historic district of Havana being restored with beautiful, 
vibrant colors right next to a decrepit building with squatters."lt 
is a work in progress," she maintains, with the poor begging 


rcnori i jpnrig zik 

- — ' - 


in a town that will be a hi 
here v 

e it open 

ie indust 



ies or are homeless, 

. Js th e ' :her 


they are working or not. 

During the one-week stay, Kathy and Dick toured four locales - 
Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos and Pinar del Rio - where they 
visited schools, attended lectures, and viewed dance programs 

~ * Rn 

dents. In addition, onl 

broadcast on na 

d to enter Cu 

and :thei 
■■' ■ . 
Since An 

challenging by the the constraint that each person's entire 
luggage could not weigh more than 44 pounds. Nonetheless, 
Dick, Kathy and their fellow travelers brought supplies for 
elementary schools and Caritas Catholic Charity in Havana. 





Teachers from The Governor's Academy have been attending 
the Key West Literary Seminars for several years, engaging in 
workshops and attending lectures with famous authors. When 
the Seminars offered this mission trip to Cuba, Dick and Kathy 
were eager volunteers. "I've always had a particular interest in 
seeing Cuba," Dick says, "and the Hemingway angle was huge. 
That was the big draw along with the music." 

For Kathy, the impetus was very personal. In 1 963, her father, 
a physician, took a colleague's place at a medical congress in 
Cuba when the country was first under its new president, Fidel 
Castro. He traveled through Mexico without a visa to enter the 
country where he was accorded a meeting with the two Castros, 
Fidel and his brother Raul, who has now taken over for his ailing 
brother. Her father's journey became family legend, a highlight of 
the doctor's life. Thus, "the chance to visit Cuba under the same 

regime was the realization of a dream," Kathy explains. 

Kathy and Dick are both grateful to the Academy for making 
their trip possible. "If you are going to be a teacher," says Dick, 
"you need to be knowledgeable about the world and the cultures 
that exist. Teachers need to be interesting people or kids won't 
be inspired by them." Kathy concurs. She felt "great excitement 
and enthusiasm" from her students about her trip. "Cuba has a 
remarkable history and is politically entwined with the United 
States. The country's music and culture are unique and fascinating 
to our students. My experience broadens their learning." ■ — JK 

The trip to Cuba by Dick Searles and Kathy Guy was funded by a 
professional development grant from the Academy. 

Photos by Kathy Guy and Dick Searles. Check the website at for more information about an exhibit 
ofKathy's and Dick's photos of Cuba. 

18 TheArchon | Spring 2009 

Cuba has a remarkable history and is politically entwined with 
the United States, The country's music and ^culture are unique and 

fascinating to our students. My experience broadens their learning. 

Holder) Caulfield is anyone who feels compelled to live an 
authentic life, and feels this so strongly that it isolates and 
orphans you in a world too small, too flat, too ordinary... 

20 The Archon | Spring 2009 




to v 

of It 


"Must I Grow Up to be a Phony? 


A Few Unsolicited Remarks forTGA Classmates of Holden Caulfield 
By Reverend Bradford Clark '78 

s a sophomore at The Governor's Academy in 1976, 
what could I say about J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye? How 
do you write about something so close to you that you can't step 
far enough back to see it? I saw the world with the very same 
eyes as Holden Caulfield. I understood what he meant by "phony." 
I knew the feeling of exile and confusion at not knowing how to 
find your true place in the world. As the novel ends, Holden is left 
wondering what will become of him. I too was left wondering how 
to catch hold of a life I could call my own - neither borrowed nor 
imposed - one lived with passion, purpose and grace. 

Holden Caulfield is anyone who feels compelled to live an 
authentic life, and feels this so strongly that it isolates and orphans 
you in a world too small, too flat, too ordinary to accommodate 
this extraordinary desire, let alone respond to it with wisdom 
and compassion. All these years after having met Holden for the 
first time, I find it curious, no, worrisome, that so little is ever said 
openly about how hard it is to grow into an authentic, meaningful 
adulthood. We hardly share language to talk about it. No surprise 
why so few of us know the joy of bearing our best gifts into a 
world in need of them without first selling out or checking out. 
Holden, thankfully, is with us still - an unsettling voice, however 
immature and adolescent, crying out that much of what passes 
today as adult living looks more like the scripted movements of 
people who have yet to find their true place in the world. 

This past November 2008, quite some years after meeting Holden 
Caulfield, and having moved back to the area to serve as Rector 
of a nearby Episcopal Church, I received a cordial invitation from 
the Academy to offer some words to the student body as part of 
a convocation series on spirituality. I was excited and at a loss by 
this opportunity to address the students, but after a few days of 
wondering what topic might be of interest to them, I thought of 
Holden. What would Holden appreciate hearing? Why not address 
his concern about authenticity by posing the kind of question 
he would ask: "Must I grow up to be a phony?" Perhaps if I drew 
some attention to this perennial concern, made it worthy as a 
topic for open discussion, and offered a few helpful tools for 
addressing this concern, maybe that would be enough. 

So after a few opening remarks from the stage of the Performing 
Arts Center about myself, Holden Caulfield, and phonies, I turned 
to something William James introduced to the world in 1890 with 
his publication of Principles of Psychology, namely his understanding 
of the self as having two distinct aspects: the "I" and the "Me." 
Here was something I wish I had known about as a sophomore, 
something I know Holden would appreciate. 

We all have two parts to ourselves.The "I" is that part which 
knows itself to be unconditionally worthy regardless of whether 

the world loves us, hates and is indifferent to us.The"Me" is that 
part which is forever looking outside of ourselves for sources of 
validation and worth. Let me say more... 

The "I" is that enduring aspect of the self that knows itself to 
be unconditionally worthy and accepts this truth to be a given, 
the place to start. Some say this is the spiritual aspect of the 
self, that part of us which has been and will always be connected 
to a universe whose reality is beyond measure. When we are 
firmly situated in the "I", the entirety of creation is a wonder to 
us. We feel at home, complete, sustained and thrive on making 
connections. We are undaunted seekers of truth, love, wisdom 
and of our ultimate reason for being. All this makes for a rich and 
penetrating life that is not content skimming along the surface of 
existence. It is a life fueled by purpose, meaning, grace and love. 

By contrast, the "Me" is that part of us enslaved by its need 
for external validation. When situated in the "Me" our life is 
dominated by a habit of self-concern: Am I good enough? How 
do I compare to others? Do others see me as a good person? 
We cannot feel good about ourselves without receiving a steady 
stream of favor, attention and praise from others. Likewise, we 
are equally susceptible to judgments and criticisms and react to 
these threats to our worth by defending, protecting, perfecting 
and justifying ourselves in the eyes of others. This anxious, self- 
centered focus interferes with our capacity to extend ourselves 
openly and honestly to others. In time, the world of the "Me" 
becomes unavoidably burdensome, oppressive and devoid of 
ultimate meaning. 

Most people more readily identify themselves as situated in the 
"Me" world. Frankly, I had no idea there was anything other than 
the "Me" world when I was "classmate" to Holden Caulfield. 
Or maybe I did know, along with Holden, that there has to be 
something more. Why else would he and I be so defiant in refusing 
to live the rest of our lives in a world of scripted movements with 
no higher aspiration than winning the favor of others? 

We know in our heart of hearts that resigning ourselves to 
inhabiting the world of the "Me" means becoming precisely what 
Holden most feared - a phony. Making the move to the world of 
the "I" and setting up life there is what Holden was looking to do, 
only he had no tools, no language, no help for understanding his 
longing, for naming it, for bringing it to the surface of his life and 
pursuing it with confidence. 

To all the Holdens of the world, don't back down, don't sell out, 
and don't despair. You are definitely onto something.There is 
indeed something more out there for you than having to grow up 
to be a phony. ■ 

Reverend Bradford Clark '78 graduated from Hobart College and 
The Divinity School of the University of Chicago. He currently 
lives in Ipswich, MA where he is rector of Ascension Memorial 
Episcopal Church. 

The Archon | Spring 2009 2 1 

Headmaster Zhu Jianguo with Marty Doggett in Byfield. 


Headmaster and Mrs. Zhu Jianguo of Pudong Foreign Languages 
School in China, along with Professor Zou Shen of Shanghai 
University, visited The Governor's Academy in early February 
to finalize plans with Headmaster Marty Doggett for the first 
exchange between the two schools. On March 9, English teacher 
Karen Gold and four Academy students - Lindsay Mackay, Mary 
Morrissey, Grace Barlow and Kelly Lavalee - left Byfield bound 
for China for three weeks. In September, students from China 
will spend time on the Academy's campus in South Byfield. 

The Chinese exchange was one of several this academic year. 
Academic Dean Elaine White accompanied two students, Vianca 
Figueroa and Jennifer Miglione, to the Zamorano School in 
Honduras during March Break, while Science Department Chair 
Dr. Susan Oleszko and math teacher Mark Gerry chaperoned 
Lyle Nelson, Jonathan Bird, Hanna Bird, and Molly Connors to 
Kenya.Two Kenyans from the Alliance School and a teacher 
will be in residence here this month through graduation. 

Global education is alive and well at The Governor's Academy, with 
more plans for academic exchanges being considered all the time. 


Marcus Mabry, a veteran foreign correspondent and editor 
who is now The New York Times Business Editor and past 
chief of correspondents for Newsweek magazine, will be 
the Commencement speaker at graduation on May 24, 2009. 
The winner of numerous journalism awards, Mabry is also a 
former Edward R. Murrow Fellow at the Council on Foreign 
Relations. He graduated from Stanford University and studied 
at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques-Paris. His work has appeared 
in Foreign Affairs and The New Republic, among many other 
publications, and he is a frequent commentator on CNN, 
MSNBC and the BBC's French-language service. He is chairman 
of The Albert G.Oliver Program in New York, which sends bright 
minority students to private schools and a governor of the 
Overseas Press Club. Mabry has also written extensively on race 
and class in America, including the memoir White Bucks and Black- 
eyed Peas Coming of Age Black in White America and the recent 
biography, Twice as Good: Condoleezza Rice and Her Path to Power. 

Mabry, former student of Headmaster Marty Doggett at 
The Lawrenceville School, lives in New York with his partner. 

22 The Archon | Spring 2009 


The Governor's Academy again participated this winter in 
The Green Cup Challenge, a national organized drive to 
reduce energy consumption in boarding school dormitories. 
Last year.The Governor's Academy shared the top spot for 
reduced energy consumption with The Berkshire School. 
Again this year, Academy dorms vied against each other as 
well as against the other independent boarding schools. Some 
boys even initiated a No-Shave February to save water and 
electricity, resulting in many hirsute young men on campus! 

Other ISL (Independent School League) Massachusetts 
boarding schools that participated are The Berkshire School, 
Brooks School, Eagle Hill School, Groton, Northfield Mount 
Hermon, St. Mark's, Stoneleigh-Burnham, and Tabor Academy. 

"Our overall decrease was nearly nine percent, a notable move 
in the right direction", says Academy Green Cup advisor and 
English teacher Chris Rokous with some satisfaction. Last year, 
we did a lot to 'cut the fat' in our use and this year represents 
a continuation of that trend." Chris emphasizes that the 
Challenge is less of a contest than a call to action for schools 
and students, a way for them to understand the positive impact 
they can make in ameliorating the problems of energy waste. 

The Green Cup Challenge™ (GCC) is the first and only 
national student-driven, interschool Climate Challenge that 
supports student efforts to measure and reduce campus 
electricity use and related greenhouse gas emissions, and 
bring attention to water efficiency, waste reduction, and 
recycling, according to the website, www.greenschoolsalliance. 
org.The GCC builds awareness about climate change and 
the environment and encourages the participation of the 
entire campus. The project, which began at Phillips Exeter, 
is now under the aegis of the Green Schools Alliance, a 
program of Global Environmental Options (GEO), and 
involves more than 100 schools across the country. 

"The Green Cup competition has grown exponentially in 
only three years," says Academy Headmaster Marty Doggett. 
"Last year a few dozen schools were involved. Now over a 
hundred schools around the country are participating. I'm very 
encouraged that high school students are taking the notion 
of environmental sustainability seriously. I know that The 

Governor's Academy 
student body were 
intent on replicating 
their high showing in 
this year's contest." 

Marcus Mabry 


Au vrai courage rien impossible 

..and accept the responsibilities of civic duty. 

The Archon | Spring 2009 23 


An vrai courage Hen impossible. 

They live and learn in a community that 

expects and promotes the best in them as they 

forge relationships that last a lifetime. 

24 The Archon | Spring 2009 




We strive to provide high quality medical and psychological 
care to all students. We are committed to treating all students 
with dignity and respectThe Health Center is a safe place 
for students to seek care for any problem, without fear of 
judgment or discipline. 

Providers and Facilities: 

24/7 Nursing care 

24/7 On-site physician 

I Licensed School Counselor 

1 consulting psychiatrist 

2 Licensed Independent Clinical 
Social Workers on retainer 

6 Overnight beds 

I Handicapped accessible bed 

I Treatment room 

I Resource room 

Census Per Month: 

400 visits for medical care 
500 medication administrations 
20 overnights 

Keeping Minds and Bodies Sound 

very week, one third of Academy students enter this 
building.They do not ordinarily live, take classes, eat meals, or 
study here. They do not play sports, sing, act, or create art here. 
Often they stay for only a few minutes; sometimes they are here 
for a day or two. 

Here's the giveaway. Usually, students leave feeling better than 
when they arrived. 

Clearly, the Duncan Health Center is the only place on campus 
to fit this description. 

Whether a student is feeling ill from a gastrointestinal virus, 
overwhelmed by a personal crisis, in need of daily medication 
for a chronic condition, or suffering from a sports injury, the 
Health Center offers care and support in a confidential and safe 

Dr. Michelle LaFlamme '88, new Medical Director of the center, 
is the first physician in a position historically held by a nurse or 
nurse practitioner. Michelle always knew she wanted to return 
to the Academy in some capacity in order to give back to the 
school that had helped and supported her during her teenage 
years. She mentioned her desire to Lynda Fitzgerald at Reunion 
2008. As the story goes, Lynda went back to her office, glanced 
at the photograph on her wall of Michelle playing ice hockey 
and thought, why not? The serendipitous Reunion conversation 
led to a new era for the school's health center.The new school 
doctor, a graduate of the University of New England College 
of Osteopathic Medicine and a Board Certified Emergency 
Medicine Physician, approaches health and well-being from a 
wholistic point of view. Body, mind and spirit are integrated. Her 
background as an athlete also influences her approach to injuries 
and her osteopathic training allows her to employ manipulative 
medicine (myofacial release, pressure points, and adjustments) 
along with more traditional medicine to relieve pain. 

The Health Center Director works hand in hand with the 
school's Director of Counseling, Elizabeth Ruhl. Elizabeth, who 
has been at the school for 24 years, holds a Master's of Education 
Degree in Counseling Psychology (M.Ed) and a Certificate of 
Advanced Graduate Study in Counseling and Applied Psychology 
(CAGS).and is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Elizabeth offers 
emotional support and insight to students and consultation to 
faculty and parents around student issues. "I love my work," she 
says,"because this is a time in students' lives when you can really 
make a difference." It is interesting for the two women to be 
working together now, since Elizabeth was Michelle's freshman 
history teacher, junior varsity field hockey and varsity lacrosse 

"We are incredibly fortunate to have a physician and licensed 
counselor available to care for our students on campus every 
day," says Headmaster Marty Doggett."Dr. LaFlamme and Ms. 
Ruhl are incredibly skilled and caring. Parents should feel very 
confident that their children are receiving the level of care on 
campus that they would receive from their own doctors at 

The rise in student visits to the health center to the number 

mentioned above has some roots in a change in the approach 
to health care, the two believe. "We didn't use the health center 
when I was a student," explains Michelle. "It was not a place 
where students sought medical or emotional care." Today, she 
believes, the medical problems are the same but students are 
more familiar with seeking care. "Medicine has become more of 
a consumer-driven field," she believes. "We were not consumers 
of health care." 

"The message today," Elizabeth concurs, "is that you own 
your own health care." She says this consumer mentality has 
trickled down to psychological services so that she has more 
and more parents calling and saying they want their children 
to come in for counseling.The old stigma of seeking emotional 
support from a professional has changed dramatically. Parents 
appreciate, Elizabeth says, that an independent school such as 
The Governor's Academy can provide a safe environment with 
professional help for their children's personal issues. 

Both Michelle and Elizabeth see the students of today suffering 
from increased stress. "Children are growing up and being raised 
with a lot more pressure to achieve than my classmates or I 
felt," says Michelle. Elizabeth sees students coming in with both 
school stress and family issues. "What adolescents care about is 
social and personal relationships," she says. "I've seen a significant 
increase in anxiety-based disorders in the past few years. 
The pressure on students to do everything and do it well has 
increased in the past four to five years. I blame it on the college 
race. They're told they have to do it all to get into a competitive 

Elizabeth and Michelle work with a large staff of Registered 
Nurses, many of whom have worked on campus for decades. 
Danielle Kingsbury lives with her family in the building and 
provides overnight care in addition to her training duties in 
the field house. A consulting psychiatrist comes to campus for 
consultation with Elizabeth once a month and two Licensed 
Independent Clinical Social Workers are on retainer to offer 
services to students on campus or off. One of them sees 
students with drug and alcohol issues. A graduate student 
counseling intern also spends a few hours each week working 
under Elizabeth's supervision. 

While Michelle and Elizabeth would love to see some structural 
improvements in the health center building, they are confident 
they have the equipment they need to provide quality 
health care. Michelle is able to run tests for mononucleosis, 
streptococcus, influenza and sexually transmitted diseases on 
site, can stain for corneal abrasions with fluorescein, and stitch 
lacerations. There are six automatic external defibrillators 
(AEDs) on campus; all faculty members are trained in cardio 
pulmonary resuscitation (CPR);and next year the health center 
staff will administer flu shots to all students as prevention against 
a campus-wide outbreak.The doctor will offer CPR training to all 
seniors next year and teach juniors to do breast and testicular 
exams "to promote wellness." 

"We do a very good job of taking care of the kids," says the 
doctor confidently. "Of course, we can always do better." Her 
personal immediate goals are to receive training in acupuncture 
and, she adds with an inscrutable smile, to drive the school's 
Zamboni. Maybe she'll stitch a few lacerations at the same time. 
No one would be surprised at what multi-tasking this talented 
professional could undertake successfully. ■ — JK 

The Archon | Spring 2009 27 


Au vrai courage rien impossible. 

With your help, everything is possible. 
Please support the Annual Fund. 

To make a gift online, go to 

and click on "Alumni." 

28 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Pre 1943 

Pre- 1 943 
Sandy Keyes 

Dudley Follansbee '36 recently 
celebrated his 90th birthday. 
The party began on January 
22 when his four children 
and their spouses assembled 
at Sunday River. Nine of the 
family, including the birthday 
man, spent Friday skiing the 
mountain. At lunchtime, the 
entire lodge serenaded him 
for his birthday.There were 
400 Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology graduates skiing 
at the mountain that day. He 
was congratulated by many 
of them since he was a 1 940 
graduate of MIT as well. The 
party continued on Saturday 
when his daughter, Helen 
Nicita of Brunswick, hosted a 
party for 25 of the family at 
her house. There were four 
generations present to join 
in the festivities. Dudley also 
was surprised with a small 
party hosted by Maine Pines 
owner Rob Manter on Monday 
at Maine Pines in Brunswick, 
where he plays tennis three 
times per week. He is hoping 
to participate in the Senior 
Games in California this 
summer.The festivities finished 
up on January 28 with a dinner 
party hosted by Harpswell 
friends. Dudley and his wife, 
Marge, have lived in Harpswell 
for 30 years. 

Harold Audet '38 says: "I 
have been elected to serve 
a third year on the Board 
of Directors of the Oriental 
Art Society of the Monterey 
Renensular. In the 20 years I 
have belonged to this society 

this is my second period on 
the Board. The last i-ime was 
about 1 years ago." Phil 
Simpson '39 says "Hi. We're 
in Kissimmee, FL till May 1st. 
But weather is not warm. 
Hoping for it to change." John 
Gannett '39 reports: "Pat and 
I have a ground floor unit at 
Chambrel, 1801 SE 24 Road, 
Ocala, FL 3447 1 . One good 
and one half good eye. Last 
night, son Randy took us to his 
place for chicken soup as the 
supper time meal. It has been 
cold (low 60s and N W winds 
of 20+) for too long. Need 
to try out and conquer small 
electric scooter. Making repairs 
to things keeps me busy. Pat 
gets tired easily. Just one day 
of aquazise so far. Daughters, 
with family, are leading us on 
a short cruise -Tampa, FL 
to Mexico and back. Have 
worked hard and now there 
is a brand new granddaughter 
about 4-6 weeks old named 
Isabella." Robert Goodspeed 
'40 reports:"! continue to 
work five days a week for the 
Shearling Tannery in China. My 
biggest customer is UGG Boot 
Co. Sales in '08 were over 
$50 million and they feel '09 
could be even larger. We are 
back in Palm Beach Gardens 
in Florida and will return to 
N.H. in April." David Soloman 
'40 says: "My wife, Ronnie, and 
I now live in a continuing- 
care retirement community 
in Thousand Oaks. We feel 
secure and comfortable and 
have many new friends. We 
maintain contact with friends 
from West Los Angeles and 
Palm Desert by email, phone 
and occasional visits. After 
62 years together, we're still 
active, healthy and happy. 

What more could we ask?" 
Al Hutchinson '40 writes:"ln 
July, Edie and I celebrated our 
60th wedding anniversary on 
Cousins Island, ME. hosted by 
our four children who had 
invited at least 75 relatives, plus 
friends, and a jazz band!! It was, 
of course, a very special day. We 
have 10 grandchildren and our 
first great grandchild coming 
in March so on Thanksgivings, 
Christmases and any time we 
can, we get together often. 
Although we did visit in 
Newfoundland last year, we 
spend most of our time in 
No.Waterboro, ME, working 
around our eight acres of field 
and woods. Recently I saw on 
TV a speaker introduced as 
Gordon Johndroe. I played 
football at Gov. Dummer with 
a rugged lineman by that same 
name. I remember he opened 
up a lot of holes in the line for 
me.With such an unusual name, 
could this be the grandson of 
my old team mate?? I recall 
he was a great guy. With an 
unusual name like Johndroe, I 

David Jarvis '42 says: "I'm 
a seasonal type and still 
checking in at the Chart 
Room, Catamat, Cape Cod 
from May till October. Hope 
the economy is better in May." 
Humphrey Simson '42 says: 
"Not much to report - we 
now live in Florida having 
sold Connecticut and Rhode 
Island. We did this before the 
current real estate situation. 
Spend three days each week in 
kidney dialysis.Took 18 of the 
family on an eight-day New 
Year's cruise. This cruise was 
set up so dialysis was available 
on the ship." Bob Harris '42 

is still shoveling out from last 
snow and looking forward 
to reunion in June. "Pat and I 
are well and joining a mission 
group to help out for Easter 
celebrations for the homeless. 
All the best." William Hill '42 
says: "Mary and I moved to 
Topsham, Maine in September 
1998 after practicing 
medicine for 35 years. I still 
don't understand why it is 
referred to as practicing! I 
did not practice. I did keep 
folks well and enjoying life. 
The reference to practicing 
should be changed. Thanks for 
listening." Tom Fenn '42 tells 
everyone he feels 40!! "Well, 
if that's so, I tell everyone that 
on 4/24/09 I have my 47th 
anniversary of being 40!! OK?? 
All five of our kids are doing 
well! Two in Mass., one in NH, 
one in California, one in Texas 
and one in Arizona." 
Bill Kirkpatrick '42 says: 
"I have finally hung up my 
downhill skis after almost 
70 years of real joy skiing 
in Maine, NH and out west. 
We are keeping our chalet 
at Sugarloaf which I've had 
for 42 years as we and our 
family love it. Sally, my wife 
of 35 years, now has four 
great grandchildren, six 
grandchildren and three 
offspring and Sally looks as 
great as she did at the TGA/ 
Waynflete joint concerts and 
dances in '41 and '42. 1 have 
two daughters: Alice, 49, and 
Martha, 52. Alice has husband 
Richard Connelly and two 
wonderful stepsons. Martha 
recently became an Episcopal 
Priest after four years at 
Harvard Divinity School 
and prior to that was head 
of Maine's Department of 

It's Not Easy Being Green.... 

Don't be left out. In an effort to save paper, energy and funds, we plan to use electronic technology more and more to contact our parents 
and alumni. Make sure we have your correct email address. Send to TheArchon Spring 2009 29 

Environmental Protection. She 
spends one-third of her time 
on environmental projects." 
Ben Pearson '44 is now living 
in Maine in an assisted living 
village. He had to move north 
for health services. He has 
two great grandchildren and 
another on the way. 


Benjamin B. Brewster 
88 Warren Avenue 
Plymouth, MA 02360-2428 

Your Secretary was snowed 
under by three, count them, 
three replies. It seems that we 
are slowly moving into simpler 
living spaces. Peter Morgan has 
a new address in Worcester 
in a retirement community 
which doesn't have room for 
his car collection, but he did 
save a '46 Ford for touring. 
They are in their 62nd year of 
wedded bliss. Walter McGill 
has consolidated his space into 
a community in Mystic cutting 
out the Florida and Mystic 
condos. He says all he has 
to do is get up, get dressed, 
get to meals on time, and get 
into bed. Sounds great. Bob 
Wadleigh has had to pass up 
on Central America for health 
reasons. He says his pension 
comes from Germany so may 
be less affected by our current 
problems. He wishes us all well 
for 2009.The foot of ice has 
finally left Plymouth and we 
are looking forward to some 
greenery. This has been a hard 


65th Class Reunion 

1 June 5, 6, 7, 2009 


Need Secretary 

Warren Furth '45 is an active 
member and former chair 
of Democrats Abroad in 
Switzerland. "I was of course 
delighted with the November 
election results. I have high 
hopes that our new president 
will get us out of the current 
mess and turn the country 
around. Margaret and I shall be 
spending February in Sarasota, 
FU'Arch Kingsley reports: 
"Still hanging in there. Took a 
great trip from Chesapeake 
thru Erie and Rideau Canals 
to Ottawa and Montreal last 
summer in my Krogen Trawler. 
All is well in Virginia!" 


John F Kimball 
4 1 Johnson Road 
Falmouth, ME 04 1 05- 1 408 

Bill Silver reports: "Marcia and 
I have been traveling - 
Albuquerque, New Mexico to 
visit my oldest son Jeffrey who 
produced Terminator 4 and 
then two cruises on Majesty 
of the Seas and Norwegian 
Sky until we covered the 
Bahamas completely. In June, 
we go to Vancouver and cruise 
to Alaska. Life is non-stop as 
long as we can." Ted Mixer 
says: "Just chugging along. Our 
traveling has slowed down for 
various reasons. But we are 
still active in various groups 

^B MEL m/i 

Need Secretary 

Bill Silver '46 

here. Both of us are active in a 
local community theater. I do a 
lot of things off stage and even 
go on stage as long as I have 
no lines. I might do windows 
but not lines. Jane does some 
acting and does planning etc. 
We are planning to go to see 
our first great-grandchild." 
Lyndy Watkins says: "We 
live south of Houston 
on Galveston Bay. When 
Hurricane Ike was approaching 
we evacuated to my son's 
house in Austin. Returning a 
few days later, we found that 
the storm surge had caused 
the water to come over our 
1 6' high bank and through the 
house ruining our wood floors 
and badly damaging the walls. 
We fared better than many 
who completely lost their 
homes in the Galveston area. 
A few days later, I was standing 
among the debris in our 
driveway and fainted, falling and 
breaking my leg (femur). After 
eight weeks in the hospital 
and rehab, I returned home. 
After several more weeks, I 
began outpatient therapy for 
six more weeks. I am happy to 
say that I am now walking. The 
repairs have been made to the 
house and we are again living 
comfortably with four dogs 
and a cat." 


Norman G. Brown 
43 Hearthside Road 
Standish, ME 04084-5259 

Hi guys: OK, pop quiz!! Do you 
know who wrote the Pledge 
of Allegiance in 1892? Read 
on and find out.The author's 
grandson is one of our 

Bud Snow sent this photo 
from a New Year's Eve gala 

that he and his wife, Connie, 
attended. Bud writes: "We 
went to Raleigh for the 
North Carolina Symphony 
Gala for New Year's Eve. We 
took another couple from 
New Bern with us. They had a 
great time. We had a cocktail 
party prior to the concert. 
Then we were bussed over 
to Meymandi Concert Hall (a 
short distance). It was a very 
cold night in the 20s. After a 
great concert we were taken 
back to the Marriott for a 
gourmet dinner with dancing 
to a 1 5-piece orchestra.There 
were about 200 of us there. 
It was here that the clock 
struck midnight.After a great 
breakfast we headed back to 
New Bern. Bud Snow." Thanks, 
Bud. You two sure look like 
you enjoy kicking up your 
heels to ring in the New Year. 
Great photo. 

In his email, Homer Ambrose 
notes: "In December, Marie and 
I took Amtrak to Florida for 
son John's wedding in Delray 
Beach. We had an absolute ball. 
Daughter Anna and her family 
from Seattle also joined us 
and we partied three nights in 
a row. Thanks for your latest 
correspondence. Wishing 
you and yours a gala 2009. 
Kindest regards, Homer '47." 
Wow, Homes, sounds like you 
and Marie had a real blast in 
Florida. I can't think of a better 
excuse to party three nights in 
a row! 

Back problems seem to be 
an onus for our class. Kevin 
Gaffney writes: "Hi Norm, 
I am doing well, thanks, 
but because Hope has had 
medical problems with her 
back for nearly a year, and has 
recently had spinal surgery, 
I've been busy helping her. She 
is feeling better now, and as 
soon as we get some good 

30 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Bud '47 and Connie Snow on New Year's Eve 

weather, we will get out and 
about. We are enjoying our 
children and grandchildren, 
who live fairly nearby. Our 
five grandchildren's ages are 
27, 24, 2 1 , 9 and 20 months. 
It's always fun to get together 
with them. I'm active with the 
DugOut Club (formed 90 yrs 
ago after WW I and continued 
through WWII and is still in 
existence) composed of Field 
Artillery Officers and NCOs 
- who meet four times a year. 
I attend meetings of the 2nd 
Corps of Cadets, who help the 
disabled vets in Bedford a few 
times a year, and have other 
functions as well. I attend 
meetings with the Retired 
State Police twice a year. We 
get together for dinner and 
reminisce. It is always good to 
hear from you. That's about 
it. Best wishes, Kev." Thanks, 
Kev, for your updates. I'm sure 
Sam Allen, Jack Deering and 
Jay Curtis can sympathize with 
what your wife, Hope, is going 
through. They've been down 
that same difficult road, too, 
except it's their own backs! 
Jim Knott sent the following 
email: "Thanks for Pete's cell 
number. I had a long talk 
with him today. He sounds 
great - his voice is young and 
strong. Pete lives about five 
miles from the Riverdale mill 
and his daughter, Sarah, and 
her husband live about half a 

mile from the mill. Pete says 
his vision is weakening, but he 
won't go blind. Pete is going 
to get together with Sarah 
and visit the mill with her and 
some of the grandchildren. 
I don't remember if I gave 
you the mill website, www., but some 47s 
might be interested in seeing 
what the lobster fisherman 
they went to school with is 
doing for the lobster industry. 
I got my license in 1942 and 
I am still a Commonwealth 
of Massachusetts, Licensed 
Commercial Lobster 
Fisherman." Thanks, Jim for 
your email. We seldom see a 
wooden lobster trap in Maine 
these days. The guys are all 
using your wire traps. They not 
only last longer than the old 
rounded-oak traps, but they're 
much easier to transport and 
stack on their boats. I asked 
Jim if I could use this email 
for my Class Notes and he 
replied: "It's okay to put that 
website in the notes. The mill 
is just a little under nine acres 
in square footage and it's a 
% of a mile from my desk to 
the back wall of the building. 
When I go for physicals the 
doctor usually asks me what 
I do for exercise. I tell him I 
tour the mill a few times a day. 
Any 47ers interested in a tour 
can give me a call. Last fall the 
present and former G(D)A 

headmasters visited together 
and we all had lunch with the 
blonde I met on the 4th of July 

Today's mail (1/22) brought 
a packet from Jim Soper. He 
and his wife, Janice, live in 
Camarillo, CA, a growing 
community just south of 
Ventura and Oxnard.Jim 
included an aerial view 
postcard of Camarillo and 
one ofThe President Reagan 
Library which is about ten 
miles down the road in Simi 
Valley. Also included was 
a booklet from the library, 
Christmas Around the World, 
which shows decorated 
Christmas trees from many 
countries. Thank you, Jim. 
I hope you and Jan have a 
wonderful year ahead of you. 

Dan Hall had a most 
interesting month last fall. He 
writes:"Hi Norm:Thought I 
would throw in some class 
news since I have offered 

for a month in this rural village 
which is not on any map I have 
uncovered, but it is an hour 
away from Masaka near Lake 
Uganda. We understood before 
we arrived that we would 
be dealing with pit latrines 
and no running water though 
there were other unforeseen 
obstacles. The school had only 
recently been opened and 
was a bit disorganized due 
to the difficulty of securing 
qualified Ugandan teachers. An 
adequate brick building had 
been established and the plan 
is for the forty-odd student 
body to grow to 300 students, 
some of whom are planned 
to be housed in a yet to be 
completed dormitory. 

"However, it was the 
orphanage that really caught 
our attention. Malaria and the 
AIDS epidemic have tragically 
played a major role in creating 
homeless children in Uganda 
as well as in other countries 
in Africa. We saw a need for a 

Dan Hall '47 & friends in Uganda... "Great work, Dan. I'm sure what you did will 
have special meaning for the village, now and in the future." 

little of late. "Last September 
a friend and I traveled to 
the rural village of Kyetume, 
Uganda to do a bit of teaching 
at a secondary school and to 
work at an orphanage. We 
discovered the Uganda Rural 
Fund on the internet and 
decided to absorb ourselves 

new dormitory to replace a 
mud and stick facility and met 
with a local builder. On our 
return to Duxbury in October 
we set out to raise $20,000 
based on a very compelling 
10-minute DVD story that 
my friend put together. We 
managed to get our story in 

The Archon | Spring 2009 3 1 

the local paper as well as The 
Boston Globe. The result of 
speaking to church groups, the 
Rotary club, the Masons, high 
school students and various 
individuals has amazed us. In 
this difficult economic period, 
we have raised upwards of 
$30,000. With the extra funds 
we will be able to equip the 
dorm with beds, mosquito 
nets, toys etc. 

"Hope all is well with you. List 
of our class good idea. Did not 
realize for instance that Lee 
Wilson lived in nearby Hull. My 
best, Dan". 

This past Christmas Eve, my 
wife, Marion, and I (Norm 
Brown) went to the home of 
our daughter, Sandy Elliott, and 
her husband, Marc Greichen, 
for an intimate and delightful 
evening of great dining, fine 
wines and warm family 
conversations. We were joined 

I. to r.: Bud, Norm, Sandy and Marion 

by Sandy's brother, Bud and 
his wife, Liz. Sandy and Marc 
have their main residence in 
Florida. In 1 993, they bought 
our home in Cape Elizabeth, 
ME when Marion and I moved 
to Standish, ME., about twenty 
miles away. 

You may recall in the spring 
2008 issue of The Archon that 
had I mentioned that Herbert 
Hoffmann was planning 
an excavation of his newly 

discovered Etruscan incubation 
sanctuary on the slopes of 
Montemaggio in Tuscany. I just 
received a note from Herb 
with a paper he wrote for 
the publication, Hephaistos, 
New Approaches to Classical 
Archaeology and Related Fields. 
In brief, it describes how 
he and his wife climbed the 
mountain and came upon this 
rare archaeological find. They 
found a large circular pit with a 
passageway at one end leading 
deeper into the ground. Having 
no tools with them at the time, 
Herb returned later with his 
friend and colleague, Francesco 
Roncalli, Professor of 
Etruscology at the University 
of Perugia.The five-page paper, 
including three referenced 
photos, is more than my 
column can accommodate. 
However, with Herb's assumed 
permission, I will gladly make 
copies and mail it to any of 
you who would like to read it. 
Just mail, email 
or call me and let 
me know. Note: 
my answering 
machine takes 
about eight 
rings before 
answering, so 
please be patient 
if you phone. 
Herbert adds, 
regarding the 
excavation: "The 
alle Antichita is 
organizing it. In the meantime, 
we're off for Morocco. No 
excavation, just holiday." My 
sincere thanks to you, Herb, 
for your latest update. And 
the next time you are at your 
computer, please send me 
your email address. Unless 
you request otherwise, I will 
make it available to our other 
PC/Mac classmates and GDA 
so we can keep you updated 
on things back here. 

Peter '47 and Marianne Bellamy 

I received a packet of photos 
from Peter Bellamy and his 
wife, Marianne and a letter 
explaining the locations 
and the family members. 
Unfortunately, space doesn't 
allow me to insert all the 
family photos but I thought 
this one was just a great 
'capture'... .At the time the 
photo was taken, Peter and 
Marianne, were attending a 
polo match in Rothsville, PA, 
"a regular Sunday feature in 
rural Lancaster County." One 
of the other photos shows 
the Bellamys being active in 
a charity affair. Picking up 
on the accompanying letter, 
"...the Multiple Myeloma 
run/walk is staged in many 
cities across the country; this 
2008 run/walk in Philadelphia 
was the third in which we 
have participated since 
Susan([their daughter) was 
diagnosed. Her condition is 
in remission, but she is under 
continuous observation locally 
and at Johns Hopkins. "I have 
just recently reviewed my 
own photo collection and 
memorabilia of my two years 
at Governor Dummer, and 
realized that those years went 
by so fast, too fast!" Peter adds 
that he and Marianne will be 
heading back to their retreat 
in the Finger Lakes shortly and 
that other than customary 
'old age' concerns, they are 
doing well. He also noted that 
The Pledge of Allegiance was 

written by his grandfather, 
Francis Bellamy, in 1892. 

You may recall in the fall 
2008 Class Notes that Plato 
Kangis had his entire left 
lung removed due to the 
presence of a tumor. Plato just 
emailed me (Feb. I) with an 
update which I would like to 
share with you all:"Hi Norm, 
happy February to you and 
hope all's well! Wanted to let 
you know I completed the 
radiation treatments and am 
feeling fatigued, but am assured 
that this will pass. Have a CT 
scan early April and we are 
hopeful that no cancer will 
show up. Meantime, manage 
to get in some time in the 
studio each day, which lifts my 
spirits. Here's a brief blurb 
for the spring Archon: Having 
had a lung removed last May, 
and radiation throughout 
December, life, health, family 
and friends have taken on 
renewed meaning. Grateful 
to be able to get out into 
the studio daily, pursuing 
my leather craft (www. If you're 
in Providence, do stop in; 
Gwen and I would be happy to 
see you! Regards, Plato." Thank 
you, Plato, for your email. 
It's great to hear that you 
are progressing so well with 
your recovery. I know your 
'Nightingale' wife, Gwen, had a 
lot to do with it, too! 

32 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Gordon Shaw's first 
submission to our Class Notes 
column arrived via email 
today. Gordon writes: "After 
graduating from GDA, having 
attended for only one year 
to make up some high school 
subject deficiencies, I attended 
MIT majoring in Electrical 
Engineering (Course VI.) Jean 
& I got married between 
semesters in our senior year. 
I started my career with 
Westinghouse in its switchgear 
division in East Pittsburgh, 
PA. Later I was transferred 
to the electronics division in 
Baltimore, MD. Most of my 
work during those years was 
involved in designing powerline 
carrier and microwave 
communication systems to 
support the worldwide sales 
effort to electric utilities. 
When Westinghouse sold 
its line of microwave to a 
small company in Irwin (now 
Norwin) PA. I went with the 
product line. With no further 
product development, sales 
dried up so I had to move on. 

We have been blessed with 
four children, two boys and 
two girls born in that order. 
By now all are or have been 
married and we have nine 
grandchildren and four 
great-grandchildren. So far, 
none to carry on the "Shaw" 
name. I was bypassed for 
military duty having received 
a ROTC deferment at MIT 
and an industrial deferment 
at Westinghouse. In more 
recent times I became business 
manager of Judson a small 
liberal arts college in Elgin, 
Illinois and earned a MS degree 
in business management from 
Northern Illinois University. 
We moved to Ballwin, MO (a 
suburb of St. Louis) in 1973 to 
become a business manager 
of Covenant Seminary the 
denominational seminary of 

the Presbyterian Church in 
America. And finally I started 
Korban Corporation in 1980 
and served it as a computer 
consultant until my retirement 
in l999.This all has been a 
busy and often challenging 
passage in my life. Computers 
have been my number one 
hobby since before 1973 when 
I built my first general purpose 
computer from a kit. Jean and 
I like traveling and have been 
to all 50 state capitals to visit 
buildings, museums and collect 
a coffee mug from each. I 
was hoping to connect with 
my roommate at GDA but 
can't remember who he was 
and which dorm we lived in. 
Coram Deo, Gordon." 

It's great to hear from our old 
classmates and hear what they 
have been up to over the past 
62 years. Thanks, Gordon, for 
your support of the column 
and I hope we will hear from 
you in future issues ofThe 
Archon. I've had a few email 
exchanges with Gordon lately. 
He has been trying to locate 
his roommate at GDA but is 
unable to remember who it 
was. Do any of you know? If 
so, please contact Gordon at 
636-39 1 -6469, or, gdshaw30@ He attended GDA 
for only our senior year and 
was on the rifle team. Check 
out his photo on page 45 
of our yearbook.This might 
jog your memory and help 
Gordon out, too. 

Charles "Pete" Morse 
( is 
also clearly a welcomed voice 
from the past! Pete included 
this photo which he calls, 
"Last Day's Sail - Sept. 2005," 
and it looks like it was a 
perfect fall day for it, too! Pete 
writes:"Hi Norm, the time is 
overdue for me to respond 
to your multiple requests for 

class updates. Without your 
diligence, our Class of '47 page 
would be of little consequence. 
It's hard to believe that about 
65 years ago, many of us were 
starting our freshman year 
at the Academy. Back then 
there were ten or 1 2 of us 
as Newbury day boys. At the 
time, there was no tuition for 
local boys (no girls of course). 
Dad only had to pay for 
books and meals- lunch each 
day and mandatory supper 
every Friday evenings. Today's 
day student tuition exceeds 
$30, 000. You may remember 
the old box-like yellow school 
bus, which would be a museum 
piece today! Our driver was 
Guy Rogers, better known as 
'Gunder the Wonder'; behave 
you must, or out on the 
highway you go. 

"Upon arrival at GDA, the 
day boys were assigned 
to classrooms to sweep, 
dust and arrange, while the 
boarders were tidying up their 
respective areas. Last, but not 
least, was the dress code - suit 
coat, shirt, tie and a white shirt 
required at the Friday evening 
dinner might seem strange to 
today's students, but it did us 
more good than harm. 

"Well, so much for history, 
what goes now? Early on I 
decided to pursue a livelihood 
as a carpenter-builder. After 
many years of "getting by" it 
was time for a change. I was 
most fortunate to have the 
opportunity to work at the 
Newburyport Five Cents 
Savings Bank at which time 
my Dad was Treasurer. I recall 
being apprehensive, but was 
encouraged by EdVeasey '48 
who at the time, was employed 
at the Haverhill Savings Bank. 

"As the years went by, my 
wife Priscilla, after the kids 

Charles "Pete" Morse '47 on his 
sailboat, "Last Day's Sail" 

had finished school, became 
a full time four-year student 
at Salem State resulting in 
a career of teaching in the 
Newburyport school system. 

"To make a long story short, 
I retired as President and 
CEO of the bank some 1 3 
years ago. Upon retirement, 
I kept busy with extensive 
home improvements, furniture 
building, a lot of sailing and a 
lot of skiing. No travel, just 
enjoying all that New England 
has to offer. 

"What about today as I, along 
with all 47s reach the 80s? 
The home maintenance chores 
continue, but now it's a little 
sailing, skiing, and a lot of just 
dubbing around. The highlight 
of the weekdays is the 
1 a.m. gathering of the local 
wise men at Dunkin' Donuts. 
All participants are retired and 
many are GDA alumni. Among 
the regulars are: Bill Page '46, 
Brownie Taylor '50, Selectman 
Joe Storey '67, and occasionally 
Ben Pearson '47. Collectively, 
we solve most of the area's 
complex problems, but as no 
surprise to all, no one pays 
any attention to our words 
of wisdom. That's it for now! 
Pete." Thanks, Pete, for such a 
comprehensive update. I hope 

The Archon | Spring 2009 33 

this will not be the last Class 
Notes you submit. Great email 
... and photo, too! Welcome 

Bish Peale gave Jack D. and 
me a call awhile back. Bish's 
home is located on a hilltop 
in Hereford, AZ, which affords 
him pretty good views all 
around, including the Mexican 
border. It's not unusual, he 
says, to see illegals crossing 
the border and running past 
his home on any given night. 
I think Bish said that he has 
seen some of these same 
characters crossing over many 
times in the past. I guess the 
immigration folks only tell 
these people to go home and 
don't come back. Nothing 
seems to be slowing down the 
traffic at this point, says Bish. 

One of the main tasks facing 
Class Secretaries is keeping 
our class records up to 
date. The Academy and the 
secretaries work together 
by exchanging necessary 
information to keep our lists 
and contacts as current as 
possible. Between us, we have 
been able to account for a 
majority of our Class of 1 947, 
that is, they are still living, or 
deceased, or prefer not to be 
contacted (Off Mail). However, 
because of a lack of responses 
to my Class Notes postcards 
and phone calls over the past 
couple of years, there are 
some whose current statuses I 
have been unable to personally 
verify. I have an address and 
a phone number but I'm 
not assured of their validity. 
Here are a few 'mates whom 
I cannot accurately account 
for: William J. Brown, John G. 
Dowse, Bertram T. French, 
Andrew Leighton, Harry 
Lowell, John Shannon and John 
Walker. So, if you see your 
name on this 'Most Wanted' 
list, please send a note, call 

or email me and, especially, 
include any email address you 
might have. If you don't want 
to be contacted by me or the 
Academy, just tell me and I'll 
inform the school of your 
wishes, but please get in touch 
so I will know that you are still 
around. And if any of you other 
classmates can fill me in on 
these 'mates', I'd like to hear 
from you, too. Many thanks for 
your cooperation. 

It was 1 0° when I walked to 
the end of my driveway to 
pick up the mail today. But 
it was worth the shivers. 
There, amongst the bills, was 
a Class Notes post card from 
Sam Allen. Sam says: "We are 
having an elevator built into 
our house, mainly for me, and 
Louise and I plan to stay put 
until ....(?). Thanks to Norm 
Brown for the most and best 
alumni notes The Archon has 
ever contained." Sam, I'm sure 
that "until..." is still far enough 
away for both you and Louise 
to enjoy many years of riding 
the new elevator and visiting 
your summer 'Shangri-La' on 
Lake Muskaka, Ontario.And 
now that you have boosted 
my ego with your kind 
compliments, I think it's a great 
time to bring my 'Notes' to a 
close. All the best, guys. Norm 


Duncan H. McCallum 
4571 Cameron Circle 
Dexter, Ml 48 1 30-9407 

No news to report this issue. 


60th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Need Secretary 


Alan F. Flynnjr. 
I Katherine Road 
Rehoboth, MA 02769-1938 
multilearn @hotm ail. com 

In a world full of confusion and 
uncertainty, there is stability 
and continuity in the Class 
of 1950. Bill Engs says: "The 
highlight of 2008 was a 1 2-day 
Audubon birding trip to Costa 
Rica." However, he won an 
outstanding service award 
from the Sierra Club, helped 
them in their Leadership 
Training course, led three 
backpack trips in Joshua Tree 
National Park, High Sierra, and 
Mt. San Jacinto (life total is 374 
backpacks) and completed his 
second year as president of the 
San Bernardino Mountain Land 
Trust. Bill spent a week over 
the New Year with a Sierra 
Club work party at Carrizo 
Plain National Monument 
removing old barbed wire 
cattle fences, long abandoned, 
so that pronghorn antelope 
and other wildlife could 
pass through. Bill's activities 
suggest that he may outlive 
his mother, who went well 
past the century mark. Dave 
Esty indicates that it will be a 
"short winter sports season 
for me - getting a new knee 
in January to match the other 
titanium one. Back to ski 
patrol duties at Sugarbush in 
March/April." Dave has a new 
dog, a Labrador, named Tuck 
forTuckerman Ravine. Active 
with the political mix in VT, he's 
been helping to keep the Gov./ 
Lt. Gov in their posts. "Staying 
busy fighting off irrelevancy 
- flourishing consulting 
practice." Dave comes up with 
a new ending for each card. 
This time it's "In a Class by 
itself." The message from Dick 
Patton compares the 78- 

degree winter temperatures in 
Pasadena with the six-degree 
readings on the ski slopes. Dick 
just returned from a New Year 
ski trip, during which Linda 
tried snowshoeing for the first 
time. "2008 was a year to be 
forgotten. MBA means Made 
Bad Assumptions. May 2009 
find us healthy again." Diane 
and Bob Cushman have spent 
their second consecutive year 
on the islands of Sanibel and 
Captiva in FL after 1 5 years 
of going to Hawaii. "Not quite 
the scenic ALOHA, but great 
beaches and shelling.Are there 
any other GDA alums here?" 
John Windisch from our class 
lives in Naples, a few miles 
south of Fort Myers: "Diane 
and I joined Tim Greene for 
an exciting Bowdoin hockey 
game in December. Only 
one more year to our 60th!" 
Bob Dickerman is in touch. 
An envelope, with his return 
address in the corner and a 
"take me out to the ballgame" 
stamp affixed arrived a few 
days ago. Inside was a typed 
sheet of paper with the 
heading, "We Are Not Alone 
on this Planet." Then it said, 
"Below are two columns, 
each containing the names 
of ten former major league 
players. Connect each player 
in column I with a player in 
Column II. There are no rules, 
no guidelines, just connect 
in a way that makes sense to 
you." The players were even 
before our time in the cases of 
Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Daffy 
Dean, etc. The most modern 
were Fred Lynn and Jim Rice. 
It concluded,"lsn't it amazing? 
Without any instructions 
I'll bet that you made the 
same connections that I and 
thousands of other baseball 
fans did." Not a word from 
Bob, but for the baseball fans 
among us the message was 

34 The Archon | Spring 2009 

About a year ago, our 
president Tim Greene and his 
wife, Debbie, were in Arizona 
watching the Cubs play the 
Giants, taking a glider ride, 
and having dinner with Willy 
Nordwind and his wife in a 
restaurant called Busters. In 
June, Tim talked with Jack Ives, 
who lives in Charleston, S.C., 
but comes north in July to 
escape the heat. Jack has a son 
in NY State and a daughter 
in Norfolk, VA. He is well and 
enjoys hearing about class 
of '50 activities. In JulyTim 
was with a singing group in 
Germany and his roommate 
was Manson Hall '49. After 
attending an Alumni Trustee 
meeting at GDA in Sept., 
where interesting fundraising 
information was provided, Tim 
was off to London with his 
singing group for October gigs. 
After spending Thanksgiving 
and Christmas with his 
family.Tim had a January 
conversation with Bill Rex in 
PonteVedra, FL. Bill reported 
that he now lives part of 
the year in Waynesville, NC 
with golf a significant factor. 
Tim does keep busy with 
activities that relate to our old 
school. Bob Comey thinks the 
Cleveland Indians have turned 
things around and will be in 
the running this year. 

The great Class of 1 950 will 
be gathering once more for 
our 60th reunion in 2010. Let's 
all make a special effort to get 
together at that time. 


Ted H. Barrows III 
4 1 Ridge Road 
Bristol, Rl 02809-1355 

George McGregor reports 
that 2008 was a good year for 
GDA with a new dorm and 

dedication of a new hockey 
rink. He remembers a hockey 
rink in front of Ingham - with 
Mother Nature's fickle ways 
of creating ice. George also 
informed "in case you missed 
out when only Navin's Latin, 
Ohrn's French and Barriskel's 
Spanish were available, Chinese 
is now offered," and further - 
would you believe an exchange 
program with a school in 
Honduras! And further, 
President George expresses 
concern that the crisis in the 
financial world will pose a 
challenge for the Academy 
and parents, but adds: "Ted 
Eames started in 1930 when 
the campus didn't look like 
it had much promise - but 
look at it now! It's important 
not to lose our momentum!" 
A brief message from Mai 
Davidson: "Not much news. 
Am still working (sort of)." He 
reports that his sons are in 
Florida and the Chicago area. 
He added that he doesn't see 
any GDA guys anymore and 
ends "will write soon, I think." 
The always reliable Dave Pope, 
has moved to North Conway 
for the winter, "but did travel 
with grandson, Ian Adams, to 
Dubai and later visited son 
Scott in Vienna, Austria. Had a 
fabulous time, even went skiing 
in Dubais... indoors." Dave 
has sold one of his businesses 
and is enjoying more free 
time. He suggests we have a 
yearly reunion rather than 
every five years. I agree and 
would welcome comments 
from others. Dave saw Marc 
amRhein the day he sent his 
card and states, "He looks 
great." Tom White reports he 
is "still enjoying retirement" 
and "must be one of the few 
who doesn't have a computer 
and never will" and adds that 
was the best part of retiring." 
I received a note from William 
Muddle of Cape Canaveral, 
Florida stating, "I regret to 

inform you that my father, 
Wesley Lathrop Muddle passed 
away on September 25, 2008." 
After graduation from GDA, 
Wes went to the U.S. Coast 
Guard Academy and served 
for five years. He later became 
the third generation owner of 
Muddle & Muddle Insurance 
and Travel Agency. 


Franklin £. Huntress, Jr. 
5 Independence Way Apt C 
Marblehead,MA 01945-4659 

Frank Huntress writes: "I 
am always badgering you 
out there for news of your 
happenings, so let me tell 
you of a most extraordinary 
opportunity that has come my 
way - that of priest-vicar at 
Westminster Abbey in London 
- the position puts me on a 
rota with other clergy there 
who have the responsibility 
to be available for the visitors 
as well as to assist in the 

many daily services that take 
place. The commitment is 
only for a week's time unless 
there is a need to fill in on 
unattended weeks which 
I have volunteered to do 
when necessary. My week 
of duty comes next year 
- December 2009 for the 
week of Christmas with the 
possibility of filling in on the 
week previous and following 
my assigned time. To have any 
connection at all with such 
a place in Christenden and 
Church of England is beyond 
words for me to express, 
except to say that perhaps 
God still has need of my 
ministry in the Church and 
that retirement for me is still 
out of the question - except 
when I go to bed at night!" 

Guy Tudor says: "Attended 
a week's Big Butterfly 
convention in S. Sierra, 
Nevada in early summer - but 
that was a walk in the park 
compared to November's 
excursion. Our group spent 
three weeks in northern Peru, 

Kim and Ed Carter '52 

Sherry and Don Rice '52 

Guy Tudor '52 (second from right) 

The Archon | Spring 2009 35 


on never-stopping quest for 
rare endemic birds. Mainly in 
the high Andes; at one locale, 
we ascended to 1 5,000 ft 
(where it was a bit difficult 
just walking). It was a long, 
fairly rough trip, over countless 
miles of narrow mountain 
roads... with towering cliffs 
above and thousand-foot 
ravines below - but our driver 
was superb! I enclose a few pix 
at one landslide! Also, some 
days around Lima, with added 
attraction of a boat trip (for 
seabirds), 35 miles out into the 
Humboldt current. All in all, an 
exhausting but very successful 
trip. Now, relaxing at sea level 
on Long Island! Best to all." 

Gene Rothmund says: "Hey 
guys, our self-effacing Class 
Secretary would never let on, 
but he is the recipient of a 
truly great honor. He will be 
the Chaplain in Residence at 
Westminster Abbey during 
Christmas week this year. 
The priest/canon in charge 
of scheduling is a gorgeous 
lady who resembles the late 
Princess Diana.As you can 
guess, our esteemed Franklin 
is still firing on all cylinders. If 
any of you will be in London 
from December 20 to 26 
just announce yourself to the 
Abbey's Vergers and they'll 
find our pal. A healthy New 
Year to all." Barry Gately is still 
attending all the games he can 
(weather permitting). 


Percival M. Lowell, Jr. 
1 1 80 Milton Mills Road 
Acton, ME 0400 1 -5048 

February has come and isn't it 
nice to see the longer daylight 
hours! I (Percival Lowell) have 
been busy just keeping up with 
the snow removal at our place, 

and keeping a close eye on a 
building project at our son's 
house. It is slow going as we 
have had many snags, but we 
hope it will be on track soon. 
I wish to remind you that the 
annual fund drive is under way 
and very important this year 
in light of the economy. Please 
donate if you can. Even a small 
donation is welcome, and it 
would be nice if we had 100 
percent participation from 
the class of '53. To the folks 
that thanked me for doing 
the secretary job - you're 

Newton Hyslop writes that 
he will be cutting back on 
travel until the economy is 
better. He returned to Oxford 
Department of Biochemistry's 
Immunochemistry Unit for its 
closing ceremonies after 40 
years of productive scientific 
research. He was there in 
its second year ( 1 968-69) 
and contributed his mite. 
Three years later the director, 
Rodney Porter, shared the 
Nobel Prize in Medicine 
for work he had done on 
the structure of antibody 
molecules, and later the unit 
moved on from there under 
the direction of Ken Reid, 
to whom Newt had taught 
the laboratory techniques of 
complement in the task two 
weeks before he left. (Please 
forgive me Newt, if I misread 
your note). Charlie Palmer 
writes that he is still working 
and admits there aren't many 
of us left doing so. He visited 
the Academy and had lunch 
with the head man and took 
in a very good game at the 
new hockey rink. He reports 
that all seems to be very well 
there. George "Windy" Gale 
wrote that all is well in the 
State of Washington. And, 
he says that the class of '53 
can use all the help it can get 
helping '53 raising its level 

DonTracey '53 and family: daughters Holly and Heather, Holly's husband and 
Don's grandson, Tommaso on Penobscot Bay 

of contribution. And further 
states "Yes we can" all help 
out! Charles Gibbs says he 
and his wife, Rose, are moving 
to Boston soon after much 
packing. They have lived in 
Santa Fe, NM for 18 years and 
it has been good for them. 
Children and grandchildren are 
the draw. Richard Osgood is 
retired but keeps busy as the 
treasurer of the local Episcopal 
Church, working on a couple 
of committees at the North 
Shore Medical Center, and as 
of last month, class agent for 
our class at GDA (dbaThe 
Governor's Academy). He 
also is encouraging the class 
members to donate to the 
Academy annual fund. 

Don Tracy also is still working. 
He is now in a new tax season. 
In the past few years he has 
prepared 4,3 1 5 returns. He 
says that he is thankful he does 
not have 20 or 30 years left 
to do this because preparers 
now carefully monitored by 
the IRS, a compliance officer 
may visit the office at any time. 
Preparers are becoming more 
and more responsible for the 
information entered on the 
client's forms, preparers are 
now liable for penalties up to 
$5,000 plus possible prison 
time. About once a month 
the Treasury Department has 
begun to send preparers a 

list of all preparers who have 
been fined, imprisoned, and/or 
prevented from preparing or 
filing tax returns in the future. 
On top of that he has had to 
install a credit card terminal. 
Until now most of his clients 
have just sent their payment 
later. He says those days are 
gone, as many abuse the old 
fashioned business courtesies. 
He says, in his eyes, not only 
were we young during the 
better times, but now we are 
in the retirement age during a 
period just before the "peace 
and security" door closes 
on the many. He ends on a 
positive note: His wife, Linda, 
and he are fully enjoying their 
children and their spouses, 
their grandchildren and the 
one great-grandchild. I hope 
to hear from more classmates 
next time. 


Need Secretary 


George 0. Gardner III 

1 Winnatuxett Beach Road 

Mattapoisett, MA 02 739-2 1 2 7 


I 36 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Bruce Macgowan says: "No 
news! My wife and I, together 
with her brother and sisters, 
care for her parents 7/24; her 
mom has Alzheimer's, stage 
6, but we keep her at home, 
bath, dress, feed, talk to her, 
guard her at night.AII that is 
necessary. Oh yes, and we try 
to make her know that we 
love her! Judy's dad is doing 
a lot of falling so we have to 
keep eye on him and feed 
him. The family has drawn 
together as a team! We all 
love Mom and Dad!! Have a 
good Christmas and blessed 
New Year." Dan Leary climbed 
a Colorado Peak on his 70th 
birthday in July. How did he do 
it? Slowly, very slowly. Regards 
to all. Peter Scott writes that 
his wife Anne has been ill but 
is improving.They have moved 
to a new home in an over-55 
development in Gettysburg 
and are really enjoying it. A 
memorial for Phil Johnson 
appears in this issue of The 


James Dean III 

POBox 186 

South Berwick, ME 03908-0186 


Hunt Blatchford, as with 
all of us, is worried about 
his retirement funds after 
these trying economic times. 
He had a wonderful family 
Thanksgiving in Florida. Dan 
Bridges enjoys occasional 
meals with Hunt Blatchford 
at DeMillo's Restaurant in 
Portland. He is traveling and 
enjoying life. Jim Dean is 
shoveling and skiing the Maine 
winter scene away. Son, Bart 
continues his battle against the 
cancer. He has now survived 
two years. Joel Nichols enjoys 
calling classmates and keeping 
up with class news. George 

(Widge) Needham caught a 
1 30 lb. tuna off Cape Ann and 
Gloucester in his own boat 
last summer. 


Lyman A. Cousens III 
4 Goodhue Road 
Boscawen, NH 03303-2500 

Now into our second year 
since being relegated to "Old 
Guard" status, the remainder 
of the Class of '57, Governor 
Dummer's Brightest Class 
(patent pending, somewhere), 
is doing well, taking 
nourishment and, generally, 
enjoying retirement. Believe 
me, having survived the Eames 
years, we surely deserve it! 
What we don't deserve is 
the treatment we are getting 
from the stock market.. Jeff 
Fitts, aka "Bones" is a classic 
example of the successes of 
the '57 clan. Nestled snugly 
and seasonally in Naples, 
Florida and Wolfeboro, N.H. 
Jeff's three sons continue to 
support the oP guy and his 
terrific golf game. Jeff and 
Sandra took a riverboat trip 
up the Danube from Bucharest 
to Vienna last year and expect 
to return to the Med in 2010. 
Hope we can join up this 
summer. Perry Lunn's sister 
Natalie writes that Perry is 
getting along despite four, 
count em, four strokes and 
is popping "wheelies" in his 
wheelchair. Perry cannot see 
to drive, paint or read but his 
I I -year-old Dalmatian Dulcie 
keeps his spirits up. Go for it, 
J. P.! Nice to hear from "The 
Beeb", Ned Beebe, another 
snowbird, Naples and Gilford, 
N.H. Ned is also heading down 
the Danube next summer after 
touring the great Northwest... 
really Northwest, like Alaska 
in 2008. Ned and Cindy were 

the gracious hosts 

this past summer 

as Frank Gleason 

and his wife Janet 

stopped by to enjoy 

a few days at Lake 


scribe also saw a 

great photo of Ned 

in the Manchester, 

N.H. Union Leader 

accepting The 

President's Volunteer 

Service Award at 

the Boys and Girls 

Club's national 

meeting. Nice job Ned, great 

cause! Speaking (or writing) 

of "Glease," his grandson is 

attending G.A. Frank's research 

at the University of Sydney is 

progressing well. A number 

of papers on soil fungi have 

recently been published in 

international scientific journals. 

I missed them all since they did 

not appear in Sporting News. 

George "Bucky" Starbuck 
writes he turned 70 in June 
and celebrated his and Pam's 
50th wedding anniversary the 
very same day. Bucky says he 
got married on his birthday so 
he could remember the date. 
Which date he did not specify. 
He and Pam have a beautiful 
52-foot Viking which was a 
big hit at our 50th.AViking 
is a boat for you landlubbers. 
Anyway, last summer they 
went from Cape Cod to 
the 1000 Islands via New 
York City, the Hudson River, 
Lake Champlain and the St. 
Lawrence Seaway. Awesome 
trip! Living up in Grand Isle, 
Vermont, our boy Bucky sees 
lots of geese, ducks and deer, 
many of whom provided a 
tasty meal on the Starbuck 
dinner table. Mel and Pat Blake 
had soooo much fun working 
on our 50th reunion, they 
are proving to be gluttons for 
punishment. Mel is co-chair 
for his 50th at Brown, (we 

George Needham '56: 130 lbs caught 10 miles off 
of Gloucester in September 2008 

know who'll do all the work, 
Pat). Congratulations, Mel! 
Remember who trained you! 
Skip Dickerson's new home 
(casa) in Nayarit, Mexico is 
now complete and the view of 
the Pacific is spectacular! Skip 
and Lynda, with a little help 
from their friends, spent about 
30 months on the project 
from start to finish. They love 
Mexico, especially the weather, 
beautiful every day from 
November to early June, about 
the time they head for Truro 
on the Cape for the summer. 
Skip is involved (is President 
AND Treasurer involved??)in 
a local water development 
project which will ultimately 
provide fresh water to over 
1 00 families. Want to spend a 
week/month/winter in their 
Casita (guest house)?? Go to, look under 
Mexico, Mexican Riviera, 
San Francisco. Check out 
"Romantic Casita." That's good 
ol' Skip for you! 

I am doing fine, just fine 
with my not-so-new-now 
mechanical aortic valve. 
Involved in 10 different 
worthwhile causes from 
seat belts to a soup kitchen, 
Goodwill to boy scouts to 
zoning and planning and 
working for the local Chevy 
dealer 25-30 hours a week. 
Wife Doris is valiantly 
supporting me. Winters tend 

The Archon | Spring 2009 37 


Tom '58 and Missy Grose 

to get tougher and this year is 
no exception, but golf is just 
around the corner. Hopefully! 


Ralph EArdiffJr 
238 Conant Street 
Danvers, MA 01 923-2528 

KenWeene says: "I spent 
a delightful week in NC at 
writers' workshop.Almost like 
being back in South Byfield. 
The novel is now finished 
and looking for agent for 
publishers. Who ever thought 
we'd get this old?" 

With our 50th Reunion behind 
us, responses to my pleas for 
news have been somewhat 
sparse. Jim Sylvester indicates 
that the hardware business is 
getting harder all the time and 
that he is considering taking 
up golf full time in order to 
become the best golfer in the 
Class of 1 958. Claudette and 
Jim Main continue traveling 
all over the world, while Fred 
Sayles reported that he had 
much more fun at the reunion 
than he did in his three years 
at GDA as a student. For the 
past 20 years I have been 

trying to get you to share 
news of yourself and your 
families with your classmates. 
Tom Grose emailed me with 
the type of response that I 
would love to receive from 
all of you members of the 
Class of 1 958. Here is what 
Tom had to say: "Hi Ralph. I 
hope all is going well with you. 
I realize that we must drive 
by fairly close to your house 
when going to and from Maine 
from Logan. I would love to 
see you some time either in 
Danvers, Maine or London. 
Here is a response to your 
latest letter asking for help 
filling up our space in The 
Archon. I have to say that I 
always enjoy getting it along 
with some of the edited insert. 
I stuck in a couple of photos 
but imagine very few of us 
bear any resemblance to what 
we looked like back in the 
50s. Happy New Year to you. 
Missy and I are now up to four 
grandchildren with another 
expected in April. This issue is 
from our two older daughters, 
one of whom is in Singapore 
and the other in Bombay. Our 
son (unmarried) is in New 
York and our third daughter 
and husband are in London. 
Neither has yet begun to add 
the grandchildren population 

so I think we are likely to 
end up with around a dozen. 
We all met in Ko Samui off 
Thailand for Christmas/New 
Year's and then Missy and I 
spent some time in Viet Nam 
and Singapore before coming 
back to London. It was great 
to see some sun. I continue to 
work trying to predict where 
the market is going. Needless 
to say there have not been 
many dull moments. Given 
the situation, I may have to 
continue working forever. But 
with the mobile technology, 
I can still move around, visit 
our children in Singapore, 
Bombay and New York plus 
spend three months working 
from our house on the coast 
of Maine. Even though many 
of my clients are hedge funds, 
most seem to be weathering 
the storm with some of 
them doing quite well. We 
continue to love our life here 
in London. We are trying, a bit 
unsuccessfully, to lower our 
handicaps. I do quite a bit of 
trout fishing down on the Test 
plus a bit of shooting. January 
is a bit grim here but the bulbs 
are already breaking through 
and the days are getting longer. 
We go to France regularly 
because of business and 
because we have many friends 
there from our years living in 
Tunisia in the 1 970s and 1980s. 
If we ever left London, we 
would probably spend the non- 
summer months in the south 
of France. But all that will have 
to wait until after retirement 
because most of my business 
is here in London. I have 
wanted very much to join you 
all at the reunions in South 
Byfield to catch up on what 
has happened in your lives but 
it has always been difficult for 
me to leave London that early 
for America. One day. We have 
pass through occasionally en 
route to Maine. I would love to 

have anyone of you come visit 
in Maine when we are closer 
by. And I wish you all a very 
successful New Year." 


50th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Mirick Friend 

PO Box 540 

Mirror Lake, NH 03853-0540 


Walter B.Cannon writes: "It is 
hard for me to believe that we 
have been out of school for 50 
years. After graduation, I went 
to Harvard College in the 
Class of 1963. 1 then attended 
Harvard Medical School and 
graduated in 1 969. 1 did my 
surgical training in general, 
thoracic and cardiac surgery 
at Stanford in California. I then 
joined the Palo Alto Clinic as a 
general and thoracic surgeon 
and also worked part time 
on the Stanford University 
Thoracic Surgery Service. 
After 30 years at the Palo Alto 
Clinic, I retired from the clinic 
and became full-time faculty 
member on the Stanford 
University service as a thoracic 
surgeon and co-director of the 
Stanford University Operating 
Rooms. It has been a busy and 
rewarding professional career. 
While in medical school, I 
met and married a Swiss 
physician by the name of Irene 
Plattner.We have four kids 
and now have seven grand 
kids. Our oldest, Lukas, is in 
the corporate aircraft fueling 
business working out of his 
home in Portland, Oregon. He 
is married and has one boy. 
Our next, Annatina, married 
a British pathologist and lives 
in Shrewsbury, England. She 
is also a physician and works 

38 The Archon | Spring 2009 

part time. Of note, she has five 
girls, the last two are twins. 
Our third, Barbara, is a real 
estate broker in Palo Alto and 
is not married. Our fourth, 
Christopher, (Harvard '97) is 
a marine F/A- 1 8 fighter pilot 
and has spent three tours of 
duty in Iraq. He is married 
and has one boy. Since I was a 
very young kid, I have had an 
intense interest in everything 
that flies. I flew gliders solo 
at the age of H.This interest 
persists to this day. I fly the 
most advanced German 
built gliders for pleasure 
and in national level glider 
championships which are 
equivalent to Olympic trials. 
I have grown with the sport 
and have seen the technology 
of design, construction and 
performance burgeon over 
the years. I plan to continue 
to fly these machines as 
long as possible. Because of 
my longevity in the sport 
of soaring, I am increasingly 
interested in the history of the 
sport since I have lived a lot 
of that history. I have become 
a member of the Board of 
Trustees of The National 
Soaring Museum in Elmira, NY. 
I have restored five antique 
aircraft and am now working 
on my sixth. These are gliders 
that are made mostly of 
wood but were in surprisingly 
good shape. Wood working 
skills that I learned building 
model aircraft have come 
in very handy during these 
projects.Taking an aircraft 
apart, restoring the structure, 
covering it again with Dacron 
fabric is a very rewarding 
endeavor. It is cheaper than 
a psychiatrist and when 
finished you have something 
to show for your many hours 
of work. I am restoring a 
1959 high performance glider. 
Eighth in the National Glider 
Champs last summer in my 

2000 fiberglass racing glider." 
I retired as a surgeon in June 
but will continue as the co- 
medical director of Stanford 
University Hospital's many 
operating rooms. Although it 
is a demanding but interesting 
job, I do not have to be on 
call and do not get the many 
phone calls after dark which 
have been a significant part 
of my life for the past 40 
years. I will now have more 
time for travel, flying and 
restoring aircraft. My wife and 
I are already beginning to feel 
the freedom of the burden 
of responsibilities and are 
enjoying it." 

Brian Marsh contributed that 
he presently has the health 
and the cash and the time 
to attend our reunion, but 
conversely, about five months 
ago his wife was diagnosed 
with leukemia and since 
that date he has not yet felt 
comfortable about leaving 
her alone overnight. "I am still 
working full-time running B.R 
Marsh & Partners pic (a small, 
publicly-quoted Development 
Capital Company operating 
exclusively in the scary 
Financial Services Sector in 
Europe and North America) 
plus the Marsh Christian Trust 
(one of the top 500 Grant- 
Making Bodies in the UK). I 
am a Governor of the English- 
Speaking Union and President 
of their Alumni Association. 
I am also President of the 
Wildlife Information Network, 
a Liveryman of the Worshipful 
Company of Painter-Stainers, 
Chairman and/or Director 
of four outside companies, 
an Honorary Fellow of the 
Royal Entomological Society, 
a Fellow of the Royal Society 
of Arts and an Officer of the 
Most Excellent Order of the 
British Empire (OBE). I have 
three children, none of them 

married, two in work and one 
at university. Cheers !" Does 
this man have time to sleep? 

Pete Bostwick appears from 
the mists of the past with 
this message: "It seems that 
36 years in Hawaii gave me 
a sense of distance from my 
classmates that I just couldn't 
seem to overcome. I was 
greatly energized, however, by 
Ray "Boo" Ferris in mid-2005; 
he and Jan graciously provided 
us (me and my wife) with both 
shelter and decompression 
time when we moved from 
Hawaii back to the mainland. 
Just kicking old times around 
with him caused my GDA 
synapses to fire once again. 
After graduation, I managed 
to flunk out of Dartmouth in 
my sophomore year. I joined 
the Army, got some great 
schooling, was commissioned 
through OCS, and ended a 
five-year stint as Aide-de- 
Camp to the Brigadier General 
who was the First Cavalry 
Division (Airmobile) Asst. 
Division Commander. After 
Vietnam, out of the Army 
and back to Dartmouth to 
finish my BA.Thence, off to 
Taos, New Mexico in 1 968-69, 
where I spent a year on the 
Taos Ski Valley Ski Patrol and 
otherwise enjoyed northern 
New Mexico immensely. 
Meanwhile I managed to stay 
in touch with Bob Dietz. 
While coasting happily along 
in Taos, a letter arrived one 
day in 1 969 from the Univ. of 
Hawaii, offering me a Teaching 
Assistantship in the Geography 
Dept. A week later, I got 
another letter enclosing an 
air ticket to Honolulu. I nearly 
set a record by spending 10 
years in grad school there, 
earning my MA and getting to 
the ABD stage in the doctoral 
program. Along the way, I 
spent two years in Thailand 

You oughta be 

in pictures! 

Some photographs sent to 
The Archon do not appear 
in this issue. Unfortunately, 
the quality of the photos 
and their low resolution 
would not reproduce 
adequately. Please send 
either electronic or hard 
copy photos of at least 
300dpi and do not embed 
pictures in text. We want 
you all to look your best! 

and Laos on an East- West 
Center field study grant, 
taught geography at the main 
campus in Honolulu and at 
UH Hilo on the Big Island. 
A marvelous experience. I 
also met the young lady who 
was - nearly 25 years later 
- to become my wife, Ms. 
Marie (Pik) Ng. In 1 982, 1 was 
recruited into the Intelligence 
Community as an Analyst for 
the Joint Intelligence Center 
Pacific. Over time, I became 
a GS-15 Senior Intelligence 
Officer, serving as the senior 
civilian on the staff of the J2 
(Director for Intelligence) of 
PACOM.the position from 
which I retired in Aug 2005. 
Those 23 years afforded me 
frequent opportunities for 
travel around Southeast Asia 
and South Asia. I managed to 
squeeze in 1 3 trips to Nepal 
along the way, with treks 
to places like Everest Base 
Camp and Annapurna.The 
nexus of that career, though, 
was a stimulating, challenging 
and inspiring involvement in 
Intelligence issues in countries 
throughout South, Southeast 
and East Asia, plus the Pacific 
islands. Thailand, Burma, Laos, 
Indonesia, the Philippines, 
India/Pakistan, China, Korea, 

The Archon | Spring 2009 39 

Fiji, Papua New Guinea, etc., 
were my 'stomping grounds.' 
What a fascinating way to 
spend one's days (not to 
mention nights, weekends and 
holidays). A great, rewarding 
experience and career. Still, all 
things change. In 1 997, Pik and 
I were married in Honolulu. 
I was ready to conclude my 
Intelligence career, and Pik was 
open to a change of venue as 
well. Pik was - and remains - a 
highly successful commercial 
real estate appraiser, with 
an MAI designation. She 
became an officer in two of 
the banks she worked for, 
and is currently the only 
commercial review appraiser 
for a major bank in New 
Mexico. We are delighted to 
be in the Southwest, and look 
forward to exploring all of it, 
in time. Apart from a small 
cardiac stent and a little throat 
surgery after we got here, 
my health is good, and Pik is 
in fine shape, as well. Looking 
back, I would like to note once 
again that two classmates were 
instrumental in smoothing 
our path to the mainland. Ray 
Ferris's home was a refreshing 
island of tranquility in an 
otherwise tempestuous move, 
and Bob Dietz was also of 
great help, allowing us to ship 
him about a ton of books to 
hold for our arrival. Aloha." 

Roy Nash informs us: "I 
left Byfield in 1 959 fully 
intending to follow in 
my father's footsteps by 
becoming a surgeon. Organic 
Chemistry ended that dream. 
Fortunately, I stumbled across 
an introductory accounting 
course and found my niche 
in life.Accountancy led me to 
the CPA profession and much 
success. At various times, 
I was a partner in a major 
accounting firm, the Secretary 
General of the International 

Accounting Standards Board, 
a consultant on international 
financial reporting to the 
United Nations Center on 
Transnational Corporations, 
and Chief Accounting Officer 
for one of America's 50 
largest corporations. I took 
early retirement and moved 
to Naples, Florida, which my 
wife and I had been visiting 
for years as her family are 
Floridians.We love it here 
- particularly in the winter! 
I have kept busy by being 
involved with condominium 
management, where there 
is much aggravation and no 
pay, but someone has to do 
it. It did serve me well as a 
buffer between too many 
hours of work to no hours 
of work. Lately, I have been 
dealing with health issues. I 
am probably NOT the only 
one in the Class of 1959 
who has had prostate cancer. 
I elected Da Vinci robotic 
surgery as my treatment, and 
so far it appears they got it 
all. I also am a diabetic (on 
insulin) and have suffered the 
conditions that frequently 
come along with diabetes such 
as gallbladder problems and 
frozen shoulders. Fortunately, 
my health issues have been 
treatable. Looking back 50 
years, I can recall vividly things 
which are probably trivial, such 
as Sunday night Vesper services 
at Phillips and the hymns we 
sang, the joy of Mr. Eames 
announcing a 'free day' in the 
heart of winter, Mr. Barriskill 
serving oatmeal in his unique 
way, the Minister in the local 
church who lisped, 'let us 
pway' and the admonition to 
us not to put pennies in the 
collection plate." 

Jim Foley writes that this was 
probably the worst winter 
he has endured since moving 
to Maine with many nights of 

- 1 to - 1 5 degrees and days 
barely up to 15 above zero. He 
is looking forward to reunion 
at which time he hopes spring 
has arrived. Bob Pouch says 
he and Susan are planning 
on attending reunion. He 
has retired but will continue 
his military duties in the NY 
National Guard for another 
year. He received the USCG 
Meritorious Service Medal 
and the NYS Conspicuous 
Service Medal in 2008. 
Congratulations! He and Susan 
just returned from a trip to 
South America and Antartica. 
John Catlett says: "This year 
I gave up my apartment in 
London and my home in New 
York City to move to Prague 
in the Czech Republic where 
I am now Chief Operating 
Officer for Radio Free Europe 
and Radio Liberty. Our 
broadcasts, funded by the 
U.S. Congress, bring unbiased 
news in 28 languages to 2 1 
countries that are still without 
democracy and a free press." 
Remember June 5-7, 2009 - 
our 50th Reunion. Information 
to arrive soon from GDA. 


John C. Elwell 
266 High Street 
Newburyport, MA 1 950-3838 

I (John Elwell) didn't hear from 
many classmates this time. I 
suspect that everyone is saving 
up their news for the BIG class 
reunion in 2010! It's either 
that or we need a Class of '60 
Stimulus Bill! In any case, I did 
hear from Mai Flint who sent 
some very interesting news. 
Mai writes: "After your many 
attempts to extract news out 
of your classmates reluctant 
to tell you much about what's 
going on with their lives, I have 
finally relented - here's a few 
bits of info on our doings! I 
finally threw in the towel on 
my consulting work in mid- 
April '08 (retired from Sunoco 
in mid- 1 997 but couldn't 
keep from meddling in the 
business until last year) and 
have settled into retirement 
reasonably well - just don't ask 
Surrey how she feels about 
me not getting out of her hair 
each day. I kept busy this past 
summer catching up on long 
overdue outside projects on 
our I I acres that have gotten 
totally out of control. Surrey 
and I have had some fun 
recently doing a bit of traveling 
to crazy places - Antarctica 
and then Turkey/Greek Islands 
in '07, Costa Rica/Panama and 
China this past year. Antarctica 
and China were especially 
fascinating, Antarctica for its 
pristine beauty, China to dispel 
some preconceived notions 

Geoff Nichols '60 family photo 

1 40 The Archon | Spring 2009 

and to reinforce others about 
what it's like in that country. 
However, on a fixed income 
and the economy in its current 
shape, I think we're staying 
close to home in '09. Met up 
with Anne and Dick Henry in 
September at a mini-reunion 
for our Princeton class in 
Charleston, SC.They are 
doing well and have moved to 
South Carolina to escape the 
long, gray days of the winter 
in New Jersey. We have four 
grandchildren scattered from 
as near as 1 5 minutes away 
to as far as Mill Valley, CA. 
At our age, grandchildren 
become important parts of 
keeping us young and the one 
in California is a great excuse 
to visit California on a regular 
basis. Looking forward to the 
50th next year - Wow, are we 
really that old!" 

No... Mai... we are not that 
old. I refuse to think old!!! And 
besides my wife says that I am 
better now than I was 20 years 
ago... All right, I am better 
because now I take out the 
trash, clear off the table, put 
my dishes in the dishwasher, 
and help make the bed. See we 
are just getting better! 

I heard from Sharon and Jim 
Deveney who are spending the 
winter in Florida. Jim writes 
that he is having arthroscopic 
work for a meniscus tear on 
his right leg this winter... an 
old injury from his Brown 
hockey days. Jim says that the 
"porch light" also is on in Palm 
Beach Gardens. 

Jim... great to hear from you 
and Sharon! I hope you will 
be able to get in some of your 
beloved golf! 

And, Geoff Nichols writes 
that he and his wife spend half 
their time in Florida and half 

their time in Vermont with 
eight horses, two dogs, and a 
cat. Geoff still has a real estate 
business in Vermont. 

Great to hear from you, Geoff! 
And what a great picture of 
your family that you included 
in the mailing! Here's hoping 
TheArchon can publish it. 

I also heard from Carl 
Youngman. Those "Day Boys" 
do tend to respond well to the 
stimulus. Carl writes:"We all 
hope the new year will bring 

some good news for all of 

your family as well. We start 
a new presidential term with 
hope and belief that we will 
find a better path forward. I 
am hopeful but resigned to 
the slowness of the process 
and the recognition that it will 
likely be several more quarters 
before any improvement 
of a sustainable nature will 
be visible to the average 
Governor's graduate. The 
Youngmans' update: Joan and 
Carl continue their travels. 
Carl flew to New Zealand 
with a couple of graduate 
school classmates to play golf 
for two-plus weeks on both 
the north and south islands. 
It was a wonderful visit, and 
the people of New Zealand 
were warm and welcoming. 
We played ten of the top 
I I courses in the country 
including multiple rounds 
at Kauri Cliffs and Cape 
Kidnappers (known The Kiwi 
Challenge). The enjoyment 
of fresh fish every day and 
lots of rack of lamb are still 
a haunting great memory as 
well as the beauty of Milford 
Sound and Doubtful Sound. 
The holidays were spent in 
Florida, and after rushing home 
to celebrate with both of our 
children and their spouses, 
Joan and I head off to Thailand 
and Laos for a month. The 

visit is to catch up with good 
friends in the region and enjoy 
some warm weather. The rest 
of February will be back in 
Florida, and March will be in 
St.Thomas. Hopefully, April 
will bring some warm weather, 
and we can run around our 
favorite place, home in New 
England ... and maybe even 
catch Mike Moonves during 
his retirement at the Essex 
County Club!! My son Andrew 
has moved back to Boston to 
start a new business. It is a 
difficult time to launch a new 
venture, but Joan and I applaud 
him for his courage (and, we 
hope, his judgment). The one 
thing we know for sure is 
that his mother and father 
are very happy to have him 
back in the area. Our daughter 
Julie is very happy living in 
Sharon, MA and enjoying her 
life there. Hope the light is still 
on at 266 High Street and my 
friend Stephen Karp will take 
good care of our hometown!! 
(For non-locals, Steve Karp is 
a developer who has bought 
a significant portion of the 
Newburyport waterfront 
for development. He was 
instrumental in developing a 
lot of Nantucket and has some 
locals worried as to his plans 
in Newburyport.)" 

Great to hear from Carl! Now 
he IS enjoying retirement... 
the way retirement should 

On the home front, I finally 
convinced my wife to take 
a trip to Florida this spring. 
Would love to meet up with 
any classmates in the Florida 
area during the last two weeks 
of April! I am proud to report 
that our sixth grandchild 
arrived the end of November. 
Thomas Elwell Rich joins 
brothers Aidan (6) and Colin 
(3). Mom, Erin (GDA '92), and 

Peter Boynton '6 1 with new grandson 

Dad, Eric, are proud of "their 
three sons"! Yours truly is 
still doing some educational 
mentoring, consulting, 
and training for Just ASK 
Professional Development 
which is located in Alexandria, 
VA. I have been working from 
Belmont to New Bedford 
to Cape Cod to here in 
Newburyport. I didn't know 
that retirement would be so 
busy. In addition, the spring 
planting season will be here 
soon. At Maple Crest Farm 
this year we'll be planting 
3000 strawberry plants, 1 000 
Christmas tree seedlings 
and 55 blueberry bushes this 
spring. If you are in the area, 
please stop by... would love to 
see you. 

Well... that is the news from 
the Class of '60. Hope the 
note writing stimulus package 
works better the next time. In 
the meantime, the porch light 
is still on for you at 266 High 
Street here in Newburyport. 


Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. 
53 1 1 Edlen Drive 
DallasJX 74220-2101 

The Archon | Spring 2009 41 

J. Stephen Sawyer 
202 South Fileys Road 
Dillsburg,PA 17019-9563 

Alan Booth writes from 
Tucson that all is well. He had 
lunch with Kathy and Tom 
Woodruff in San Francisco 
last year, and is scheduled to 
play golf with Dave Stinger in 
Naples, Florida in February. 
Alan also saw Linda and Sam 
Wakeman in Cohasset last 
summer. Daughters Stacey 
and Katie are fine and all were 
together for Thanksgiving last 
fall. Peter Boynton reports 
from Washington, DC that 
he's still at the Corporation 
for National and Community 
Service, a federal agency 
where he works on policy 
management and liaison with 
47 state offices that administer 
1 300 Senior Corps grants. 
He had been planning since 
2006 to retire from full time 
work last September, "but 
last May my financial advisor 
strongly recommended 
I continue working for 
another year. Besides, it's 
going to be interesting to 
see what happens with 
various bills pending in 
Congress to reauthorize 
or modify the national and 
community service programs 
(AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, 
and Learn and Serve America) 
that our agency administers. 

On the home front, my 
youngest daughter gave birth 
in January to my seventh 
grandchild (see attached 
photo). With wife Jacqui's two 
grandkids, that gives us nine to 
keep track of, and they all live 
in Northern Virginia between 
two blocks and 15 miles of us. 
Seems like we're constantly 
going to birthday parties and 
buying presents! But we love it. 
I joined the social networking 
era early last year and can 
be found on Facebook and 
Linkedln, but connecting 
electronically doesn't take the 
place of meeting over a cup 
of coffee or a meal, so if any 
classmates find themselves 
in the Washington, DC area, 
please get in touch." 

Edgar Kaiser continued 
to serve on the board 
of Canadian Centre on 
Substance Abuse (CCSA), 
Canada's national drug 
agency responsible for 
advising parliament, World 
Health Organization and 
the UN with reference to 
substance abuse. He has 
recently been elected to the 
Executive Committee's chair 
of the Audit Committee, and 
member of the Nomination 
and Governance Committee. 
CCSA is an NGO established 
by an act of Parliament 25 
years ago. He is also Co- 
Chairman of the Canadian/ 
U.S. Business Economic 

Roundtable on Mental Health. 
Last summer, Phil Teuscher 
had a blast traveling around 
in his 1 00-year-old Steamboat 
"Rum Hound" and also won 
an award for improvement 
in his polo game. In August, 
he rode wild animals in 
Botswana, Africa on the 
same Ouwanga Delta where 
he had hitch-hiked through 
on his four-month odyssey 
from Capetown, South Africa 
to Egypt in 1 970. Lots of 
elephants and lions nearby 
at night. Phil was also at the 
Sahara location once traveled 
by Lawrence of Arabia, and 
met Prince Farouk, Pretender 
to the Egyptian throne. Happy 
New Year to the Perkins mafia 
of a half century ago! Stan 
Thomas reports that he is 75 
percent retired, but that he 
still puts in time at the railroad 
tie and wood preserving 
company where he has 
worked the last 1 9 years. Stan 
and Rosali continue to enjoy 
their rural home on 40 acres 
in Sparta, Wisconsin. 


Thomas S.Tobey 
59 W Portola Avenue 
Los Altos, CA 94022-1209 

It has been a thin quarter for 
news from the Class of '62. 

A recent news flash came in 
from Doug Coupe:"We are 
still enjoying life in Bluffton, 
South Carolina near Hilton 
Head. Good health, sunshine, 
golf and wonderful friends all 
make for a good life in these 
trying times. Like many, I used 
to be on a 'fixed' income. Now 
it is 'broken'! Still pursuing my 
passion of finding formerly 
lost golf balls. I currently have 
over 6000 'logo' balls which 
I have prominently displayed 
in my attic. Had a nice visit 
back to campus as a guest of 
the Class of '68." Ham Agnew 
reports:"A couple of weeks 
ago Burke Leahey invited me 
to the home of Nan and Dr. 
John Powell at the doctor's 
Sanibel home. Also present 
was Roger Williams '61. "Tim 
McNally also chimed in. He 
reports:"! still operate my 
industrial distribution business 
selling machinery and abrasives 
and chemistry to clean, deburr 
and polish metal parts in the 
manufacturing process." Not 
interested in retiring as enjoys 
having a routine. Is a Selectman 
in Pomfret, CT. Chair of town 
Democrats, chair of area 
Audobon Board and playing 
around on 1 65 acres; hayed 30 
acres with a local farmer. Hay 
is for Tim's five angus cattle. 
The wooded parts are a tree 
farm, harvested every 7- 1 
years. "In part because I do 
not have dogs, the wildlife has 
almost taken over plantings by 

Phil Teuscher '61 on his steamboat 

Phil Teuscher '61 on horseback 

42 The Archon | Spring 2009 

the house, lots of wild turkeys, 
coyotes, and, of course, 
skunk, and raccoons." Shares 
a motion operated, infrared 
camera which routinely 
captures the nocturnal visitors 
including a pair of bobcats. 
Stepson Charlie Nicholson 
'07 is freshman class president 
atVassar and his older sister, 
Sheileen lives nearby in Glens 
Falls, NY. Maureen and Tim did 
a 10- day Nations magazine 
tour. Did one in Caribbean last 
year as well as an Alaska tour. 
"Talk toTarbs and Ben Jamison 
periodically." Bob Snyder 
checked in also: "We are, in 
fact, in St. Maarten as we speak. 
We have been here for about 
two weeks so far and we're 
enjoying the great weather. 
It has been a little cold and 
snowy this winter in Maine so 
this is a welcome respite". 

Rain has finally arrived in 
Northern California. It has 
been a long dry year out here. 
The deadline is nigh upon 
me and I shall close when 
the flowers bloom again this 


Need Secretary 

Carson Taylor says:"l now have 
two granddaughters - 7 and 4. 
Their mother Sarah, 39, teaches 
high school English in California 
and has received two national 
awards for her teaching. 
Willis, 30, is getting married 
in Vermont in June. Jack, 23, 
teaches in Chicago. Henry, 22, 
is away at St. Mary's College in 
California. So Dede and I are 
home alone and concentrating 
on our careers. We both teach 
at MSC. Dede Art History 
and me law. I continue my 
mediation-arbitration practice 
and I remain on the local 
school board." 


Peter C.Thomas 

600 Warren Road, Apt. 3-2F 

Ithaca, NY 14850-1809 


Joe Stevens writes: "Attached 
are pictures of a trip we 
took to Churchill, Manitoba, 
Canada in November to see 
the polar bears. Wonderful 
experience. Also got a chance 
to race a dog sled for two 

miles. It was a kick, even with 
the temperature below zero. 
Last year we went to the 
other extreme and visited 
the Galapagos Islands. I'm 
a dedicated traveler, while 
growing my consulting 
business, which is now six 
years old. My daughter is in 
law school in Washington, 
DC. with hopes of being 
a prosecutor, the idea of 
which I love. My son (27) is 
a 'music personality' living 
in Phoenix. Miss the guys in 
the 'Clique', wherever you 
are!" Bob Farnum joins in: "I 
am still working forYankee 
Gas as an engineer, mostly to 
support my hobby of racing 
sailboats (picture attached). 
In the past two years, I have 
moved up to some off shore 
races, primarily around Block 
Island. My first grandchild 
was born this summer, so I 
now feel officially 'old'." And 
Lou Higgins reports: "Charlie 
Parker visited us for a few days 
last spring here in Lake Placid, 
and I joined him aboard his 
comfortable fishing boat, Sea 
Pea, for a mid-summer cruise 
to Martha's Vineyard and other 
points of interest.There was 
no shortage of discussion of 
Byfield Days, although I suspect 
our accuracy of recollection." 



!- — 





Joe Stevens '64 

Bob Farnum '64 

Eric, son of Craig Johnson '65 


Kenneth A. Linberg 
67 66B, Del Playa Drive 
Isla Vista, CA 93 1 17-4910 
linberg@lifesci. ucsb. edu 

Great to hear from Arnie 
Morton who wrote: "I liked 
Peter Imber's contribution 
in the last Archon. I hope he 
makes it for the 45th so we 
can play a quick nine. Like 
everyone else, I've lost lots 
of money, but at this point, 
it's all about time." Thanks 
for chiming in, Arnie. I hope 
Peter can make it too, now 
for an additional reason — this 
challenge/rematch on the 
Ould Newbury links may be 
something to witness! We're 
also grateful for an update 
from Diane and Eric Shepard: 
"Greetings from Seneca, 
SC. Di and I have settled 
into our churches nicely. We 
have had lots of time with 
grandchildren. I started work 
on a Doctor of Ministry at the 
Asbury Theological Seminary 
in January '09. 1 should be 
done in ' 1 3. Can't wait for 
June 20 1 0. Hard to believe 
45 years have passed." Truly! 
Congrats, Eric and Diane, on 
your new parishes and all 
your achievements.Another 
most-appreciated update 
came from one classmate who 

The Archon | Spring 2009 


Jim Connolly '66 and his daughter, 
Camila '08, at Cobham Hall in Kent, 

has a unique perspective of 
these intervening 45 years. 
Craig Johnson adds: "Well, 
upon reflection, I did not 
distinguish myself athletically 
or academically while at GA 
(formerly GDA). However, 
I do believe that I currently 
own the distinction of 
having been the first and (so 
far) the last of us to father 
children. Christopher is 40, 
and Eric (pictured) is 5-1/2. 
I understand that you are 
uncertain as to whether to 
respond with congratulations 
or condolences." The former, 
let's hope!! Thanks, Craig, for 
touching base. For my part, 
and as proof that economic 
woes have reached academia 
as well, for the first time in 36 
years, federal funding of our 
vision research projects is in 
jeopardy, so early retirement 
may well be looming. I'll keep 
you all posted. Enjoy the 
summer and remember that 
our reunion is in two scant 


James T. Connolly, Jr. 
47 Green Street 
Newhuryport, MA 01950-2646 

I had a nice note from Ford 

Schumann who writes that he 
is enjoying life on his organic 
farm with his wife, Marilee. 
They will be celebrating their 
40th anniversary this June. 
Ford's daughter, Brook, is a 
nurse in the labor and delivery 
at the University of Maryland 
hospital in Baltimore, and 
his son, Robin, is a carpenter, 
who is presently in New 
Zealand taking advantage 
of the (World 
Wide Opportunities On 
Organic Farms) program. 
Besides his own farm, Ford is 
running a non-profit recycling 
organization, Infinity Recycling. 
In his spare time, Ford has 
been baking delicious sour- 
dough bread for family and 
friends. And, for the last five 
years, he has been playing 
guitar and hosting a monthly 
open clinic at a local bar. Ford 
has been playing as much 
golf as possible, entering 
many tournaments and this 
year placing ninth in the Md. 
Senior Amateur, and third in 
his age group, which he finds 
curious since the only time 
he visited the course across 
from GDA was on ice skates. 
David Holmes writes that 
he is officially retiring from 
Western Kentucky University 
this February I . David has 
been coaching the men's 
soccer team for the past 25 
years. He and his wife, Sharon, 
are moving to Chatham, 

Grace and I enjoyed visiting 
with my daughter, Camila, at 
Cobham Hall in Kent, England, 
where she is spending the 
year as an exchange student 
on the English-Speaking Union 
scholarship she received while 
at The Governor's Academy. 
Since no one else sent any 
pictures, I am including a 
picture of Camila and me at 
the Manor House at Cobham 

Alan Rothfeld '67, shown with his daughter Christine, received an award from 
Larry King ("King of Hearts") Foundation for his support of community health 
efforts in Los Angeles. 

Hall. The manor house dates 
to the 12th century when it 
was granted to a French knight 
by Henry II. In addition to 
Camila, both Elizabeth I and 
Charles Dickens spent time 

The next class notes are due 
in August, so drop me a note 
and let us know what you are 
doing in the meantime. 


Bennett H. Beach 
7207 Denton Road 
Bethesda.MD 20814-2335 

By the time you read this, 
JeffWood expects to be a 
published author, having finally 
finished a demanding editing 
process. The title is Lyft Faetels 
- Inner Peace, part of a trilogy. 
In June, Jeff should be following 
up that first with another: 
becoming a grandfather. In 
the last few years Ted Dix has 
written quite a few songs, and 
recently he began recording 
them. His research and 
teaching at the University of 
Texas are going well, and Ted's 

daughter Emily has had a good 
freshman year at Haverford. 
From San Francisco, another 
Durham native, Rich Brayton, 
reports: "In the spirit of 
always making an expensive 
investment at the top of the 
market just before the crash, 
we opened a London office 
last summer.This was intended 
to increase our chances of 
getting work in the Middle 
East among other things. Last 
week I talked to a friend of 
mine who had just come 
back from Dubai where there 
are apparently 3000 tower 
cranes hovering over current 
construction sites. According 
to my friend, not one of them 
was operational! Not to 
worry, we just got a new job in 
Egypt. Hahhhh!!!!, help. . .gurgle, 
gurgle, gasp!" Granite State 
racquetball players in their 
early 60s are in deep trouble: 
Sid Bird is moving into their 
age group. He had slipped to 
number three in the state in 
the 55-60 bracket. Forgetting 
his advanced age, Sid attended 
a rock concert at what once 
was the Boston Garden for 
the first time since seeing 
the Rolling Stones there with 
fellow Govies. He went to hear 

44 The Archon | Spring 2009 

AC/DC with his 1 5-year-old 
son. Jeff Harris also returned 
to that venue after an absence 
of "countless years," taking one 
of his six grandchildren to a 
Celtics game. The winter also 
included a trip to California, 
where Jeff saw various Bay 
Area relatives and returned to 
old haunts in Monterey and Big 
Sur. Now a consultant, he says: 
"My business has become fairly 
unilateral with my old Navy 
customer taking 90 percent of 
my time. The good news is that 
your tax burden is significantly 
reduced as my net cost to 
the government is quite a bit 
lower than when I worked for 
a contractor." Alan Rothfeld 
had both Christmas and New 
Year's off for the first time in 
34 years, having retired from 
clinical practice. Unable to get 
a permit for Mt. Whitney in 
October, Alan went through 
nearby Kearsarge Pass instead. 
"We were forced back after 
two days by a whiteout that 
was almost as bad as an 
average January day in Byfield 
in the 60s," he reports. Alan 
received an award from the 
Larry King ("King of Hearts") 
Foundation for his support of 
community health efforts in 
Los Angeles. 

The homeless population 
in Seattle has climbed by 
1 ,000 over the past year to 
8,000, and their plight has 
become a cause for Edwin 
Beatty.'The Quaker Meeting 
I attend has been hosting a 
group of homeless people 
in our sanctuary for the last 
two years," he reports. He 
has traveled to the state 
capital with friends to lobby 
on both homelessness and 
prison reform. "Quakers tend 
to focus on issues no one 
else wants to touch," Edwin 
notes. Lew Rumford continues 
to enjoy his executive 

coaching work and his part- 
time position at George 
Washington University. He 
almost got a knee replacement 
in January, but concluded he 
needed to get in better shape 
first. Jay Marsh spent winter 
weekends rebuilding a 37-year- 
old houseboat. "Everything was 
rotted or rusting except the 
aluminum frame, so it was like 
building a boat from scratch," 
Jay wrote. "My niece is getting 
married in Dartmouth, 
Massachusetts, June 20, and 
Tommies daughter is getting 
married in Oxford, Mississippi, 
July I I . Bill Barnes is getting 
ready to take part in the 
Marion-to-Bermuda Cruising 
Yacht Race again in late June. 
Joe Schwarzer's first-born, 
Franklin, is practicing law in 
the Boston area and teaching 
part-time at Harvard. Younger 
son William graduated in 
December from UNC and was 
married in January in Chapel 
Hill. As part of his work with 
Save the Children, David 
Marsh has been to Vietnam, 
Uganda, and Nicaragua in 
the past few months. "But 
my REAL accomplishment," 
he writes, "was reading (and 
finishing) War and Peace\ 
Couldn't put it down!" Doug 
Curtis is eager to get out 
into his garden after the long 
New England winter, and he 
thinks that the snow cover 
should do wonders for the 
perennials and bulbs. London- 
based daughter Lindsay '97 
fortunately chose Blackrock 
over Merrill Lynch in 2007. 
Her sisterVirginia is a manager 
of the Juicy Couture in White 
Plains, N.Y.At last count, 
George Swift had worked 
for ten banks and moved his 
desk five times. His business 
cards now say Wells Fargo. 
He remains in Stuart, Florida. 
Ross Magrane is restoring his 
good old 1970 Pontiac Trans 

Ted Nahil '68 and Tom Sargent ('68, deceased) at the 2008 reunion 

Am. He remembers racing 
Gardner Sisk years ago.The 
U.S. Department of Homeland 
Security sent Andy Creed to 
Atlanta in January for training, 
and on Groundhog Day he 
moved into a new position. 
He has transferred from 
Logan Airport to Boston's 
International Cargo Port and 
has a more normal schedule. 
This is an Obama "change" 
that Andy can believe in. Bill 
Alfond traveled to Geneva 
recently to visit daughter 
Kenden, who is working for 
the United Nations Fund to 
Fight AIDS,Tuberculosis and 
Malaria. Bill also was down at 
spring training in early March. 

Anne-Marie Laverty has 
finished a history and glossary 
of the Chinook Jargon, 
which was a trade pidgin 
compounded of French, 
English, and various Indian 
dialects. She's hoping for 
publication soon. Anne-Marie 
remains active in Canadian 
politics. During the winter, 
Paul Hemmerich did a week- 
long ski tour along southern 
portions of the Catamount 
Trail, which runs 300 miles 
up the spine ofVermont. He's 
also been moving his mother 
into an assisted living facility 
in Nashua and tackling the 
piles of stuff in the house 
she lived in for decades. 

Paul's hoping to find valuable 
GDA memorabilia. Our Old 
Dominion roster is back up 
to two now that Larry Miller 
has crossed the Potomac River 
to take the Northern Virginia 
slot vacated by Peter Osgood 
when he moved to Florida. 
After 35 years with United 
Way, Larry is seeking a new 
challenge in the DC. area. 
During the winter,Anthony 
Gerard made his first trip to 
Jackson Hole, where he and his 
two sons skied. His younger 
son, John, is about to graduate 
from Georgetown and will be 
heading to Houston for an oil 
industry job. 


Daniel C. Look 

3287 Whitfield Drive 

Marietta, GA 30062-1285 


dcl@ dm-resources . com 

Since the last issue, I am 
saddened to report the loss of 
Tom Sargent. For those who 
may have missed this, Marc 
Tucker wrote the following 
upon Tom's passing: "My 
Fellow '68ers, I have some 
sad news to share with you 
concerning our classmate, 
Tom Sargent. He passed away 
last week. As many of you 
know, Tom reconnected with 
us this past spring at our 

The Archon | Spring 2009 45 

reunion and, once again, felt 
at home in South Byfield. He 
led a very interesting, and at 
times difficult, life travelling 
and experiencing the world in 
his unique and idiosyncratic 
way. It goes without saying 
that we will miss him. You can 
send your condolences and 
remembrances to his family via 
e-mail. I am sure they would 
appreciate hearing from you. 
Tom's family requests that any 
gifts in his memory be made 
to the Academy... a strong 
indication of his fondness for 
the school and us. I plan on 
honoring his memory with 
an extra gift to the school. 
The Academy will send 
acknowledgments of gifts 
made in Tom's memory to his 
family. (Tom's obituary appears 
in the In Memoriam section on 
page 30.)" 

David Mitchell notes: "Little 
new since the last Archon, 
though I did have the pleasure 
of dining with Grande and 
a mutual friend in January 
while attending the Atlanta 
Gift Show, during which I 
learned that Dan has some 
very innovative plans for taking 
care of us all in our dotage, 
but I'll let him reveal those. 
The new company continues 
to move along, though as with 
most start-ups, there is always 
the need for funding. In this 
market, however, we don't 
pose any higher risk than the 
market! The company name 
is The Fairfield Fun Factory, 
LLC and our brand name 
is Ziggideez.We have two 
products now. One is wearable 
plush (small stuffed figures 
kids can wear on their shoes 
and clothes or attach to their 
book bags, bikes, etc.). The 
second product is what we call 
a clip-on, which is a sculpted 
plastic piece that kids can 
clip on to just about anything. 

We are starting a program in 
schools called Math in Action 
which teaches elementary 
school kids how math is used 
in developing fun products 
such as ours. We have been 
fortunate to acquire licenses 
with some of the major kids' 
properties, a number of 
which you grandparents will 
recognize, such as SpongeBob, 
Dora, Spiderman, Disney (all 
characters), Hulk, and Major 
League Baseball. I find a start 
up at this age like starting 
over, which in many ways it is. 
If you might have any words 
of wisdom or other thoughts, 
please do share." 

From Dan Ogg via Rob Lord: 
"Enjoying the end of winter 
up river here inTok. One 
day it got to -75 but I must 
say the walk that morning 
was delightful." I will see if I 
can learn from Dogg what 
attracted him toTok from 
Kodiak. More later. Rico Haas 
sends:"Chillaxing in Annapolis 
still. My daughter Shanna is 
pregnant with her eighth, 
hoping for another girl (only 
one thus far). Son Ry and his 
wife just bought their first 
house in Minneapolis. On Jan. 
3, 1 took a position as National 
Coordinator for the US 
COPD Coalition (http://www. 
uscopd/index.html). After years 
in specialty foodservice sales, 
it is a refreshing change and 
a great cause. Hope all is well 
with you." Don Hayes sent: "So, 
yeah, there are still signs of life 
on the left coast and, thanks 
to the Bergmans, we'll soon be 
able to say goodbye to Mike 
Moonves at an LA reception. 
In the meantime, I got some 
great seasonal greetings from 
a few GDA/TGA alumni to set 
the new year a hummin'. And, 
due to a last minute invitation, 
got to spend New Year's on 

a beach in Morocco with a 
bunch of crazy Frenchmen. Go 
figure. The only picture that 
makes sense is enclosed. May 
2009 be your best year ever." 

Chuck Johnson updated: 
"I think I am experiencing 
singed hair as we are going 
into our third year of a major 
drought in the Central Valley 
of California, unlike the rest 
of the country that is getting 
hammered with wind and 
moisture. Still, I count myself 
fortunate as I got to spend 
Christmas with my new 
grandson in Seattle with snow 
and our family tree farm in 
NH has made it through 
unscathed despite the tornado 
ripping through southern NH 
(about two miles from the 
house) and all the ice storms. 
Did my annual stint at Scout 
Camp last August and am now 
gearing up as the Structure 
Problem captain for the 
Regional Odyssey of the Mind 
tournament. Both activities 
always leave me exhausted but 
with hope for the future after 
working with such bright and 
energetic kids. Take care." 

Carl Spang updates: "Hope 
this email reaches you in time 
for the class notes. Thanks 
again, by the way, for the tip on 
MS's Live Meeting. I have been 
using LM for the past two 
months and plan to increase 
usage with a new marketing 
campaign this March. Constant 
Contact is also a gem. We are 
all doing well and enjoying 
the skiing in the Northeast. 
Judith has started her eighth 
term in the NH legislature 
and serves as the Chair of the 
Resources, Recreation, and 
Development Committee. 
Certainly makes dinner 
conversations interesting. Our 
daughter Dana is finishing 
her Master's in Landscape 

Architecture at Cornell and 
is preparing to enter the job 
market (what's left of it) this 
June. Our son Eric is living 
in Brooklyn and pursuing a 
career as a filmmaker while 
working at the School ofVisual 
Arts in Manhattan. I remain 
gainfully employed despite my 
best efforts, currently running 
a small manufacturing company 
in Maine and consulting. Judith 
and I enjoyed a great summer 
of sailing out of Boothbay 
Harbor, ME, and were able to 
get Susan and ArtVeasey on 
board for a cocktail cruise. 
We will be back at Boothbay 
Harbor (Blake's Boatyard, 
boat is Esprit, a 32' Freedom 
sloop) again in 2009 and hope 
to connect with more of our 
Maine classmates. 

"Dan, First of all, I would 
wish everyone a happy and 
prosperous new year. We 
enjoyed the best possible 

- although slightly delayed 

- Christmas present in the 
form of a family gathering in 
Williamsburg, Va. We spent 
three days together visiting 
and sightseeing. All the kids got 
to see each other and establish 
connections. It took me back 
to my other 'family' gathering 
that occurred in June and I 
realized just how important 
both families were to me. The 
connections are so strong that 
time and distance don't seem 
to affect the family feeling 

and the joy that each reunion 
engendered. Best wishes to 
each and every one of you 
guys and I'm already looking 
forward to 20 1 3." Jon Williams, 
Classes of 1 968 and 1 969, 
wrote: "Grande - I enjoyed 
reading the class notes. As I 
was originally a class member, 
I was sad to miss the reunion. 
20 years ago I attended and 
met up with many of you 
just prior to Mary's and my 

46 The Archon | Spring 2009 

wedding in Connecticut. It 
was a great time, so I will put 
it in my calendar for 2028! 
If anyone has an extra Nahil 
reunion disc, I want one. I 
want to offer my prayers for 
and best wishes to Cam Smith 
and Emmo. I recall a pile of 
Old Gold coupons in the Butt 
Club. We jokingly claimed 
to be saving for whomever 
amongst us first needed an 
iron lung! (I think Ogg thought 
that one up.) Thankfully, we 
have better science now, 
and Cam has a great chance 
at recovery. (Thankfully, the 
Academy closed the Butt Club 
a long time ago.) One great 
JBO memory (of many): In 
the spring of 1 967, a pigeon, 
whom we named 'Homer', (the 
Academy having infused our 
brains with great originality 
and literal brilliance), arrived 
outside the East door to 
Ingham. We befriended and 
fed Homer and let him have 
the run of the dorm. After 
about a month of this, JBO 
caught Homer and removed 
him to some place near his 
summer home in Maine. We 
all missed the little guy, and 
were elated when, much to 
Mr. Ogden's chagrin, the aptly 
named Homer re-appeared at 
the dorm door about a week 
later. Oh, those halcyon days 
in Byfield! JBO was a great 
teacher and coach. He insisted 
on calling me 'Joe Willy', in the 
days of Namath. As it certainly 
had nothing to do with my 
football prowess, it was just 
for fun. Please send my best 
to him. I am still living in 
Longmont, Colorado, running 
a small structural concrete 
contracting company, FloR 
Systems, LLC. It is weird out 
there right now, but we are 
fighting the good fight and 

staying relatively busy. My wife, 
Mary, owns Mary Williams Fine 
Arts, a gallery in Boulder, that 
is 1 3 years old. Our daughter, 
Rosie, has a great position with 
J&J subsidiary, Ethicon, and 
lives in Denver.The girls are 
going to Africa this February, 
but I will stay with the puppy 
(Rosie's Gt. Dane!) and sneak 
up to Beaver Creek to ski. If 
anyone is out this way, give a 
shout. I am always looking for 
an excuse to go ski, fish or just 
enjoy a day in the Colorado 
mountains. I was in touch 
with Boots for a while, but 
he moved off to the Western 
Slope and I haven't seen him 
in years. I'm on the committee 
for 69's 40th, so reconnecting 
with some of those Govies. It 
sounds like you guys set the 
standard for a great weekend!" 

Life continues in Atlanta. We 
have had a good winter and 
are ready for the beauty and 
warmth of spring. I am hoping 
to get some sailing in this 
summer in NE waters. I will 
keep posted in case we can 
connect. Perhaps a rendezvous 
with Jim Rudolph, CF, and any 
other boats. We had a great 
lunch with Marcus Urann at 
Anthony's (The Hawaiian was 
closed) last December. Tuck, 
Parkie, Lord.Worthen, Degan, 
Pus and I cleared the whole 
section of the restaurant. It 
was great fun to catch up 
with all and Marcus has not 
changed, well not too much! 
We will hopefully have more 
opportunities for all of us to 
get together soon. 


40th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Jeffrey L Gordon 

Slocum, Gordon & Co. 

39 Mill Street 

Newport, Rl 02840-3016 

401 849-5893 

Shel Sacks wrote in to say that 
he is still practicing dentistry 
in the Syracuse, NY area. If 
this isn't a sign of our life 
stage, Shel has had ACL knee 
surgery and so his skiing days 
are over and they have been 
replaced by bridge and dancing 
lessons! He and his youngest 
son, Dylan, were recently in 
Boston looking at Tufts to add 
to his visits to Cornell and 
U. of Rochester.Their oldest 
daughter, Samantha, graduated 
with an engineering degree 
from Washington University 
in St. Louis, and now works 
forAccenture in Chicago. 
Their other daughter, Rachel, 
is at U. of Miami in Florida. 
Shel says he recently bought a 
townhouse in Juno Beach, Fla 
(near Palm Beach) one block 
from the ocean. He added: "If 
anybody is interested in buying 
from me at a good deal..." I 
saw Bill Strider on campus at 
last year's reunion weekend. 
I happened to be standing in 
front of Phillips talking to C.F. 
Spang and up walked Bill. I 
hadn't seen him in years. Bill 
lives in Eureka, CA working 
in a group home for five 
disabled individuals. Anyone 
interested in yoga philosophy 
is welcome to check out his 
blog: weeklygita.blogspot. 
com. Unfortunately, Bill said 
he cannot be around for our 
reunion. Gary Martin writes 
in to say that two of his four 
kids are graduating this year 
and the youngest, Chelton, 
from high school on the same 
date as our 40th. He regrets 

having to miss it, but plans to 
be at the 50th for sure! One 
of our stalwart note writers, 
Jon Williams, is on the reunion 
committee, so we have had 
many phone conversations. 
He writes in to say that he is 
looking forward to seeing all 
of us and Val Wilkie who will 
be at our reunion weekend. 
Jon is recovering from his 
ski trip to Beaver Creek, and 
working hard to stay ahead 
of the terrible construction 
economy. His wife, Mary, and 
stepdaughter, Rosie, are off to 
Africa, leaving Jon to baby-sit 
their new Great Dane puppy. 
And get some more skiing in 
no doubt. Peter Dorsey and 
Josh Miner, members of our 
reunion committee, were 
recently spotted on campus 
in the Ragle Archives Room, 
culling through old photos 
of our class. I saw Peter on 
another occasion and he said 
that they have uncovered a 
treasure trove of photos that 
will be on display for our 
reunion weekend. Ned Lattime 
was recently promoted to 
Deputy Director of the 
Cancer Institute of New Jersey 
where his group continues 
to research new vaccine 
approaches for the treatment 
of patients with solid tumors. 


Terry E. Nolan 

4377 Briers Way 

Stone Mountain, GA 30083- 


2008 has been a year like no 
other. So far I've heard from 
three of you, hoping to hear 
from the rest by this summer. 
As I wrote in my letter, I've 
had both my sons return 

t's Not Easy Being Green.... 0'J ( fjk.\. 

Don't be left out. In an effort to save paper, energy and funds, we plan to use electronic technology more and more to contact our parents 
nd alumni. Make sure we have your correct email address. Send to TheArchon Sr— ™na a 

from Iraq, my oldest son 
turned 3 1 in January 2009 
and my youngest turned 30 in 
February. Je reports things are 
much quieter in Bagdad this 
deployment unlike his previous 
deployments. My youngest son 
has been training hard for his 
next deployment, which will 
be flying from onboard a large 
haze-gray USN amphib (USS 
Bonhomme Richard(LPD6)). 
Ruby and I are happy empty- 
nesters in Stone Mountain, 
Georgia. Still confused about 
what happened in 2008; all I 
can say is that was the year 
that went by too fast. We are 
optimistic the US will recover 
in all aspects and move 
forward in 2009. 

Howard Comis writes that he 
has finished a screenplay titled 
Mirror of Justice, we hope to 
see it in production. Howard 
also writes that he is starting 
Graduate School for an MSW. 
Howard writes as to the 
stolen truck and trailer. "It's 
not easy to be discreet with a 
trailer." Tom Price and his wife 
Barbi report they are happily 
ensconced in Jamestown, NY 
and also report they have 
joined the ranks of "empty 
nesters" since their youngest 
Coco has entered the ranks 
of students at the College of 
Charleston in warm and sunny 
South Carolina. Seems that 
their other "three" are putting 
down roots in sunnier climes 
than their decidedly snowy 
hometown. Tom reports one 
wondrous little grandchild, 
Noah and another due around 
Easter from their oldest child 
Pie and husband Danny. Tom 
advises with some pragmatism 
in regards to the "Market 
Crash".. Market crash be 
.... Bill Tobey writes that he 
and his 1 6-year-old daughter 
drove to New Orleans with 
their high school group to 

reconstruct Katrina's damaged 
homes.The trip took two days 
as they moved in a caravan and 
two days back. Bill is happy in 
Amherst, Massachucetts with 
his older daughter studying 
at the University of Rhode 
Island and youngest still in 
high school. Wife Marilyn 
teaches French in local school 
while Bill is busy with his law 
practice, playing the piano, 
volleyball and singing in Gilbert 

6 Sullivan. 

I'm hoping to here from more 
of you, with notes I can publish 
here. Send pictures. Peace, live 
long and prosper. Your class 
70 Secretary: (class70sec@ Terry Nolan 


James S. Fleming 
9 Red Coat Lane 
Redding, CT 06896-1623 

David Lampertjr. 

7 Nortons Point 
Manchester, MA 1 944- 1 432 
dljrl I 

SamTamposi says: "Sharon and 
I were blessed with the arrival 
of two healthy granddaughters, 
KelseyAvaAckerman and 
Gabriella Rose Rosario. Bumpa 
is fittingly my name for the 
grandkids."Tom Quinn reports: 
"It turns out that my cousin 
Charles Allen, also a grandson 
of 'Old Tom' Thomas Quinn 
of Dummer Class of 1 905 
(son of Hon. Joseph F. Quinn 
(1857-1929) of the Essex 
County Superior Court), is 
the artist who created the 
portrait of Headmaster Jack 
Ragle described in an online 
Academy news item last 
February. His association 
with the Academy emanates 
largely from his friendship 

with Trustee Henry Eaton '70, 
whom most of us will recall, 
who is married to Charlie's 
wife's sister, facts I confirmed 
by email with both my cousin 
and Eaton. PreviouslyAllen 
had created a portrait of 
Val Wilkie for the Academy. 
Allen lives in Salem and is 
a professor at Montserrat 
College of Art in Beverly." 
MikeWellman rejoined his 
past firm, Diversified Search 
Ray Berndtson as a Managing 
Director in June 2008. "Am 
leading our Private Equity/ 
Venture Capital Executive 
Search Practice. Oldest son 
Michael Jr. graduated from 
Davidson College this June and 
is now working for Corporate 
Executive Advisory Board in 
Arlington.VA. One son 'off the 
payroll'. Second son, Ben, just 
transferred as a sophomore 
to Presbyterian College 
in Clinton, SC from the 
University of South Carolina. 
Third son, 14-year-old Zachjs 
a freshman at Darien H.S., and 
keeps his mother and me on 
our toes. My dad, Jack Wellman 
'44 is still going strong. We've 
planned a three-generation 
golf/play trip to Las Vegas in 
March with Jack, son Mike, Jr. 
and me." Rick Barrett says: 
"I am keeping young through 
my very active nine-year-old 
twins, Seth and Allie. Both 
excel at basketball and play 
for their school team at Mater 
Dolorosa School here in 
Holyoke.They look forward 
to baseball in the spring 
when they play on the same 
team. My daughter Anastasia 
is living in the Albany area, 
raising my three grandchildren, 
Asher.Alaura and Will. My 
wonderful and strong willed 
wife Nancy faces her daily 
struggle with MS but we cope 
with that together as a family. 
As for me, I am working for 
Aflac both here in MA and 

You oughta be 

in pictures! 

Some photographs sent 
toTheArchon do not 
appear in this issue. 
Unfortunately, the quality 
of the photos and their 
low resolution would not 
reproduce adequately. 
Please send either 
electronic or hard copy 
photos of at least 300dpi 
and do not embed 
pictures in text. We want 
you all to look your best! 

with Aflac reps in Northern 
Virginia. Best to all and see you 
at an upcoming new England 
reunion(?)." Tucker Withington 
writes: "Neil and I are pretty 
much empty nesters these days. 
Lia is in her third year of med 
school at UMass in Worcester, 
currently in surgery rotations, 
learning to power nap; Whitney 
is working seven days a week, 
five at lmmunogen,two as a 
ski patrol at Sunday River. We 
find ourselves working too 
hard trying to keep all the bills 
paid and still find spare $ to 
invest in this 'market bottom' 
opportunity. While we still ski 
(but don't teach any more), 
Neil has found us a new 
passion in cycling, which has 
led her to triathlons. She and 
Whitney have done several, 
including a half Ironman. I'm the 
photographer for the triathlons 
(running is too painful these 
days), but Neil and I did do 
a bunch of crazy bike rides 
together: Conway to Lincoln 
over the Kancamagus; several 
'centuries' (100-mile rides), 
one from Concord to the top 
of Mt.Wachusett and back; 
the most challenging was the 
"Harpoon B-to-B", 1 52-miles 
from the Harpoon Brewery 

48 The Archon | Spring 2009 

in East Boston to the sister 
brewery in Windsor, VT (in 9 
hours). All up hill! See picture 
of me at the finish line, enjoying 
a well-earned cold one." 

Russ Ethridge is up to the 
same trouble which generally 
involves some lawyering 
in a difficult auto industry 
environment and some part 
time judging now made even 
more complicated by the 
economic malaise. Keeps tabs 
on Chip McClure who heads 
one of the big auto suppliers, 
Arvin Meritor, because Chip 
is all over the popular media 
in Detroit. Sailing, a sane and 
lovely wife with a great job 
delivering babys, and three 
"Lake Wobegon" kids makes 
it all click. Ellis Withington 
reports: Still living in Plymouth. 
Wife Jennifer kids Henry (5) 
and Haley( I I ) are great. Also 
chickens, horse, fish, cats, dog, 
hamster also fine. Just got 
back from Turks and Caicos 
where we have a vacation 
home. Only those who still 
call it Governor Dummer 
can visit. I keep in touch with 
Andy Nelson and, of course, 
all Withington and Brewster 

And thanks to Warren Ross 

for the fine photos of skiing 
with Scott Seaver. 


Geoffrey A. Durham 
504 Roosevelt Drive 
Libertyville,IL 60048-3 1 20 

Rob Bryan writes that after 
1 3 years with the Maine 
Audubon, he started his own 
consulting business, namely 
Forest Synthesis, LLC. His 
work involves advising on 
forest management practices 
to integrate timber production 
with conservation and 
biodiversity throughout the 
U. S. His wife, Tulle, and he 
live in the house they built 
in Harpswell, Me. Cameron 
"Tunk" Hosmer a frequent 
writer, offers that farmers 
never retire, they just take 
their time getting things done. 
Tunk is still growing grapes in 
upstate New York and making 
wine. His son, Tim, graduated 
from UVM in May and is ski 
bumming with Wolly Wilson's 
son, Alta, Utah. His 
daughter, Anna, is a sophomore 
at Colby Sawyer College in 
New Hampshire and is skiing 
on their very successful 

Walter Rivera 73 with his daughter Aiyana at her graduation 

ski team. He encourages 
classmates to stop by for a 
wine tasting if you're in his 
neighborhood. Sarah (Ewell) 
Smith is enjoying being an 
AARP/Tax Aide helping folks 
with their taxes in southern 
Maine. Her husband, Todd, is 
spending his days training and 
participating in triathlons.That 
is the sum total of the recent 
news I have received. As I 
mentioned in my request for 
news, I failed to get past some 
responses published. Following 
is dated news from classmates, 
with apologies up front for 
information that now may be 
out of date. 

Peter Conway, another 
frequent contributor, attended 
a GDA Chicago cocktail 
party for alumni. He saw Mike 
Moonves.Art Mohr, and Jim 
"Ace" Pierce. He hopes to see 
more of Ace and Art on future 
Chicago trips. He hadn't seen 
Ace since the 25th reunion. 
Jim"Eb"Whitmore reported 
all was well with them. He 
would love to hear from 
George (Chopper) Freimarck, 
Peter (Arnold) Phippen, Steve 
Connolly 7 1 , Dave Brace, 
and others from the class 
and school. The Whitmore 
clan, John (1 2), Emily (8), 
wife,Tess, spent the summer 
in exile from Gloucester 
and traveled through the 
Canadian Maritimes. Between 
the declining dollar and gas 
prices the roads were empty, 
the hotels, B&Bs had plenty 
of rooms... worked for us! 
Best to all. Now some other 
news: My mailings to Bob 
Billewicz and John Matthews 
have come back "Return to 
Sender." If anyone knows their 
whereabouts, and they want to 
be found, let me know. 

James Tikellis says: "After 21 
years working in solo practice 

in General Surgery, I have 
made a career change and 
I am now a full time federal 
employee, working at the 
Wilmington.VA Medical 
Center, performing surgery 
and teaching residents and 
students from Jefferson 
Medical College." 

Things are going fine in the 
Durham household. My wife, 
Jana, still is heavily involved 
volunteering for the Girl 
Scouts. She got to be a 
regional delegate at the Girl 
Scout National Convention in 
Indianapolis last fall. Daughter, 
Andrea, is working and still 
living at home. I keep busy in 
the local ER two days a week 
and helping the aging parents, 
88 and 86. Looking forward to 
some warmer weather so I can 
get outside in the yard - my 
escape. Retirement is nice - a 
great gig if you can get it. Have 
been able to do some traveling. 
We were in 1 3 different states 
last year and spent the night in 
eight different ones. Not bad. 
But, it may have to end if this 
#*@%$ A $ recession continues 
too much longer. Yea, yea, I 
know, you all feel so sorry for 
me, but I really do not want to 
go back to work after enjoying 
the last 2-1/2 years. 

Keep those cards and e-mails 
coming - Geoff.Durham@ - with your news. 


Ian 8. Chisholm 

140 Catkin Drive 

South Burlington,VT 05403-3002 

802-859-933 1 

I received a nice Email with 
a photo from Walter Rivera. 
The photo is of Walter and 
his daughter, Aiyana, at her 
graduation last June. "I saw 

The Archon | Spring 2009 49 


1-P ■ 

-jdm~, - mOl ^S9^:»n 

CI tOUN*.^ 


!llv ^ 

~ ^ L jtfli^^^ 






pie 7 


Chris Richards 75 with President Obama 

the photos of our classmates 
at the 35th reunion and was 
sorry to have missed it. In 
September of 2008, 1 merged 
my law practice with a larger 
law firm known as Espinosa & 
Carpenter, LLP.We are one of 
the largest and fastest growing 
Hispanic-owned law firms 
in the country. It has been 
challenging and exciting as we 
seek to develop a national 
footprint. I am traveling 
more frequently and still 
based in lower Manhattan. I 
would love to hear from any 
classmates if you are in town. 
My daughter, Aiyana, graduated 
from medical school in June, 
2008 and is in her first year 
of a medical internship at 
Albert Einstein Hospital in 
Bronx, New York. She will be 
specializing in child psychiatry. 
My older son, Julian, is in sales 
and lives in the Hartford, CT 
area. I also have a 1 2-year-old 
son, Marcelo, who is in middle 
school. He loves to play the 
guitar and is an avid reader 
and writer. I recently attended 
a reception at the Yale Club 
in honor of Mike Moonves. 
His dedication and leadership 
will be missed. He has surely 
touched and enriched all of 
us." He sure has, Walter, and 
you have so eloquently spoken 
for all of us. 

Another nice Email from Alan 
Sandler: "After 12 years in 
San Francisco, Jill and I moved 

to Lake Oswego, Oregon 
( Portland burb), where I 
manage the sales department 
for D.A. Davidson, a regional 
investment bank. Our youngest 
son, Gabriel ( 1 4), is here with 
us full time. Our oldest, Austin 
(24) is an education major 
atVanderbilt. He will be a 
high school English teacher, 
quite possibly at the boarding 
school that he attended, The 
Stevenson School in Pebble 
Beach, CA. Our home has 
always been decorated with 
rock n' roll art (primarily 
Dead, Stones) and I am happy 
to say that our boys are fans 
of classic rock. Hard to believe 
we fulfilled our GDA culture 
requirements with school 
trips to see Pink Floyd and 
the Steve Miller Band! Best to 
all." Hey Alan, I was right there 
with you. I can still remember 
the light show with Pink 
Floyd. I also remember seeing 
Santana at the Boston Garden 
and Cat Stevens at Andover 
Academy. Also, J. Geils at the 
Topsfield fair. We had it made. 

Joanne and I (Ian Chisholm) 
recently had a nice dinner 
with Gary Haselton and 
his wife, Cyndi. Gary sends 
his best. Despite the brutal 
economy, Joanne's store is 
booming. I guess no matter 
how bad things get, women 
still need make-up and 
skin care products. We are 
planning a June vacation to 

Newfoundland, as I inch closer 
to retirement in December. My 
three children are doing well 
and I am happy and in a good 
spot in my life. I hope that you 
are all doing well (I'd like to 
hear more from you). 


35th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Pamela Jo McElroy Toner 
223 Riverside Drive 
Fairfield, CT 06824-6930 


Pamela D. Pandapas 
202 Central Street 
Rockland, MA 02370-47 1 8 

Chris Richards spent much of 
the last two years performing 
a variety of functions for the 
Obama presidential campaign. 
His efforts included growing 
and expanding the www. internet 
community which would 
eventually boast over a half- 
million registered users. In 
2007, Chris was appointed 
as a Deputy Field Director 
for Obama for America. Says 
Chris,:"To get the opportunity 
to be this involved was just 
incredibly rewarding. It was a 
once in a lifetime experience - 
really once in a lifetime." Craig 
Clark reports:"! am currently 
working at the American 
Embassy School in New Delhi, 
India.The new mailing address 
is a mail forwarding service 
that I use for all letters and any 
publications. I am scheduled to 
work in India until May 2010." 

Lisa Johnson tells us that 
her life is wonderfully busy. 

As those in the Johnson 
household manage the 
weather and the changing 
economy they are all filled 
with hope for new beginnings. 
She says that in these 
uncertain times it has been 
good to remember what is 
most important to them as a 
family. Lisa sends best wishes 
to all. Rich O'Leary has made 
a suggestion he has invited 
everyone to consider. He 
writes that he did a search 
on Facebook but found few 
1 975 graduates with pages. 
Rich suggests that we all go 
online to set up a Facebook 
page so that perhaps we 
can do a better job staying 
in touch and maybe even 
have a more successful 
response for class notes in 
The Archon. According to 
Rich, we as baby boomers 
should not be intimidated by 
technology or be worried 
that Facebook is only for 
high-schoolers and college 
students! So, says Rich, go set 
up a page and 'friend' him. (I 
assume that is cyberspeak 
for communicating with him.) 
He looks forward to 'seeing' 
us in cyberspace. I have not 
set up a page yet. As class 
secretary, I probably should 
give it serious consideration. 
It could be a valuable tool 
to gather everybody's news. 
We have another reunion in a 
year-and-a-half so we need to 
start planning to get together. I 
look forward to seeing a larger 
number of classmates this 
time. As to what I have been 
doing... I continue to enjoy 
skiing Sugarloaf. My siblings, 
their spouses, and my nephews 
all gathered for Christmas this 
year. It was the first time in 
over 25 years that my brothers 
and I spent the holidays and 
skied together. It was a very 
good time. I have braved the 
cold like everyone else and am 

50 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Rowan, grandson of Scott Pope 78 

looking forward to the spring 
and summer. My green thumb 
is getting itchy! All else is great 
on the home front. I hope to 
hear from more of you for the 
next issue. Thanks to those 
who wrote. Best wishes for 
a happy, healthy spring and 
summer. Til next time... 

1 976 

Carol Ann Goldberg-Aydin 
301 E 94th Street Apt 24B 
NewYork,NY 10128-4719 


Carolyn L Nissi 
102 Haseltine Street 
Bradford, MA 01 835-7726 

Doug Cawley writes that 
he and his wife continue to 
operate one of the top picture 
frame shops in San Francisco. 
They live in Oakland with their 
4-1/2-year-old son Dregen and 
their I - 1 /2-year-old son Blixa. 
He recently sold a Jmashgo 
(spelling isn't correct, I am 
sure, but I cannot read Doug's 
writing) guitar given to him 
in 1989 by Kurt Cobain for 
$ 1 00,000! The guitar continues 
to reside at E.M.R (Experience 
Music Project) in Seattle. He 
still plays punk rock. Perrin 

Long is currently the culinary 
instructor at Portsmouth High 
School's Center for Career 
& Technical Education. Life 
is good in Portsmouth, NH. 
He and his family are hosting 
an exchange student from 
Mongolia.Their son, Perry, is 
at Lesley University and their 
daughter Madeline is at St. 
Thomas Aquinas High School 
in Dover. Perry is waiting for 
spring, as there is too much 
snow on the golf course. Joey 
Pietrafesa is loving living in 
Palm Beach, Florida with his 
fiancee, Dr. Martha Ferguson. 
He began a new real estate 
assignment in October and has 
been living in Milan, Italy for 
two weeks every month. He 
finally gets to use his Italian! 
Bravo. He wishes everyone 
a happy new year and please 
contact him if you are in S. Fla.! 

All's well here in Bradford with 

me (Carolyn Nissi). The kids 

keep growing and amazing us. 

Andrew is now 

saying a couple of 

words (naturally, 

one of them is 

"no"!), Sarah is 

waiting to hear 

from schools 

(yes.TGA is one 

of them), and 

Emily is in Kenya 

on an exchange 

program through 

Brooks School. 

She'll hear from colleges upon 
her return. We are tired of 
shoveling and looking forward 
to a nice warm spring. Biking 
season is not far off. 


Bradford D. Clark 

78 East Street 

Ipswich, MA 01938-1353 


If you've been keeping your 
eye on the bouncing ball, as 
Rolf Dammann has, you may 
have noticed it got dropped. 
So the class notes that 
follow may, in part, be dated 
but nevertheless wicked 
good reading. So, as noted, 
Rolf observed just prior to 
Obama's inauguration:"! saw a 
copy of the latest Archon and 
didn't notice anything inserted 
into the 'class notes' section? I 
thought that the standard drill 
for these things was to write 
to the class rep.. ..or should I 
also have cc'd someone at The 
Archon? Perhaps I bungled?" 
No, me bungle, me bad. So a 
few days later, after asking Rolf 
to give Barack a big hug and 
kiss for me, came this: "Well, 
am heading off to Munich 
tomorrow afternoon and for 
sure will only be 'embracing' 
litre mugs of Andechs, Spaten 

and Augustiner bier. so 

Barack might have to settle 
for a long-distance air hug.:) 

Jamie Purinton 78 and Tad Higgins 78 

Over the past seven days, two 
more Republican Senators 
announced their retirement 
in 20 1 0. At that rate we could 
be down a few more by the 
time I return!! In six mos. time, 
we could be down to one 
person - someone like Sen. 
Olympia Snowe (R-ME), who, 
like that scene with the black 
knight in Monty Python and 
the Holy Grail, will be hopping 
around on one leg trying to 
kick the 99 Dems who have 
her surrounded down on the 
Senate floor!! Ha,ha!" Rolf also 
dug up a candid photo from 
the Class of 78 graduation day, 
which also turned out to be 
a good hair day [see photo]. 
Local area grad, Rick Neville, 
sent me this bit of news: "Over 
the holidays I had a chance 
to chat with Julia Malloy, Pete 
Malloy.Tom Mathews, and 
Doug Minster. All are well 
and I hope to see them at the 
reunion in June. My daughter, 
Courtney, is studying hard at 
American University in DC. 
and my wife, Amy, is gearing up 

Peter Jenkins, Andy Stephenson, Brad Clark, Rolf 
Dammann and Steve Monaghan at the Class of 1 978 

Tom Driscoll 78 with his dad 

The Archon | Spring 2009 5 1 

for tax season. As for me, I just 
returned from a trip in which 
I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 
in Africa and went on Safari 
on the Serengeti. It was a 
fabulous experience, but it left 
me wondering why I felt so 
at home with the wildebeests 
and hyenas! I've still got some 
kid in me, I guess/hope! Best 
regards, Rick N." Good to see 
you, Rick, at the 30th reunion 
and pleased to discover you 
are a fellow Rotarian. Andrew 
Robinson was also among 
classmates back for the 30th 
and sent this along not long 
after: "I had a wonderful time 
with all you guys. I skipped out 
early Sunday (I think I told you 
all) to an 8-ball tournament 
back home in New Jersey; and 
we won. That left us with a 
free ride to the national event 
in Las Vegas! We just came 
back after a tough week (lots 
of pressure) and a whole lot of 
fun. We came in 129th out of 
705 teams; and we're looking 
forward to next year. Anyway, 
please send all of us my love, 
Take care, Andrew." 

Clearly these notes are being 
randomly edited, otherwise 
headline news would have 
read: "The Pope Gives Birth" 
[see photo] followed in 
smaller print by such details as 
these from Scott Pope's son, 
Hughes:"Hello all. Here is a 
photo of our little munchkin! 
Rowan Hughes Pope, who was 
born at home in Kittery, ME 
on December 29th at 7:20pm. 
Our little porker weighs 10 
pounds and 3 ounces with 
a length of 22 inches... no 
light-weights in this family! 
We wish you all [edited 
out dated reference to the 
holidays-me bad] with lots of 
laughter and warmth for all! 
With love - Hughes, Kristin, 
Rowan, and Osa!" Thank you, 
Scott. Great to see you and 

Sheila for coffee at Starbucks 
in Newburyport while visiting 
from Austria back at Christmas 
time. (Scott, the big-hearted 
gentleman, stood up from the 
table any time Sheila left the 
table even for a moment. No 
need to raise the bar there, 
Scott, for the rest of us). 

Oh, for something different 
from that couple who waited 
until their 20th reunion to 
declare their love for each 
other... Jamie Purinton.that 
other, equally good half of 
Tad Higgins, writes in her e. e. 
cummings script: "dear brad- 
hope you are well. My brother 
Tim's friends enjoy going to 
your church in Ipswich. Hope 
it is a good place for you. Here 
is something you can put in 
the nextArchon if you want- it 
will be a surprise for tad - two 
pictures attached -choose 
whichever you want, life with 
higgy is good, he sings strong 
and works hard every day. He 
is always making me laugh with 
some old timer's saying or the 
memory of a vocab sentence 
that meechum gave us 30 years 
ago. After ten years I have not 
heard the half of it. He has 
been tearing apart a great big 
old barn to save the posts and 
beams so we can build a little 
solar cabin in a beautiful and 
fertile field by a slow running 
river. He's got my back when 
I fight the local environmental 
battles and he tries to lighten 
my worried mind with his Zen 

state of mind. Lucky me I got 
a good one - a real genuine 
character with a steel trap 
mind and a heart of gold, [see 
photo]" Very lovely words, 
Jamie - thank you. I'll track 
down brother Tim here in 
Ipswich before too long. Peter 
Jenkins surfaced momentarily 
in cyberspace, but no recent 
close encounter sightings. 
Peter was unable to get a 
plane to land anywhere in the 
vicinity of Boston back when 
the class was gathered, but 
here are a few (dated — me 
bad) words from him: "Trust 
this note finds you well. Thank 
you for your Archon efforts. 
If your esteemed planning 
crew [for 30th] will be getting 
together face to face I'd like to 
try and join you to say hello. I 
have connected with Goodie 
(James Goodhart) and Ike 
Suggs in Byfield and at other 
lacrosse venues. Webby (John 
Webster), who won't return 
my calls (convinced I'm going 
to shake him down for $$), 
and Marblehead Selectman 
(Tom Driscoll) are easy to 
keep track of. I haven't seen 
hide nor hair of the rest of 
the bunch. Be welljenks." It 
will be good to see you, Peter, 
whenever that happens. Maybe 
by the time you read this, you 
will have been back to campus 
for a mini-gala event to honor 
Mike Moonves - something 
now being planned for some 
of the classes of the 70s. Oh 
and good hair on graduation 

day! And speaking of Tommy 
D.. .seems Tom isn't finished 
wanting to be a father. 
Congrats on baby, Carolyn 
and congrats also on being a 
Governor's Academy parent 
to son, Thomas, which calls to 
mind another Class of '78 grad 
photo — [see photo of Tom and 
his dad]. Other news... James 
Goodhart, Leslie Lafond, 
James Giampa, Ike Suggs, 
Pamela Webb, John Webster 
have been seen at the Grog 
and at Michael's restaurant 
in Newburyport imbibing, 
reminiscing and, yes, at times, 
kvetching about the Academy's 
name change, though, I dare 
say, without the same deep 
enthusiasm. Are we over that? 

Send in notes anytime, fellow 
classmates, and I promise to 
file them away in a safe place 
where they won't roll away 
and get dropped. Be well, Brad 


30th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Troy A. Dagres 

6 Henderson Circle 

Newburyport, MA 01950-3406 


Hello, People. It's been a long 
and snow filled winter in 
Byfield. Some say it's pretty, I 

Keller Laros '8 1 photographing a manta ray called Cousteau 

Andy and Michael Morrison '81 at a 
Patriots Game 

52 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Steve Oldfield '81 and his wife Kerry with Michelle and Derek Perkins '82 during 
the Perkins' visit to England in the summer of 2008. Also pictured are Eleanor and 
Josh Oldfield and Wally and Derek Junior Perkins. 

(Troy Dagres) say it's pretty 
cold. Our 30th is just around 
the corner and I hope you 
are planning on being involved 
in the festivities. Helping our 
Reunion Committee is Jim 
Ronan.John Perlowski, Lisa 
Law, Henry Rosen, Andy Linn, 
Steve Sterman, Stu Cawley, 
Ian Fitch and me. We will be 
striving to make this the best 
reunion ever, so any ideas and 
involvement is encouraged. 
If you haven't been back to 
campus in a few years, I urge 
you to make the trip.The 
many changes have raised the 
bar. When walking through 
the new library, with all of its 
space and resources, it's hard 
to believe that we "studied" 
in Frost Library. I can still hear 
the echoes of Mrs. Navins 

whispering loudly at us, "This 
is not a lounge!" when we got 
a little rambunctious in the 
periodical room. 

John Perlowski, Henry Rosen, 
Randy Tye and I once again 
laced up the high tops and 
attempted to not embarrass 
ourselves too much in the 
Alumni Basketball Game. 
Ronan was no where to be 
found. I think we held our own. 
We lumbered up and down 
the court and then it was 
over. With each subsequent 
year, we seem to watch the 
clock more closely. Not to 
see how much more time we 
have to play, but to see how 
much more time until we can 
stop. John and Henry still play 
(semi)organized basketball in 

leagues, so they were ready. 
But for those of us who play 
once a year, the respiratory 
system does not cooperate. 
Lisa Law and husband Marty 
are still involved with the 
P90X fitness system. With 
her advice and help, I started 
the program in January and 
highly recommend it to anyone 
wishing to get into shape. It's 
very intense, and the results 
are noticeable. Andy Linn is 
in Atlanta with wife Sandy, 
daughter Olivia, age I I , and 
son Landon, age 6. They will 
be venturing to Byfield in June 
for our 30th. While visiting 
his parents in West Newbury, 
Stu Cawley and son Simon 
stopped by to reminisce a 
bit. Stu has been working at 
the University of Maryland. 
I'm not sure if he deals with 
terabytes or terrapins. Simon 
is becoming a James Bond 
aficionado and plans to view 
the entire series from the 
beginning. I think he is now 
up the episodes of the 80s. 
We were tipped off when he 
introduced himself as "Cawley, 
Simon Cawley." Lisa Sapuppo 
writes that she is riding out 
the recession while skiing in 
Tahoe and just about anywhere 
else where conditions prevail. 
I chatted with MikeWeldon 
at the reception following the 
Alumni games. He is living in 
New Hampshire and plans on 
attending our reunion. 

My son Andrew is now 
beginning with the college 
counseling.The process has 
come a long way in 30 years 
since Mr. Sperry advised us 
on where we had no chance 
of being admitted. Based on 
what we have learned so far, 
it seems the schools are even 
more competitive now. But I'm 
told that in the end, it will all 
work out. 

Antea von Henneberg '8 1 on trip to Egypt in November, 2008 

Well, that's it for now. You will 
be hearing from us regarding 
the Reunion. If you'd like to 
help, just let us know. 


Lynne £. Durland 

1 1 4 West Road 

Londonderry, NH 03053-3 1 4 1 


kb I 

MattTomlinson says:"ln 
March, 2008 my girls track 
team won the Miami-Dade 
County Middle School Track 
Championship. In October, 
2008 I was named Teacher 
of the Year' at Highland Oaks 
Middle School in North Miami 
Beach, Florida." 


Kathryn A Shilale 

1 8 Longmeadow Road 

Medfield.MA 02052-101 7 


Clarissa Dane Hughes writes: 
"We had to put our 1 5-year 
young CJ down, but everyone 
said don't wait, so we got 
a White German Shepard 
puppy named Simba.Jac just 
turned two and Cady will be 
six in March. Hope everyone 
is doing great and we get 
together soon." Susan Perry 
sends "Greetings from NC! 
Who knew our state would 
'go blue' this election?:) 
All is well in Asheville and 
Chapel Hill. Hoping to get 
to one of Moon's retirement 
celebrations. Best wishes 
to all." David Critics is still 
living and working in Brussels, 
Belgium: "The weather should 
be enough to chase us away, 
but the food and beer are too 
good! It's very quiet in the 
house with both children back 
in the USA at college, one at 

The Archon | Spring 2009 53 

IUP ((?) sorry I can't read your 
writing, David) and one at the 
Merchant Maine Academy. This 
means more room for visitors, 
though." Mike Reilly tells me 
via Facebook that "all is well 
w/me, Diane and tribe (Colin, 
9, Christy, 8, Erin, 6, Patrick, 
4), very busy at home and 
work, but life is good despite 
these tough times! I talk to 
Eric, Brownie, Breediejeff 
Bailly and a few others. Also, 
via Facebook, Andy Morrison 
says:"l saw Squirrel andTJ 
just before Thanksgiving at a 
Flag Football game I hosted. 
Good times!"Note received 
via Facebook from Cynthia 
Horner said that she had a 
blast watching her eight-year- 
old daughter play lacrosse for 
the first time. "Nicole thinks 
I'm ancient hearing about the 
stick I played with." Keller 
Laros says: "So far in 2009 
I've been busy trying to get a 
law passed that will protect 
manta rays from being killed 
or captured in Hawaii. I've 
been to the State Capitol a 
few times and testified before 
various committees. If we get 
through the House then it's 
on to the Senate. I started on 
this in 2005 and this is the 
furthest we've gone so I'll keep 
my fingers crossed. I've been 
having a lot of fun keeping up 
with classmates on Facebook. 
If you haven't tried it you 
should. If you plan to come to 
Hawaii let me know. I'd love to 
visit with you. A Hui Hou." 

All is well here at home. Hope 
everyone is surviving the 
economy. My best to all. 


Nancy Lord Wickwire 

78 Smith Road 

Bedford, NH 03 II 0-6322 


Bobby Low: "Attached is a 
pic of 18-month-old Natalie 
[would not work as it was 
too big]. I'm battling through 
the winter season, looking 
forward to green grass, warm 
breezes, spring and, of course, 
lacrosse. Spoke to Leary Bird 
the other day and thanked 
him for blowing me off for 
lunch at Newburyport's Park 
Lunch. He was supposed to 
meet me there and never 
showed. Caught up with Dan 
Geffin a couple of weeks ago. 
Heather Ryan sent her (now 
it's bi-annual) "holiday" news 
letter to me recently. In 2009, 
the holiday was Valentine's 
Day, and it also covered news 
from all of 2008. Not sure 
if that was intended as an 
Archon submission, or just to 
me personally, but it's a little 
long for the magazine in any 
event. I know that is hard for 
all of you to imagine -"What? 
Heather was verbose? I can't 
believe it!!" ANYWAY, she and 
husband and three kids are 
kicking it in Hamilton. Heather 
is home with the kids "actually 
enjoying my third layoff from 

IBM in the last 14 years," and 
also enjoying a new beagle 
puppy named Marlowe! John 
Nye says: "Today is your lucky 
day, as you now have one more 
entry for the notes. Kathy and 
I are taking Tupper to look at 
colleges. Somehow he went 
from being interested in GDA 
at the time of our 25th to 
being interested in even more 
expensive institutions. The girls 
are thriving in sixth and first 
grades, so we'll have bodies 
around the house for years 
to come. The auction house 
continues to succeed in this 
bizarre environment. Chap 
came across my radar just 
before Christmas, so we've 
been exchanging email and 
enjoying catching up.That's 
about it!" Claire Danaher 
sent me this email in October 
- too late for the last Archon: 
"I'm preemptively responding 
to your next Archon request! 
After living in Massachusetts, 
Rhode Island, New Jersey, 
Connecticut, Virginia, New York 
and Tennessee, I've decided to 
try something a little different: 
Canada! My family and I moved 
here in July for what appears 
to be the long haul. Bill is 
Dean of Theology at Huron 
University College in London, 
Ontario, where we now live. 
So far, so good. Attached is 
a picture of me and my guys. 
Phoebe is 1 1 andThea is 4. But 
the best and most important 
piece of news is that I'VE 

Nancy Wickwire '82 with her husband and dog 
54 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Claire Danaher '82 with husband, Bill, and 
daughters Phoebe and Thea 

RECORDED A CD! It's called 
What She Said and it has 1 2 
songs that I wrote. Its fabulous 
production and really talented 
musicians make the whole 
thing come alive. Can you tell 
I'm proud of how it turned 
out? You can purchase a copy 
from and 
you can read about it and my 
music at www.clairedanaher. 
com . Check it out! I did fit 
in one gig in NYC, at the 
legendary Kenny's Castaways 
on Bleeker Street before 
skipping town for the great 
white north! Best to all."Trina 
Chiara:"We are doing great 
here in Avon, Ct. If anyone 
lives remotely near me, give a 
shout! Richard and I are trying 
to keep up with our seven- 
year-old teenager, Isabella, 
and our terrible two's, 20- 
month-old Liv. I have recently 
caught up with Paula Veale's 
lovely mom (Paula and I email 
every once in awhile) whom 
I remember fondly. I am also 
TRYING to find Mark Sullivan, 
Sally DeGan and Jon Wade, 
among other MIA alums. I am 
going to try to see Allison, 
Heather and whomever 
else I can corral in 2009 at a 
mid-point in Massachusetts. I 
have just arrived, fashionably 
late (well maybe just late) to 
Facebook, and have connected 
with some people which has 
been fun. Anyone else on 
Facebook?" Facebook Alums: 
Look there to see Jeff Leavitt, 
Dan Geffin, Matthew 
Teborek, Barbara 
Mackay-Smith, Paula 
Veale, Andrew Page, 
Marshall Rowe, 
Chas Sullivan and 
You have to put 
yourself on Facebook 
first. I (Nancy 
Wickwire) am also 
on Facebook, which 
a friend accurately 

Sarah Bradshaw '83 at theYardhouse in Waikiki 

describes as "the cb radio of 
this century" and which Claire 
Danaher curses at: Damn 
you, Facebook! Temptress 
and devourer of time..." In 
other news, Geez, I can't think 
of a thing. Same job (Deputy 
Clerk of Court), same husband 
(Andy Wickwire), same kids, 
although they grow so much 
lately I almost wish that 
"capri pants" would come in 
to fashion for eighth grade 
boys. Eddie recently took 
second place in the Special 
Olympic Games at Gunstock, 
in the giant slalom. To me, it 
looked more like the "low 
speed chase" of OJ in the 
bronco, but I guess he was 
pretty fast overall! Layla is the 
basketball enthusiast and fifth 
grader.Vinnie the dog has not 
destroyed any furniture or 
flooring in over three years. 
We are so proud of him! Best 
to all! Keep those notes and 
emails coming!! 

David Dow '83 with Michael Moonves 
at the Holiday Gathering in Boston 


Danielle L Jacobs 

9 1 Pond Street 

Marblehead, MA 1 945-2604 

781 639-9272 

dljacobs @aol. com 

Laurianne Murphy 

1 1 W End Avenue Apt I IM 

New York, NY 10023-6321 


David Dow writes: "I attended 
the Harvard Club Holiday 
party. I was the only one 
from the Class of 1 983 there, 
but I was privileged to see 
Mike Moonves before his 
retirement." From Sarah 
Bradshaw: "That was a great 
reunion. Thanks to all who 
helped make it happen! Am 
still living off the buzz of 
the Honolulu marathon in 
December. We had a great 
week in paradise but for the 
torrential rains and pathetic 
surfing conditions. Am pleased 
to report that I had a chance 
to say 'hi' to Red Sox's reliever 
Hideki Okajima as I blew 
(slowly) by him at mile 20! 
I am training now for the 
Pasadena 26.2 miler in March 
and will probably do L.A.'s 
in May. After the New Year's 

Caleb Ham '83 has stopped teaching 
special ed and is now pursuing his 
passion for art.This is a postcard of 
one of his works. 

parade I followed USC's horse 
into the Rose Bowl and scored 
a lovely seat. Am hoping the 
Supreme Court of CA will 
let our pre-Prop 8 wedding 
stand. Daughter Kate is well 
and getting bigger and faster. 
Finally, I'm halfway through my 
MPA program with a shocking 
3.95 GPA. Ha! No study hall 
for me... this time! Thanks, D, 
for doing the work. Probably 
not a good idea to use the 
attached photo from the 
Yardhouse in Waikiki:) Caleb 
Ham writes:"l finally have a 
reason to write. The art on 
this postcard is mine! Actually, 
Will Adams bought this print 
(full size) at the party. I got 
engaged to an old friend of 
mine, Rebecca. We are really 
happy. My son Ethan is ten 
years old and doing well in 
school. Here is a postcard of 
art I sold in Boston. My pastels 
are going very well. One is of 
a King Charles Spaniel. I am 
very happy I stopped teaching 
special ed. and am now able 
to pursue my art which has 
always been my passion." 
Alex Cawley says: "Besides 
appraising real estate for the 
state of Vermont, I'm just 
trying to keep up with my kids 

and preparing for another 
cold, snowy winter. I hope all 
is great for my classmates." 


25th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Harry S. Taormina 
1 706 Vinton Circle 
Chesapeake.VA 23323-6664 

With the reunion only months 
away, it is nice to see everyone 
talking it up. Our Reunion 
Committee has been hard at 
work planning an unforgettable 
weekend. Brent Tingle 
checked in this past month via 
Facebook. He's still practicing 
law in Boston and keeping busy 
with his 20-month-old son 
Sam and his daughter Makena 
who is 4. He was in wedding of 
Sean Mahoney '85 and was his 
best man. He looks forward to 
seeing everyone this summer. 
Dave Gould sent me an email 
just to say hi and that he was 
living down here in Arlington, 
Virginia with his wife Christina 
and his two kids -Apple (8) 
and Rafa (5-1/2). 

Not much else to pass on this 
issue. Hope to see everyone 
this summer at reunion! 


Nathalie EAmes 

P.O.Box 114 

Mesa, CO 81 643-0 II 4 


Susan Edelstein Friedburg 
reports: "Our son, Ethan Noah, 
is celebrating his first birthday 
on January 2 1 . My husband, 
Bob, and I presently reside 
in Hudson, NH. In addition 

The Archon | Spring 2009 55 

Susan Edelstein Friedburg '85 with her 
one-year-old son, Noah 

to watching Ethan grow, I 
am doing some consulting 
for Mass General Hospital 
Division of Cardiology." Esmee 
Huggard Williams writes: "All 
is well in Seattle. My husband 
Ken and kids -Jon (9) and 
Cate (6) are keeping busy 
building our new house and 
enjoying winter activities such 
as skiing and sledding. I am still 
working at as 
VP of Marketing. I saw 'Cal' 
during the holidays and we 
both say hello to everyone. 
All is well with me (Nathalie 
Ames). I have been enjoying 
my role as a Governor's 
Trustee and come back to the 
beautiful campus 3-4 times a 
year.This last trip I was able 
to have dinner and catch up 
with Becky Werner Chase 
and Ben Armstrong. Both 
are doing well: Becky is busy 
coaching her kids' sports 
teams and Ben is loving being 
an uncle to his sister Lucy's 
(class of '87) three boys. I 
finally moved out to my 30 
acres in Mesa, Colorado full 
time in July 2008. It has been 
a big change from the fast 
pace of Chicago. I am loving it! 
My Mom and I started Blink 
Coffee Company in 2007 and 
Mesa Creek Wine & Spirits 

this past December 2008. 
We also have two vacation 
rentals, an events venue called 
"Celebrations by the Mesa" 
for weddings and corporate 
events and I am getting 
my Colorado real estate 
license in my "free time." 
My daughter, Laura, is now 
a freshman at the Fountain 
Valley School in Colorado 
Springs. She is very happy 
there and is doing western 
barrel racing (Western riding) 
for her winter & spring 
sport. We continue to travel 
internationally: Last June we 
went to Tanzania and Kenya 
for a three-week safari and 
our next big trip will be a two- 
week river trip through the 
Ukraine in July with a group of 
45 friends and family. 

I hope everyone is looking 
forward to our 25th reunion 
in June of 20 1 0. Save the date! 
Book your flight!! Please try to 
make it. It should be a blast! 


Paul B. Nardone 
1 90 Summer Street 
Lynnfield, MA 01940-1857 
781 334-2037 

As many of you know, Mike 
Moonves is retiring from GDA 
this year. It would be great 
if you could make it to the 
dinner to honor Mr. Moonves 
this spring. Also, please join me 
(Paul Nardone) in celebrating 
Mr. Moonves' career at GDA 
by making a donation to the 
Annual Fund this year if you 
already haven't done so. Mr. 
Moonves has made such an 
extraordinary contribution 
to GDA and many of our 
personal journeys over the 
years. Let's all be sure to thank 
and recognize him however we 
can. On behalf of the Class of 

Allysha Walter, 9, daughter of Monique 
Proulx-Walter '86 

'86, 1 want to say THANK YOU 
to Mr. Moonves. 

Susan Gage reports: "I'm still 
in massage therapy and am 
putting my writing talents 
to work in the blogosphere 
com). I'm surviving in Florida; 
however the passage of 
Amendment 2 (our version 
of CA's Prop. 8) has made me 
dub this the 'partly cloudy 
state'. My partner and I helped 
organize the Join the Impact 
rally in Tallahassee. We had 
almost 400 people which is 
damn good for a North Florida 
rally." Monique Proulx-Walters 
writes: "I'm living in Boxford 
and still running the Equestrian 
Shop. We opened a second 
location about three years ago. 
I have two daughters. Brianna, 
age I I , and Allysha, age 9. 
They are both soccer players 
and horseback riders. I coach 
both the girls soccer teams 
and still play soccer myself. I 
play for North Andover in the 
Women's 30+ league. I have 
attached a picture of both 
my girls from my dad's 75th 
birthday party. My dad still 
comes into work all the time 
to make sure I'm working 
hard :) My mom is doing well 
and is living in Andover. It's 
great reading about everyone 
from our class. Please send 
everyone my best. I hope life is 
treating you well." 

Brianna Walter, 1 1 , daughter of 
Monique Proulx-Walter '86 


Amy B. Northup 
84 Central Street 
Byfield, MA 01922-1523 

Kristen M. Poulin 

4 1 Main Street 

Byfield, MA 01 922-0255 


So, has Facebook replaced 
TheArchon for you? I hope 
not. ..but it has been great 
to reconnect with so many 
people, and I will assume that 
is why our notes are pretty 
light this issue. In Byfield, we 
are just waiting patiently for 
warmer weather and the 
economy to turn around... 
hopefully sooner than later on 
both accounts. Note the cute 
kids 'sponsored' byTomJansen 
(sons Thomas and Sam) and 
Jen Killion (son Michael). Jen 
writes: "I am still loving being 
a firefighter and paramedic in 
Washington State, but love 
even more my new role as a 
mom. My Significant Other, 
Bruce, and I live about an 
hour SE of Seattle with our 
nine-month-old son, Michael. 
My parents have relocated 
up here, so we spend a lot of 
time with them, hang out with 
friends, and enjoy the many 
terrific outdoors activities out 
here. Sorry I missed everyone 

56 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Andy Noel '88 and his family 

at reunion, but it's been fun to 
connect with people on FB." 

Jeff Ashworth writes: "Hockey 
has taken center stage, as I'm 
coaching my son Ben's mite 
team, and evaluating for the 
league. Early mornings abound, 
but a lot of fun and excitement 
with the kids. Scrimmaged 
against Top-Gun squad of 
Kevin Lydon '89 in February. 
He runs a good program up 
there in Salem, NH. Speaking 
of the stage, I'm featured in a 
local production of Big River, 
the musical adaptation of 
Huckleberry Finn. I'm cast as 
Pap Finn, Huck's moonshine- 
swigging, anti-gov'ment dad. 
It's a really eccentric role, 
which includes a ranting solo 
blues number, most famously 
performed on Broadway by 
John Goodman. Ben (7) plays 
one of Tom Sawyer's boys, and 
my daughter, Esme (3), sings all 
the songs when we rehearse. 
A recent Class of '87 phon- 
a-thon event afforded me 
the opportunity to catch up 

Daughters of Erika Saywich Buell '88 

with Anne (Taylor) Kindblom, 
Lisa (Taplin) Murray, and John 
Roach, among others. It's easy 
to envy Anne for living the 
prep school life in Western 
Mass, Lisa for spending her 
days in beautiful Bass Harbor, 
Maine, and John for traveling 
the world on a never ending 
quest for enough Chelsea 
football, but, nonetheless, I 
hope to see them all at the 
Cluster Reunion in June!" 
Assuming this is to run 
sometime after April 5, a 
belated Happy Opening Day 
to all! 

Please mark your calendars 
for Friday, June 5. Come back 
to campus for cocktails with 
other classmates who also 
graduated WAY back in the 
80s. Roll it into the dinner to 
honor Mr. Moonves before 
he rides off into the sunset 
(and probably onto the links). 
Details to follow, but it is going 
to be fun. How's that for a 
hook? Hopefully anyone in 
classes around ours ('84, '85,' 

Kyle and Kara, childern of Chris 
DiClemente '88 

86, '88, '89) who are taking a 
peek at our notes will make 
plans to attend too. It's a 
'cluster gathering' for a cluster 
of graduating classes from the 
80s. Wow, that sounds like 
a long time ago. At any rate, 
keep an eye out for the info, 
but write it, jot it, click it, type 
it into your June 09 calendar 
now and we'll see you then. 
Here's to an early Spring. 


Deana D. Boyages 
156 Aurora Street 
Hudson, OH 44236-2943 

Hello, Class of '88. 1 (Deana 
Boyages) am glad to know 
that you are all "tuning in" 
for this edition's notes. I have 
used Facebook to beg ask 
for notes from those of you 
on that platform. It has been 
great to be back in touch 
with some classmates that 

Joe Bailly '88 and his family ice skating 
atWrigley Field after the Winter 

we have not heard from in 
quite awhile. I have to quickly 
mention that I have "found" 
Dave Dunwell. He promised 
to send some information 
soon, but I wanted to let you 
all know we are back in touch 
with him via Facebook. He has 
uploaded some GDA football 
team photos on his page and 
in the photos with his children 
he looks exactly as we all 
remember him 20 years ago! 

I will begin with the notes 
from Andy Noel, our most 
consistent contributor to 
these pages: "All is well with 
The Noels. It was our time of 
year recently with Christmas 
and we all enjoyed a great 
getaway to our home in New 
Hampshire. Sincerely sorry 
I missed the 20th Reunion. 
Will not miss the 25th, and 
you can count on it. Busy 
these days with swimming 
(daughter, Lucy) and hockey 
(two boys, Andrew and A.J.) 

Thomas and Sam, sons of Tom Jansen '87 

Michael, son of Jen Killion '87 

The Archon | Spring 2009 57 


commitments taking us here 
and there. Kate and I love it, 
however! Keep the faith, Class 
of 88!" We have also heard 
from Chris DiClemente after 
too long a time."Deke" has 
two children, twins, a girl and a 
boy, that look like two smaller 
versions of him. The kids both 
run track and his daughter 
went to the Jr. Olympics last 
year in Michigan. He writes: 
"Still working at Dell - have 
managed to keep my job here 
somehow and even won Rep 
of the Year last night, in fact. 
Kids just finished playing flag 
football on different teams 
and now we start baseball and 
softball. I will be coaching Kyle 
while Vicky will be coaching 
Kara. Kara will be the main 
pitcher for her team while 
Kyle mainly catches for his 
team. Then before you know it, 
track will be starting up again 
and we hope that both kids 
will make it to the Jr. Olympics 
this year like Kara did last year. 
Other than that just hanging 
out with the dogs, cats and 
mouse. The wife, of course, is 
included in that." Nice addition 
at the end. Couldn't you have 
mentioned hanging out with 
Vicky before the mouse at 
least... a quick save? Maybe! 
Good job Deke. :) 

I laughed out loud a little 
when I received an update 
from Erika (Saywich) Buell. 
She writes:"Hmmm, news 
here? Madeleine is in third 
grade, Anna is in Pre-K. We'll 
be moving (temporarily) to 
Durham, NC next year; Sam 
will be a visiting professor at 
Duke Law. I'm looking forward 
to spending some time back 
on the east coast. We're hoping 
to spend a year in Paris in the 
near future - to give the girls 
an immersion experience - and 
I'm hoping to use some of that 
French that I studied in Moody 

dorm with Kristina laughing 
at me. Other than that, just 
being a crazed working mom 
trying to balance everything 
- but enjoying every bit of 
it. Life is good." It has been 
hard to keep up with Erika. 
She has been moving around 
the country as much as I 
have, I think, and she and her 
husband are working on such 
interesting projects all the 
time. It has been hard to keep 
her email address straight, 
but I think until she moves 
to France, the Blackberry 
(or Crackberry, as she has 
referred to it) is our friend 
in being able to keep up with 
her! I will try very hard to 
keep track of her for us!! It 
is at times like this that I feel 
I should be called the Class 

She is not the only classmate 
I have trouble finding. ..I was 
also so pleasantly surprised to 
hear from Joe Bailly. I have sent 
the picture he attached with 
our notes. It was good to hear 
from him after such a long 
time. "Attached is a picture of 
the Bailey family ice skating at 
Wrigley Field after the Winter 
Classic. I couldn't help but 
think of Martin, Noel, Chris 
D Flamer and all the Hockey 
players. My skating was better 
than average, thanks to GDA. 
In the pic is Yvonne, Ruthie (2) 
& Lola ( I ). My wife actually has 
three cousins who are GDA 
grads - Naomi Odell, Hayden 
Odell & Jamie Odell. Sorry, 
Deana - don't know their 
grad years - in the 90s though. 
Recently saw Mooner at a 
Chicago GDA function - I'm 
psyched to see him take his 
next life step but can't help to 
think about future Governor's 
grads missing out knowing 
such a good friend, (and an 
amazing "moon-walker" too!!! 
I wonder if he has broken that 

out since our class graduation 
planning announcements. 
Michael Jackson hasn't lasted 
the test of time quite like 
Moon has using his dance 
move! Can we look forward to 
a "dance-off" at his retirement 
party?) I have added a second 
job to my scouting company 

- IV Scouts America. I now 
am selling Hydrogen Fuel 
Cells and hopefully making 
the world a greener place. 
One of my first GDA morning 
assemblies as a junior was 

a guest speaker from the 
proposed Seabrook Power 
Plant. Being from Texas, I had 
no idea what this thing was 

- but I distinctly remember the 
taste of New England charm 
when one student - during the 
question and answer period 
asked, or more stated: The 
lights already turn on now 

- why do we need Seabrook?' 
The memory reminds me of 
how GDA is a place where you 
could really speak your mind 
(especially without a whole lot 
of bad consequences). I'll look 
you up on Facebook when 

I make a page." Speaking of 
Facebook, all the remaining 
notes have come from my 
contacts there. It is great to 
see photos of children and 
family. It has also been fun to 
"laugh" with my classmates 
again. I have Facebook to 
thank for the following 
notes... Jon Morisseau had 
some wedding photos posted 
(which are always fun to look 
at). He responded nicely to 
my call for notes: "Barbara 
is busy teaching everything 
to toddlers and I'm busy 
teaching French, Spanish and 
English to teenagers - the 
jury's still out on which is the 
more mature group! We're 
hoping to start an adoption 
this year, so anyone with info 
or experiences to share is 
welcome to do so :-)" Jon, 

you will be in our thoughts as 
you embark on the journey of 
parenthood. It will be great to 
hear about your progress. 

It was also good to hear from 
Jill Goldman Miller again too. 
She writes:"Hey Deana, Things 
are great here in woodsy 
Norton, Mass. I hear there 
are some young GDA alums 
around the corner at Wheaton 
College (including last year's 
GDA class president), whom 
I really need to look up. I 
am really enjoying working 
as a product manager in the 
marketing group at Citizens 
Bank despite the obvious 
market challenges. We're trying 
to capitalize on the #1 New 
Year's resolution this year 
which was not 'lose weight' but 
'save more!' Other than that 
I am busy playing mom's taxi 
between weekend basketball, 
gymnastics, ballet and Sunday 
School and looking forward 
to the sales trip to Munich 
and Prague that Andrew just 
earned for his performance 
in 2008! Woo-hoo!" Anyone 
going to be in Germany later 
this year to meet up with Jill? 
Dan Morison? Jill, I hope that 
you are able to drop a little 
note to tell us about your 
adventures in Europe! Now 
all I did was ask for notes 
from my Facebook contacts 
and Dan Morison and Chris 
D'Orio, in their incorrigible 
style, try to hang me out 
to dry for not "giving them 
enough notice to respond 
to this assignment"! I mean, 
I feel like Mr. Rowe having to 
listen to these guys whine 
about a morning quiz or 
something! It goes like this... I 
ask POLITELY for some notes 
from my friends, who ignore 
the letter I send out with the 
postcard. Dan Morison quips: 
"By tomorrow? That's kind 
of short notice, don't you 

58 The Archon | Spring 2009 

think?" I read this and laugh. 
I write in response: "Hmmm, 
always a wiseguy! I would think 
that sending info on your life 
should be a simple task, unless 
of course you need time to 
FABRICATE details for The 
Archon! I am hoping to get 
the most accurate and up 
to date information for The 
Archon so I can be considered 
the best Class Secretary in 
history!!! Like Barack Obama, 
I am using technology to my 
advantage!!! So cough up the 
information so I can add it to 
the book! I still miss you even 
though you drive me nuts!" 
And then Chris D'Orio, our 
Alumni Council President, 
chimes in, not with any notes, 
mind you, but wise cracks of 
course: "Good point, Dan. 
Deana, what have you been 
doing.. .obviously nothing but 
cooking in your red-checkered 
dress!?" An old joke with 
Chris and me about little old 
Italian ladies cooking, which 
I am becoming sans the red 
checkered apron. I prefer my 
Jimmy Buffet apron instead!! 
So now you can all share in 
the abuse I endure to keep us 
all in touch. I took the chance 
to remind them that I always 
have the last word... Chris and 
Dan, make that two wiseguys! 
And both of you sweet men 
should be careful because I 
have the power of the pen, 
I know your secrets and I 
am not afraid to use them!!!! 
Info boys, info.... I am STILL 
waiting!" Finally, Dan relented 
and this is the tale he spun:"l 
am at this second in Tangier 
at my cousins' house and 
listening to the Muezzin call 
to prayer. I spent part of my 
afternoon walking through the 
medina with my friend who 
grew up here and seeing the 

local Moroccans see him and 
chat. My daughter was baking 
cookies with her cousins in 
the Casbah. It was nice to see 
a real sense of community. I 
am still in London working 
and eurostaring to Paris 
to see my daughter on the 
weekends. Have skied three 
alps this season which was 
the first time for me. Working 
as a sales trader in these 
markets has been interesting 
and historical. Facebook has 
been great for reconnecting 
with old friends. Et voila.That 
enuff, Deano? Xoxoxoxox" 
I do have to question the 
truthfulness of these notes 
because who vacations in 
Tangier anyway!!! It is true 
of course, but I just couldn't 
resist busting on you, Dan... 
again, Chris D'Orio... Did I 
mention he is President of the 
Alumni Council? HE DIDN'T 
a complete goofball! In these 
cases, Dana, Chris's MUCH 
BETTER HALF, reads the 
notes and laughs and then she 
relents and sends notes for 
him. Thank goodness for some 
sense of responsibility at the 
D'Orio house. Dana cares, 
Chris doesn't... hmmmmffff! 
And most finally to add some 
civility to our notes, I was able 
to catch up with Cara and 
Martin Wallem. Cara writes: 
"Martin's health has continued 
to remain stable. We are 
very grateful for these small 
miracles. September was our 
ALS Association fundraising 
month and Walk to Defeat 
ALS.Team Martin had over 
40 walkers and raised over 
$5,000. In November Martin 
was able to spend some time 
in the woods... hunting and 
watching for animals (pictures 

will follow in next issue). All 
I can say is it was a typical 
'Martin' adventure since it 
involved a fork truck to lift 
Martin's wheelchair ...with 
him in it. . . into the back of a 
pick-up truck! OSHA was not 
around! We had a five-day- 
long Wallem family gathering 
in the White Mountains 
in early January (after the 
holiday rush). At one point, 
Martin was stuck in the ski 
lodge at Loon Mtn when the 
wheelchair lift broke. We were 
all preparing to camp out for 
the night.. .when a mechanic 
finally repaired it. When 
Martin is at home he spends 
quite a bit of time working on 
'projects'. Me and his nurses 
spend many afternoons being 
'directed' to perform such 
tasks as maintaining his fish 
tank, running power tools 
and driving Martin around 
Lowes. Even though Martin 
can't speak, all he has to do 
is flash his mischievous smile 
and twinkle his hazel eyes and 
no one can refuse him! Makes 
me wonder if he was like this 
at GDA!? Martin is looking 
forward to skiing again next 
month with our five-year-old 
son, Little Martin. Maybe even 
participating in an Adaptive 
Ski Race. Martin has his own 
e-mail address and can reply 
to messages with help from 
care providers. Contact him 
Sincerely Yours, Martin Wallem 
Honorary President, Class 

Until next time, Class of '88. 
Please find me on Facebook 
when you make your page. 
Your faithful Secretary, aka 
"Deano" Giamette Boyages. 


20th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Kristin A. Brown 
45 Georgian Road 
Weston, MA 02493-21 10 

Greetings, Class of 1989! I 
hope you are all gearing up 
for reunion! A few of our 
classmates have been working 
to plan the exciting festivities! 
As you already know, Mike 
Moonves will be our guest of 
honor - but we will also be 
including an additional faculty 
member from our time at 
GDA to join us as well. Stay 
tuned for your chance to 
vote on this! (Actually, you 
will have hopefully already 
voted by the time you receive 
this issue of The Archon). 
Also, be on the lookout 
for a Class of 1 989, 20th 
Reunion group on Facebook, 
as well as info coming from 
committee members directly. 
Tom Plante writes that he 
has enjoyed reconnecting 
with Rick Fox, Kevin Lydon, 
Alex Moody, John Hellerman, 
and Sepp Spenlinhauer 
while volunteering for next 
summer's 20th reunion 
committee. "Our conference 
calls are hilarious, and the 
weekend should be a blast. Be 
sure to save the date." Tom is 
the proud father of two good 
kids: Annabel (6) and Mack (3). 
Lots of recent baby news to 
report this time around. Rick 
Fox writes: "Well, the universe 
seems to have changed since 
our last round of Class Notes, 
but amazingly enough not 
that much has changed in my 

1's Not Easy Being Green.... 

lon't be left out. In an effort to save paper, energy and funds, we plan to use electronic technology more and more to contact our parents 
i id alumni. Make sure we have your correct email address. Send to The Archon skririp 7009 

own little corner of it. Still 
changing diapers for three 
kids (Stella is two and twins 
Ben and Ruby are going on 
six months), still in Jackson, 
Wyoming, working for the 
US Forest Service when my 
ski (and diaper) schedule 
allows, still hoping to see all 
of you at our 20th Reunion 
in June." Matt Downing and 
his wife Sarah welcomed the 
birth of a baby girl, Maura, on 
New Year's Eve. Matt, Sarah, 
and their older daughter 
Carolyn (5) and son Andrew 
(2) are excited about the 
new addition to their family. 
Jessica (Clapp) Hennessey 
and her husband Richard 
welcomed the arrival of their 
baby daughter Annabelle on 
October I O.John Hellerman 
and his wife also had an 

addition to their family. Jack 
Talent Hellerman was born on 
January 19. His three-year-old 
sister, Ali, is thrilled with his 
arrival. John adds: "Business has 
been good too (2008 - we'll 
see about 2009). My firm was 
listed on the Inc 5000 list of 
fastest growing companies, 
we won eight major awards 
for our work and, to cap 
things off, I was named PR 
Agency Exec of the Year by 
PR News mag." Congrats, 
John! John has also enjoyed 
reconnecting with classmates 
on Facebook. More specifically, 
John and Christina (Hilliker) 
Hamann have reconnected. 
Tina writes: "After almost 
20 years, I met up with John 
Hellerman who lives near me. 
I told him we were opening an 
office in January - Ironically, 

Molly (3) and Miles Rosenberg, children of Alanna Caffrey '91 and Jasper 

it is the same building and 
floor where he works! My 
son, Luke, who is 1-1/2 years 
old, likes visiting with John's 
daughter.Ali. Christina is 
expecting her second in May." 
Tina writes that she would 
love to hear from people - 
her e-mail address is tina@ Jennifer 
(Cowles) Walsh recently 
welcomed her second child. 
She writes: "Grand events call 
for grand moves so I thought 
I would share the birth of our 
second child - a girl this time, 
Emerson. She was welcomed 
by her big brother, Benjamin 
who insists it is 'his baby' I 
hope all is well." Alex Moody 
writes: "I am enjoying life in 
North Andover (MA) with 
my wife Kristin and three 
children (Sawyer, Tate and 
Maris). Just recently I was 
cleared of any signs of stage 
four cancer. Two years ago 
this month, doctors at Mass 
General found cancer in every 
place and organ in my body. 
This was a great challenge 
and a great blessing. I want 
to truly thank my very best 
friends:Andy Noel '88 Chris 
D'Orio '88, Derek Sullivan, 
Kevin Lydonjane Piatelli and 
Peter Bragdon. I miss Larry 
Piatelli with all of my heart. I 
work for Merrill Lynch/Bank 
of America and have a home 
in Maine near Bowdoin and 
Colby. My children play on 
teams in hockey, lacrosse, field 
hockey, baseball and tennis. 
I coach hockey and lacrosse 
and attempt to coach field 

Nick Dunham's Wedding. Left to right: Dave Corbett, Jason Uttam, Nick Dunham 

Shea Louise McLaughlin, daughter 
of Nicole Latour '9 1 and Kevin 

hockey. Please come to the 
reunion. Life could change on 
a dime. Come see those you 
shared some great times and 
memories with." To help jog 
some of those memories and 
in honor of our 20th reunion, 
Alex decided to publish an 
updated and "polite" version 
of the Night Rider. While I will 
spare you his conclusions - 
some of the main characters 
included people we certainly 
hope will surprise us with 
their presence at our reunion 
- including Troy Brown, Hyun 
Young Shin, Brad Johnson - a 
cop in Duxbury?!, Bob Foster, 
Josh Sullivan, and a trio of 
Derricks - Derrick Hansler, 
Derek Palumbo, and Derrick 
Sullivan - come on guys - we 
hope to see you at reunion! 
Alex was also wondering if 
Sepp Spenlinhauer was in 
hiding - which prompted 
this quick reply from the 
Sepp himself:"HIDING?!?!? 
Are you crazy? I have three 
websites. Been thinking about 
reunion since last summer 
and looking forward to seeing 
everyone." He added a special 
nod to Victoria Resnick/ 
Hill and Courtney Carson/ 
Mongiat whom he expects 
to see at reunion! Sepp went 
on to say:"As for my physical 
whereabouts, I have been 
living in Brooklyn, NY for 15 
years now with my partner 
of 9+ years running my own 
business in - what else? - 
lighting design. Speaking of 
'riders' - I might be able to put 
my hands on the letter about 
missing the spring weekend 
that I forged Mr. Colgate's 
signature on! And remember 
taking all of the desks out of 
the French Building and putting 
them on the field? Too bad we 
never got theVW bug in the 
auditorium!" Ahh, memories. . . 
Byfield will be buzzing with 
them in June - the more the 

60 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Ryan Ruggiero, son of Chris '92 and Danielle Ruggiero 

merrier! As for me (Kristen 
Brown), I will be the "merry" 
person waddling around 
Byfield eight months pregnant 
at our reunion - but you can 
be sure I will be there! So 
what is stopping you? See you 
in June. 


Nicolle F. DelliColli 

311 Lowell Street, Apt. 21 16 

Andover,MA 01810-4553 


Seemingly, the word from 
many members of the class of 
1990 and the GDA community 

at-large is If you wanna 

know, get on Facebook! Per 
my brother's persistence, I 
(Nikki DelliColli) have finally 
been hipped to this new arena. 
Once there, I found there is 
a whole world of networking 
going on between GDA alums. 
Since joining less than a month 
ago, I have been in contact 
and/or chatted with: Kathryn 
DiNanno Barbieri, Dan 
Vinkovetsky, Paul Salemme, 
Pete Jacobs '9 1 , Glenn Johnson, 
Mike Guilbert.Jon Bonnell, 
NickVachon, Glen DiStefano 
'87,Trae Bodge '87,Alexa 
Wriggins, Dana Pascucci '92, 
Nicole Costello '93, Kyrie 

Stevens, Kursten Burns '88 
and Joe Crowley. As for my 
personal news and contacts, 
I will be seeing Robin Remick 
and her little girl, Claire, this 
weekend in NYC. I have 
also seen Kristin Morgan 
Mullineaux, DCON Don 
Conley, Kelly Mello Woodsum 
and Mike Kalil. Since I haven't 
clarified what to report from 
any of the above. ..rather, 
consider that I just give them 
all "shout-outs!" and it's 
great to be in touch. As Class 
Secretary, however, I will do 
my task and find who has 
what news to share with the 
broader GDA community. I, 
hopefully, will have more actual 
and factual information next 
time. Well, thank goodness for 
big brothers. Otherwise, I'd 
probably still be rockin' a side 
ponytail and purple shoes.... 
but o ya, the 80s Are back 
tho!... LOL WurkitOut! 
Until then... ."It is not enough 
to simply be good. One must 
be good for something."- 
Henry David Thoreau. 


Nicole F LaTour 
9 Worcester Street 
Boston, MA 02 1 18-3318 

Congratulations are due for 
Nick Dunham who married 
Rachel Jackson on November 
15,2008 in Boston. Phil 
Gatchell and Jason Uttam were 
groomsmen and Dave Corbett 
was also in attendance. Nick is 
still working at Dunkin Donuts 
managing the media planning 
and buying. Nick and Rachel 
live in the South End and love 
catching up with GDA friends 
in the area and their growing 
families! Speaking of growing 
families, it seems that babies 
are a hot topic these days: 
Leslie (McCant) Lacy and 
husband Fred welcomed their 
third daughter, Leah Gabrielle, 
on June 29, 2008. Leah joins 
big sisters Lauren (4) and 
Lindsey (2). Leslie accepted a 
new position in October as 
a child welfare attorney for 
East Baton Rouge, LA. She 
represents all the children 
that come into the care of 
the state and finds the work 
very challenging but equally 
rewarding. Alanna Caffrey 
and her husband Jasper are 
delighted to announce the 
birth of their second child, 
Miles Rosenberg. He was born 
on September 2, 2008. He is 
a happy, smiley little guy and 
his big sister Molly (3) adores 
him. Toby (Levine) Kumin and 
husband Michael are proud to 
announce the birth of their 
second son, Jesse Saul Kumin 
on November 14, 2008. Jesse 
is adorable and sweet just like 
his older brother and he just 
started smiling and laughing at 
eight weeks so that has been 
an absolute joy. It's a lot of 
work with two babies but for 
the most part it's a lot of fun. 
As I (Nicole LaTour) write this 
I am just home a few weeks 
with our own little bundle of 
joy. Shea Louise MacLaughlan 
came to us a little early on 
February 4,2009. She is a love 
and Kevin and I couldn't be 

more thrilled. Karen (Queen) 
Stern came to visit us in the 
hospital and Matt Murphy was 
kind enough to help us move 
stuff around to make room 
for her nursery furniture 
just prior to his ski trip to 
Colorado with other GDA 
folks, Stratton Newbert,Todd 
Bairstow and Bence Oliver. So 
Shea is already grateful to her 
GDA family for helping her 
and her parents out. Let's hope 
for an early spring this year 
and as always I look forward 
to hearing your news... 


Catharine A. Firenze 
44 Dean Street 
Belmont, MA 02478-3257 
cwftrenze @gmail. com 

It seems the Class of 1992 
has been busy trolling on 
Facebook for their latest news 
- no time to drop those pesky 
little postcards in the mail. 
A few old-schoolers wanted 
to fill you in: Judy Livingston 
Loto reports that life is good 
in the Loto household. She 
and Frank are enjoying their 
two girls - Skye is 4-1/2 now 
and Somer is 2- 1/2. "They 
keep me busy, and I enjoy 
every minute of their crazy 
antics." Judy is adjusting after 
losing her dad after a brief 
and vicious round of lung 
cancer. Our thoughts are with 
you, Judy! On another note, 
she's left museum consulting 
and purchased a business 
that specializes in reference 
books about American and 
related decorative arts. Sounds 
obscure, but the business has 
been around for 1 5 years and 
is the only one in the country 
that caters specifically to 
high end collectors, museum 
curators, and antique dealers. 
No shop, just 14 shows a year. 
The business name is Russack 

The Archon | Spring 2009 6 1 

& Loto Books, LLC, keep an 
eye out for it! Chris Ruggiero 
and his wife Danielle are 
enjoying life in Littleton and 
chasing after two-year- old 
Ryan (see picture). Rugg writes 
that he strapped the "double 
runners" on Ryan recently and 
had a blast. Is this a hockey 
reference? I can only imagine! 
As for me (Catharine Firenze), 
I'm still living in Belmont and 
working at Shady Hill School 
in Cambridge. Balancing life 
between elementary school 
admissions and homemade 
gelato (my husband's business) 
- having a good time. It's always 
good to hear from you, keep 
the postcards coming along. 
Happy 2009! 


Ingrid A. Cunney 
33 Windsor Avenue 
Lynn, MA 01 902- 1 128 

Shawn T. Markey 

I Elm Street 

Byfield, MA 01 922-2734 



1 5th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Kristen L Hughes 
5649 Colbath Avenue 

I (Kristen Hughes) hope 
everyone in the Class of 1994 
is doing well. I did hear from 
a few this time, but where the 
heck is everyone else? Tom 
Faulkner writes that his wife, 
Zandra, is pregnant with their 
second daughter. She is due on 

May 20. Their first daughter, 
Isabella, is now four and 
cannot wait to have a sister. 
Tom is still aVP in commercial 
lending with Haverhill Bank, in 
Haverhill , MA , and his wife 
runs an at-home business 
selling mothers bracelets and 
jewelry at 
They live in Salem, NH and 
regularly see Dave Costa, 
Justin Rivera, and Johnny 
Markos. He hopes everyone 
is prospering through this 
difficult time. You can email 
Tom at tomfaulkner@ Kate Savage 
Conner writes that she and 
her husband, Steven, welcomed 
their son Augustus "Augie" 
Charles Conner, on August 
1 8, 2008. He surprised them 
by coming 3- 1 /2 weeks early. 
He has been a lot of fun for 
Kate and Steven, as well as 
the extended family. He is 
the first grandchild on both 
sides so he is receiving no 
shortage of attention. As for 
me, my husband Ryan and I 
are expecting our first child, a 
boy, on May 1 8, which is very 
exciting -the little guy already 
has the Celtics and Lakers gear 
(my husband's team) so we're a 
very divided household. Hope 
to hear from more of you next 


Edward Guzman 

2376 Branleigh Park Court 

Reston.VA 20191-2813 


Michael C. Noon 

49 Dover Street, Apt. 28 


Two major communications 
came to the secretary's 
attention this Archon season, 
both, coincidentally, from 

Daves. First, a little free 
advertising for dear old Dave 
Wilkins, who plans to start 
making goat cheese on his 
Vermont farm this spring 
(of '09). In addition to this 
excellent news - excellent, 
presuming he's willing to 
sell his cheese to former 
classmates - he reports 
that all is good with Molly, 
his wife of three years, and 
their daughter Juliette (who 
was 1 6 months at the time 
of his correspondence), 
as well as "another on the 
way." Congratulations, Dave, 
and don't let those crazy, 
rectangular goat pupils 
hypnotize you. Hopefully, we'll 
all get to sample the wares 
soon. In other Dave news, 
Dave Millstein is alive and 
well! Due to the Shockwave 
from this blast from the past, 
it may be best to let the man 
speak for himself: "Given that 
GDA served as the catalyst for 
my personal development, I 
certainly believe I owe 'thanks' 
to the individuals that helped 
define the course of my life. 
After leaving GDA, I took 
some time off to determine 
what I wanted for my own 
life. I was accepted to and 
attended Hoosac School in 
New York. I graduated and 
was accepted to Gettysburg 
College for the Class of 2000. 
I graduated from Gettysburg 
with a major in Business and 
Minors in Economics and 
English. After graduation, 
I was hired by the college 
to head-up their website 
redesign project. Following 
that, I worked for a database 
software company in Bethesda, 
MD for a little over two 
years. I bought my first house 
in Fairfield, PA and started 
volunteering with the local fire 
department. Shortly after, I met 
a wonderful woman named 
Cary, a Veterinary Technician, 

and we were engaged in 
April of 2008 with a wedding 
planned for May of 2009. 1 
realized my true calling was 
in helping others, so I decided 
to make a career of the fire 
service and in 2004 I was hired 
as a Firefighter for Frederick 
County Maryland. Four years 
later, I am still with Frederick 
County as a Firefighter 
3, HAZMAT Technician, 
Emergency Medical Technician 
(soon to be paramedic) and 
Rescue Technician. My schedule 
- 24 hours work, 48 hours off, 
which comes out to about 
nine days a month. The rest of 
the time I work on a contract 
under FEMA at the National 
Emergency Training Center in 
Emmitsburg, MD handling all 
fire incident data in the U.S. 
I've worked through the ranks 
of my volunteer department 
and currently serve as a 
member of the Board and the 
Deputy Chief, both second 
terms. I spend my spare time 
working towards my racing 
license and "tuning" my car 
for the track. I also handle 
all the home improvement 
projects Cary and I create, 
from trim to a new kitchen. 
During the warmer months, 
landscaping around our house 
takes up the majority of my 
time. Enjoy 2009, stay safe!" 
Congratulations to Dave and 
his betrothed — and don't 
forget, when you carry her 
over the threshold, firemen's 
technique is not the way to go. 
Trust me. 

Kate Savage Conner '94, Steve, and 
son Augustus "Augie" Charles Conner 

62 The Archon | Spring 2009 

Top Charanachitta '97 with wife and new baby girl, Claire 


Janna De Risi 

3 Ladder Court, Southdown 


Huntington, NY 1 1 743-2556 


Jeffrey R. LaBelle 

665 West Barry Avenue, Apt. IS 

Chicago, IL 60657-4570 



Sandra T. Padilla 
235 E. 40th St., Apt. 4D 
NewYork, NY 10016-1745 

Hello, Class of 1997.1 (Sandra 
Padilla) hope all is well and 
that everyone had a wonderful 
holiday season! This issue we 
have special baby news. Deke 
Fyrberg and his wife Kacie 
welcomed their first child, 
Grace Kennedy Fyrberg, on 
November 20, 2008. Grace 
weighed in at 5 lbs. 12 oz. 
and was 1 9 inches long. All 
are doing well and Grace is 
growing like a weed! She has 
already made good friends 
with other GDA grads Greg 
Carroll and Jodi (Leverone) 
Marshall and can't wait to 

meet the rest of the crew! 

Top Charanachitta and his wife 
welcomed a baby girl, Claire, 
on January 1 4, 2009 at 4:09 
pm.Top and his family live in 
Thailand, where Top runs a 
trading company and hotel and 
resort company (www.amari. 
com). It has been a challenging 
environment, but Top views 
the next couple years with 

As always, I look forward to 
hearing more of your exciting 
news! Please keep me updated. 
Thank you, Sandy 


Elizabeth E. Escobar 
888 Main Street, Apt. 3 1 9 
NewYork, NY 10044-0216 


10th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Jessica Zaplin Kariin 

22 Schiller Road 

West Roxbury, MA 02132-6336 


Grace, daughter of Deke Fyrberg '97 
with Christina Calderwood and Jodi 
Leverone Marshall '97 on right 

Polly Titcomb is in her first 
year at law school at Suffolk 
University. She sees Justin 
Marshall quite a bit as he 
also attends Suffolk. Polly has 
a part time internship this 
spring with the Committee 
on the Environment, Natural 
Resources and Agriculture 
at the State House. Her very 
exciting news is that she is 
engaged and will be getting 
married in July 2009!! Polly 
is looking forward to seeing 
everyone in June for our 
10-year reunion. Mark your 
calendar -June 5-7,2009! 
Becky Dosh made a trip 
back to the mainland this 
February from Maui, HI. Becky 
and I (Jessica Zaplin Kariin) 
connected while she was in 
Boston and it was fabulous to 
catch up and hear about her 
successful jewelry business 
that she started with two 
of her college friends. Their 
business, Wings Hawaii, is a 
jewelry and clothing company 
based in Maui where all the 
jewelry is handmade using 
many semi-precious stones and 
shells that are found on the 
beaches of Hawaii. Check out 
the website: http://wingshawaii. 
com - gorgeous stuff and you 
can buy online!! They have a 
retail store in Haiku and sell to 

Gregg Carroll '97 and wife Meghann 
with Grace Fryberg 

several boutique stores around 
the country. Becky saw Kate 
Mitchell who is now living in 
Vermont and working for I % 
for the Plant, an organization 
out of Waitsfield,Vermont. 
Becky filled me in on some 
other very exciting news 
- LaDonia Daniels Patterson 
just gave birth to a baby boy, 
Christian in January '09! 
Congrats, LaDonia!! LaDonia 
and her husband Kelly are 
living in Atlanta, GA. Becky was 
headed down to Atlanta where 
she met up with Marika Hull 
and Robyn Klein Patterson for 
a mini GDA reunion to meet 
LaDonia's new bundle of joy. 
Marika is living in Los Angeles 
and Robyn was recently 
married and now living in 
Toronto, Canada. I hope the 
arrival of this issue of The 
Archon finds you well and 
enjoying the beginning signs of 
spring. Be sure to check out 
our GDA Class of '99 group 
on Facebook. See you in June!! 


Catherine E. Correia 
87 Green Street 
Wakefield, MA 01880-3957 

The Archon | Spring 2009 63 

j SKrawanwwwjMH « n aw. i m m a 

Matt DiGuiseppe '01, Kathleen "Sager" Kubera '00 and Kevin Kubera 

Tom Hand '00 was married in September to 
Megan Cassella, a graduate of the Pingree School 
and Colby College. 

Eve Seamans 
840 Hale Street 
Beverly, MA 01915-2216 

Hi, everyone! This is my (Eve 
Seamans) first time doing the 
class notes and it's been great 
to hear from so many of you! 
Catherine Correia wrote 
to say that she is enjoying 
being back in the Boston area 
since moving from Florida 
in October: "It has been 
wonderful to be able to meet 
up with friends now that I am 
back in MA. I enjoyed being 
able to catch up with Eve 
Seamans, Bettina Romberg, 
Merrill Lamont, Shaena Tucker 
('0 1 ), and Courtney Craft ('0 1 ) 
at The Governor's Holiday 
Party." Josh Freeman wrote in 
with lots of exciting news: "My 
fiancee, Nicole Randall, and I 
welcomed a beautiful baby girl 
into the world on May 2, 2008. 
Her name is Riley Catherine 
McKay Freeman and she is 
amazing! We are having so 

much fun watching her grow 
and learn new things every 
day. She was born with a full 
head of hair and very healthy. 
I am currently working in 
Boston for Heath Properties 
and am kept very busy with 
new development projects, 
property management and 
apartment rentals. On top 
of work, Nicole and I are 
planning our wedding. We 
hope to be married in the 
fall of this year. We have had 
a few visitors since Riley was 
born. Justin Fishman and his 
fiancee Rachael Shapiro came 
down for a long weekend 
this summer and stayed with 
us.Justy and Rachael took 
us to Riley's first Red Sox 
game - second row from 
the field... lucky girl! It was 
great to get to see them! We 
are looking forward to their 
wedding in May! We have also 
seen Marc McDonnell a few 
times when he comes home 
to visit from Hawaii - Marc 
looks great and is enjoying the 
sunshine! Marc and I grew up 

together in Newburyport so it 
is always great to spend time 
with him when he is around 
- we miss him! Other than 
that I am just enjoying my 
time with my family. We have 
been spending a lot of time at 
the hockey rink watching my 
younger brothers - Riley is a 
rink-rat like her Dad! I hope 
that everyone is doing well and 
is healthy and happy. Feel free 
to give me a call or stop by if 
anyone is around - it is always 
nice to get to see people!" 
Simon Panall wrote in to say 
he is living in Newburyport 
with Joel Crawford '99 and 
that they are both working 
on Tug Boats out of New 
York City. Emily Dana wrote: 
"I am currently working in 
Development at Dana-Farber 
Cancer Institute in Brookline, 
MA on the Principal & Major 
Gifts team. This is what I want 
as my career and I couldn't 
be happier. Currently, I live in 
the Navy Yard in Charlestown, 
MA with my boyfriend Taylor. 
I have recently seen Meghan 

Barry, Courtney Marino, and 
Rachel Abdulla. Life is great!" 
Joe Cacciatore completed 
his M.Ed, at Plymouth State 
University in Athletic Training 
in December '06 and followed 
that with an internship at 
Disney's Wide World of Sports 
Complex during the spring 
of '07. Since completing his 
internship at Disney he has 
been employed by Northeast 
Rehab Hospital as an athletic 
trainer and is contracted at 
Pelham High School which is 
just outside of Salem, NH. 

Elizabeth Tumbull wrote from 
graduate school: "I'm in the 
middle of my first year at 
the Yale School of Forestry 
and Environmental Studies, 
studying sustainable design 
and entrepreneurship and 
exploring ways to weave 
these themes into a job after 
graduation. I'm enjoying life in 
the Tiny House and continuing 
to tweak the design and give 
tours to Yale colleagues and 
interested visitors. I went to 
Obama's inauguration with 
Kempton Randolph and can 
report he is well and very 
happy in Vermont - raising 

Josh Freeman '00 and his wife, Nicole 
Randall, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, 
Riley Catherine McKay Freeman, on 
May 2, 2008 

Meghan Barry, Courtney Marino, Emily 
Dana '00 

64 The Archon | Spring 2009 

chickens, studying historic 
preservation, and building 
an ambitious timber frame 
barn out of wood from his 
property." Dan Fanaberia 
writes that he is "still is living 
in LA., acting in independent, 
festival, and direct to video 
horror and action movies - 
Hopefully a bigger break soon! 
I'm also writing screenplays 
and looking forward to getting 
my best ones produced. I'm 
engaged to a great woman, 
and we're getting married this 
summer in Malibu. Drop me 
a line any time: http://www." Mark 
Lipman writes: "Hi everybody! 
I'm living in Jamaica Plain, 
Boston, working full-time 
as an Expressive Therapist 
(utilizing the creative arts in 
therapy) working with elders. 
I'm pursuing music on the 
side, which is still very much 
a passion of mine (www. 
Eve Seamans is a chaplaincy 
intern at my workplace, so I 
see her twice a week which 

rocks my world! I saw Lauren 
Elizabeth Smith this summer in 
San Francisco, which was really 
wonderful. My sister Gabe 
Lipman '02 is in Burlington, VT 
doing carpentry, and my older 
sister Rachel Lipman '97 is an 
assistant DA. in Cincinnati, 
OH. The family is good, we had 
a wonderful Christmas holiday 
together. Hope all is well for 
the rest of our classmates. 
Come out to a show in Boston 
if you are around! Eve and 
Bettina Romberg can vouch if 
I'm any good or not ;-P" 

Cassie (Depratto) Nutt wrote 
in to say that things are going 
great for her and to share 
the wonderful news that her 
sister, Beth Depratto ('0 1 ) 
will be married on Friday 
February 1 3. Kathleen Sager 
Kubera has recently been 
married! She writes:"l was 
married to Kevin Kubera in a 
beautiful Sept. 20 wedding in 
Geneva, NY where we met 
while attending Hobart and 
William Smith Colleges. Matt 

Noelle.six months old, daughter of Marie Moore Collins '01 

DiGuiseppe served as an usher 
in the ceremony and helped 
us dance the night away. After 
honeymooning in Greece, 
Italy and Egypt, we settled 
back down in the Washington, 
DC area in time to go to the 
inauguration with 1.8 million 
others. It was an amazing 
experience." Tom Hand was 
married in September to 
Megan Cassella, a graduate 
of the Pingree School and 
Colby College. They had an 
awesome wedding in Meg's 
hometown of Salem, MA 
and then honeymooned in 
Grenada.They currently live 
in Somerville with their dog 
Bryson and work in downtown 

As for myself (Eve Seamans), 
I am having a great time living 
in Boston. I am in the second 
year of my Master's of Divinity 
program at Boston University. 
It's been really interesting! I 
especially have been enjoying 
my chaplaincy internship at 
Mark Lipman's workplace. It's 
been great to bump into so 
many of you around the city 
and at GDA alumni events. 
Hope to see you all soon!! 


Maria E. Collins 
18 Chadwick Circle, Apt. G 
Nashua, NH 03062-4799 
babsmoo 1 

Hi, Class of 200 1! Hope you 
all are doing just awesome! We 
moved back home to Chicago 
around Christmas time to be 
closer to my crazy family. My 
baby girl, Noelle, is six months 
old already and I just started 
working for a wonderful 
catering company in the 
Chicago suburbs! Hopefully, 
we will be here for a while:) 

Meg Lloyd is working at the 

You oughta be 

in pictures! 

Some photographs sent to 
The Archon do not appear 
in this issue. Unfortunately, 
the quality of the photos 
and their low resolution 
would not reproduce 
adequately. Please send 
either electronic or hard 
copy photos of at least 
300dpi and do not embed 
pictures in text. We want 
you all to look your best! 

Esperanza School in Lawrence, 
MA and is staying quite busy 
coaching her Newton South 
women's varsity hockey 
team. They are having a great 
season! She is also attending 
Beth Depratto 's wedding 
this February in Canada. 
Congrats! Ben Mitchell 
writes:'Tm still living in 
NYC and working for Louis 
Vuitton part time as a watch 
specialist and interviewing 
with the photographer, Terry 
Richardson, for a prestigious 
assistant position! Things are 
crazy, but lots of adventure 
and fun!" Tina Benson said:"l 
am at Simmons College getting 
a Master's Degree in English 
and in education. For my 
observation hours, I have been 
at GDA observing Mrs. White 
and Mrs. Hamovit. It's great 
to be back on campus and to 
see things from the teaching 
side, instead of the student 
side!" Derek Falvey wrote: 
"Things have been a little 
crazy this past year-and-a-half. 
Thanksgiving of 2007 I got 
offered a dream job with the 
Cleveland Indians and moved 
out to Ohio. At the end of the 
2008 season, I was promoted 
and now work coordinating 
our international scouting staff. 

The Archon | Spring 2009 65 

It has been great so far and I 
am enjoying the often hectic 
lifestyle. I feel unbelievably 
lucky working in baseball and 
doing what I love for a living, 
but I don't get to see family and 
friends as often as I would like. 
If anyone is in the Cleveland 
area during the summer and 
would like to see a game or 
catch up, just shoot me an 


James M Morrissey 
5 Woodworth Street, Unit 12 
Dorchester, MA 02 1 22-3 1 62 

Rachel Manikian says: "I'm 
almost done with my MSW 
at NYU. Am excited to hold 
a job doing something that 
I love. It was so nice to see 
fellow NY GDA alums at the 
reception for Mr. Moonves 
in October (especially my 
Moody Dorm proctor Naomi 
Fink!)." David White writes: 
"Hey, what's going on dude? I 
haven't talked to you in forever 
- probably since graduation. 
A lot has happened in my life 
within the last year or two. In 
August 2007, my wife, Bonnie, 
and I were married. Five 
months later, we learned that 
we were going to be having a 
baby (I know, that was really 
quick!). We named her Audrey 
Mejin White and she was born 
on November l4,2008.This 
last August I graduated from 
Brigham Young University 
with Honors in Biochemistry. 
A month later my wife and I 
moved down to Los Angeles 
and I began dental school at 
UCLA. Right now the plan is 
to apply to residency programs 
in orthodontics.That's about 
it. Anyways, I hope that life is 
going well for you. Take care." 


Laura E. Ellison 

346 Village Green Blvd. Apt. 104 

Ann Arbor, Ml 48105-3627 



Michael D. O'Neill 

13-F 164 DunHua South Road 

Sect. 2 

Taipei, Taiwan 


Hi, Class of '03! I (Laura 
Ellison) hope this find you 
well. If you're reading this then 
you probably enjoy reading 
the class notes and you're 
definitely not the only one. 
Unfortunately, responses were 
a little sparse this time around, 
so you're stuck just hearing 
from me. To keep it interesting 
for the next issue, please be 
sure to send in an update, 
even if you don't think there's 
much to report, the rest of 
the class would love to hear 
from you! Don't worry about 
filling out the cards, just email 
me a sentence or two with 
what you're doing these days 
( As for 
me, I'll still be receiving your 
replies out here in Ann Arbor. 
I'm looking forward to spring, 
both for the warmer weather 
and because I'm taking my first 
trip out of North America to 
visit Claire DeLacvivier in Paris 
this April. Hope to hear from 
you all for the next newsletter! 


5th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Lesley T. Clunie 

87 Neal Street 

Portland, ME 04 1 02-343 1 

Kelsey M. Quigley 

1 3 Dunster Mall Center 

Cambridge, MA 02 138-7523 


Benjamin Bell says: "I am 
currently working as a writer 
for the Boston Herald." Emily 
Moore says: "I moved to 
Cohasset, MA (South Shore) 
to become a live-in nanny! I 
love my job and all my extra 
activities such as coaching 
volleyball, taking a ceramics 
class, teaching a discovery 
preschool class, walking a 
dog, and volunteering in a 
kindergarten class. During 
my free time, I try to hang 
out with my GDA and Trinity 
classmates as well as my sister 
in Chicago!" We hope to 
see everyone over reunion 
weekend! Check out the 
facebook event "Our 5th Year 
Reunion" and the group "GDA 
Reunion 2009" and mark the 
calendar for June 5th-7th! 


Kelsey A. Correia 

300 Summit Street #702304 

Hartford, CT 06 1 06-3 1 00 



Marisa S. Frey 
Box 1 66 1 Allegheny College 
520 North Main Street 
Meadville.PA 16335-3903 
freym@allegheny. edu 

Margaret E. Hughes 

5 1 High Street 

Saint Albans,VT 05478-1618 

Hello all! Things are cold and 
blustery but truly fantastic 
here in northern Vermont. I 
(Emme Hughes) am keeping 
busy by playing hockey in a 

local league and hitting the 
slopes at Smuggler's Notch as 
much as possible. Hopefully 
I will be spending the fall in 
Florence and I am so happy 
that so many from the mighty 
class of 2006 have taken the 
opportunity to study abroad. 
Caroline Turnbull is off to 
Namibia which is located in 
southwest Africa to do rhino 
research for the semester. She 
will be in the North-Western 
Kunene region of the country. 
She sends her best to all. 
LizaTarr just got back from 
a semester spent in Madrid. 
She is now at Tufts and will be 
president of her sorority.Alpha 
Phi. Liza has been skiing a lot 
and continuing her studies 
in Spanish. Marisa Frey is 
currently on a semester at sea 
heading around the world. Jane 
Goodman is studying abroad in 
Athens, Greece this semester 
and is having an amazing 
experience meeting so many 
new people and seeing such 
incredible places. She says that 
it is so much fun there and 
she is enjoying the easy going 
way of life, so different from 
Boston! Jane plans on visiting 
Caroline DeLacvivier and 
Kathy Malleck in April in Paris 
where Mackenzie Pellitier will 
join the group. Cam Archibald 
is also heading there for a 
week in April too! Jane says 
that GDA has really prepared 
her well for this experience 
and she is hopes that everyone 
else is doing well too! I had 
a fabulous time with Matty 
Moore, Cory Fischer, Daniel 
Lundquist, and Becky Roche 
bowling one weekend in 
Burlington.VT I hope things 
are wonderful with everyone 
and that we hear from you 
next time! 

66 The Archon | Spring 2009 


Jack A. Lamson 

5 1 South Hampton Road 

Amesbury, MA 01913-5733 


Rachel A. Stavis 

300 Summit St. #700624 

Trinity College 

Hartford, CT 06 1 06-3 1 00 


Greetings, Class of 2007! 
It is hard believe that the 
end of sophomore year is 
approaching fast. It seems like 
only yesterday we jumped the 
wall at graduation together. 
Our class has been extremely 
busy this past year. Peter 
Collins is having a great time at 
Connecticut College. He has 
recently declared as a double 
major in Government and 
Studio Art. It is no surprise 
that Peter has joined not only 
his school's ski club, but also 
the cycling team and the club 
soccer team. Last summer, 
Peter worked in Boston at 
Boston Private Bank and 
had a great experience. He 
frequently sees fellow Conn 
Coll-ers and GDA grads, 
Greg MacLennan and Ian 
Henneberger. Cassandra Cruz 
is loving Worcester Polytech. 
She, too, has declared her 
major in Biotechnology for 
medical research. Cassandra 
joined the newly established 
Alpha Xi Delta sorority last 
year as a freshman and is 
ecstatic over how much the 
sorority has already grown. 
Tim Langmaid is just beginning 
his lacrosse season at the 
University of Delaware with 
fellow GDA grads, Josh Weiner 
and Jason Michaud.Tim, as well 
as fellow teammate and GDA 
alumnus, Martin Cahill (GDA 
'06), are looking forward to 

another successful season 
with the Blue Hens. Allison 
Barnaby is still attending the 
University of New Hampshire 
and is planning on becoming a 
camp counselor in Maine this 
summer with Molly Brierley 
(GDA '06), Mike Barnaby 
(GDA '05), and Tim Brierley 
(GDA '05). Next spring, she 
plans on going abroad to 
either Spain or Chile with 
Colette Lilly to work towards 
a possible Spanish minor. 
Danielle Dillihunt is currently 
studying abroad in Shanghai, 
China. Her various travel 
destinations include places 
such as Beijing, where she 
climbed the Great Wall, Hong 
Kong, the Philippines and 
more. She has been abroad 
since September and plans 
on staying until the end of 
May. Danielle has picked up 
Mandarin, which she says is 
really fun but really hard at the 
same time. She has recently 
declared as a double major 
in International Business and 
Spanish. Everything is going 
really well for me, Rachel 
Stavis, here at Trinity College. 
This past fall I was initiated 
into the sorority Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, whose fellow 
members include my sister, 
Barrie Stavis (GDA '05), as well 
as alumnus Annie Peterman 
(GDA '03). I, too, have recently 
declared as a double major 
in Art History and Political 
Science. Next fall will bring 
soon-to-be graduate Elizabeth 
Cieri (GDA '09) to Trinity 
College as a freshman. It is 
always exciting to see fellow 
Govs around campus so I am 
looking forward to her arrival! 
Next spring I plan on traveling 
to either Paris or Barcelona, 
which I am extremely excited 
about. Other than that, my 
family and I have been mentally 
preparing for the graduation 
of my brother, Joshua Stavis 

(GDA '09), which marks the 
end of the Stavis generation at 
The Governor's Academy. I am 
looking forward to attending 
his graduation festivities this 
spring and will hopefully see 
many of you from the Class 
of 2007 there as well. I want 
to thank everyone who 
contributed to this edition of 
TheArchon and encourage 
you all to keep writing and 
stay in touch with fellow class 
secretary, Jack Lamson, and 
me. Wishing you all the best of 
luck in your spring semesters 
and a happy, healthy summer! 


Perry J. Eaton 

30 Travis Drive 

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-1022 


Abigail E. Harris 
I Edwards Street 
Bath, ME 04530-2729 

Tommy Durkin reports: 
"I was in Costa Rica for 
the fall semester and will 
attend Middlebury College in 

The Archon i Spring 2009 67 

In Memoham 

Henry McKenneyTrask '33 

died on February 25, 2009 in 
Gorham, Maine. After GDA, Henry 
went to Bowdoin College and 
then received his medical degree 
from Boston University School 
of Medicine. Dr.Trask practiced 
medicine in Brooklyn, NY until 
1967 when he returned to 
Maine to practice inWestbrook 
until his retirement. He was a 
dedicated member of the First 
Congregational Church of Buxton 
and an avid historian of the town. 
He is survived by a niece, nephew 
and cousin. 

Eugene Francis Verdery III '35 

of Marietta, Georgia, died August 
27, 2008. After GDA, "Cap" 
graduated from Brown University 
where he was a multi-sport 
athlete in football, swimming and 
track. In 1940 he joined the Navy 
and served for 29 years. He was 
a decorated combat fighter pilot 
in World War II and the Korean 
War. After his retirement from the 
Navy, "Cap" spent 28 years in city 
government in Jacksonville, Florida, 
retiring at age 80 in 1997. He was 
pre-deceased by his wife, Mary 
Lou Verdery, and his son, Don. 
He is survived by his two other 
children and four grandchildren. 

Lawrence Norton Van 
Doren '40 of South Orange, NJ, 
died on January 9, 2009. After 
graduating from GDA, Lawrence 
went on to Williams College 
before embarking on a career 
in advertising at the American 
Bankers Association where he 
rose from copywriter to director 
of the association's advertising 
department. Following retirement, 
he devoted his energies to artistic, 
literary and musical projects as 
well as volunteer work. He is 
survived by his wife of 60 years, 
the former Barbara Milbank, three 
children and 10 grandchildren. 

Wilbur E.Webster '4 1 of 

Annapolis, Maryland, died in 
January 2009. He earned a 
Bachelor's degree and MBA 
from Dartmouth College. Wilbur 
retired as Senior Vice President 
at PHH Group Foundations, Inc. 
He was pre-deceased by his wife, 
Nan, and is survived by his four 
children and their families. 

Warren T. Perkins '44 

of Houston, Texas, died on 
November 1 2, 2008. A graduate 
of the University of Maine/Orono, 
Warren retired as a project 
engineering manager for Bechtel 
Corp. Warren is survived by his 
wife, Eva R. Perkins. 

Bradley H. Roberts '45 of 

Reno, Nevada, died on February 
1 3, 2009. Brad entered the U. S. 
Navy after graduation from GDA. 
After military service, he attended 
Hamilton College while he earned 
money selling men's shoes door 
to door. His idea to use direct 
mailings to prospective customers 
began his career in advertising 
which included clients such as 
Quaker Oats, Lever Brothers, 
Campbell Soup, Continental Air 
Lines, and Columbia Pictures. 
After moving to Nevada in 1983, 
Brad taught advertising at the 
University of Nevada. For two 
years, he was a Washington 
lobbyist for the advertising agency 
business. He was pre-deceased by 
his first wife, Jean Hypes Roberts 
and is survived by his wife.Vivian 
(Chickie) Roberts, his three 
children and four grandchildren. 

Alexander Draper '46 of 

Rhinebeck, NY, died on September 
2 1 , 2008. "Sandy" attended 
Arizona State University and 
served in the U.S. Marine Corps 
from 1 945- 1 946. He was a Collie 
breeder, showman, club and 
foundation owner, AKC licensed 
for Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs 
and Pembroke Welsh Corgies. 
Professionally, he worked for 
a variety of companies, most 
recently serving as Administrator 
to the Museum of the American 
Indian and as Deputy Director 
Consultant to the American 
Geographical Society. "Sandy" is 
survived by two children, two 
grandchildren and two former 

Samuel S. Neale '46 of 

Gordonsville.Virginia, died 
on September 25, 2008. He is 
survived by his wife, Margaret E. 

Wesley Lathrop Muddle '5 1 

of Broadalbin, New York, died 
on September 25, 2008.After 

graduating from GDA and the U.S. 
Coast Guard Academy, he served 
in the Coast Guard for more than 
five years. Later, he worked in 
the insurance industry, becoming 
the third generation owner of 
Muddle & Muddle Insurance and 
Travel Agency and then Holly's 
Marina. He is survived by his wife, 
Marjorie Muddle, two sons and 
five grandchildren. 

John D. Brandli Jr. '53 of Scotch 
Plains, NJ, died on November 3, 
2008.After GDA, John attended 
Brown University before joining 
the United States Army. He served 
in Germany for two years and 
then worked as a broker on the 
American Stock Exchange for 36 
years before retiring in 1 996. John 
is survived by his wife, Peggy, three 
children and three grandchildren. 

Harry Peter Gould '54 of 

Kingwood, Texas, died in fall 2008. 
After GDA, Peter graduated 
from Cornell University and 
earned an MBA from New York 
University. Before retirement 
he was a broker and investment 
advisor with Cowen and Co. He is 
survived by his wife, Joyce Gould, 
and two sons. 

Philip Clark Johnson '55 

of Lexington, Massachusetts, 
died on January 14, 2009. After 
graduating from Harvard College, 
Philip performed research and 
development on materials at 
Arthur D. Little Inc., Cambridge, 
and Materials Development Corp., 
Medford, until his retirement. 
After retirement, he occupied 
himself with landscaping and 
the design and construction 
of furniture and other objects. 
His interest in genealogy led to 
the discovery of 1 7 th century 
ancestors, possibly including the 
pilot of the Mayflower. Philip is 
survived by his wife, Judith A. 
Kelley, and two children. 

Thomas J. Sargent '68, of Bath 
and Industry, Maine, formerly of 
Winchester and Newbury, and 
Cordes Junction, Ariz., died on 
Friday, Oct. 10,2008 in Industry. A 
graduate ofWashington College, 
Tom served alternative service 
as a Conscientious Objector, was 
a Peace Corps Volunteer, spent 

years at sea as a commercial 
fisherman in the Bering Sea and 
most recently produced bronze 
castings atArcosanti in Cordes 
Junction, Ariz. He is survived by 
two siblings, a nephew and niece. 

David O. Kent '84 of 

Massachusetts and Missouri, died 
on November 25, 2008.After 
GDA, David attended UMass 
Lowell and Goddard College. 
For the past 1 5 years, David lived 
at the Intentional Community 
of East Wind in Missouri, part 
of the Federation of Egalitarian 
Communities, which promotes a 
lifestyle of cooperation, non- 
violence, equality and democracy. 
Over the years, he worked in 
finance and healthcare, as well as 
manufacturing nut butters and 
hammocks. He is survived by his 
parents and sister. 

Scott A. Miller '9 1 , U.S. Army 
972 nd Military Police Company, of 
Plaistow, NH, died on October 
1 3, 2008. Scott, a graduate of 
Elon College, is survived by his 
wife, Alexandra (Webb) Miller, 
his mother, Margaret Miller of 
Byfield, and three siblings. He 
was pre-deceased by his father, 
former Academy teacher Douglas 
L Miller. 

Robin Winchester 
Goodenough, former English 
and math teacher, of Coronado, 
California, died on April 7, 2008. 
Robin graduated from Yale 
University after interrupting his 
studies temporarily to serve 
in the Navy during World War 
II. He then entered medical 
school but left to serve again in 
the Navy, this time during the 
Korean War. Robin continued 
his military career as a naval 
reservist. He also earned a Ph.D. 
in psychology and a law degree 
and taught at the secondary 
and college level, specializing in 
psychology and the law. Robin 
was an active community leader 
and philanthropist. He is survived 
by his wife, Marina Goodenough, 
three daughters and three 

68 The Archon | Spring 2009 

What makes The Governor's 
Academy special to you? Pass it on. 

Bruce McCullough, Science Teacher 

Bruce McCullough found a home at The Governor's 
Academy. During his eight years as one of our most 
memorable faculty members, he enriched the lives of 
our students as a biology teacher, dorm parent, and 
advisor. Students and colleagues alike admired his 
personal courage and commitment to his profession. 
The 2008 Milestone dedication to Bruce by its 
editors' describes Bruce's special standing at the 
Academy,"He was the contemporary link in a long 
tradition of great teachers who worked to flourish 
the Academy over the past two centuries. He never 
simply taught a biology lecture, he offered a lesson 
in life. We were all inspired and awed by his bravery. 
His sense of humor, interest in people and love of 
outdoors sustained him even in his final hours." 

We love the things we love for what they are 

-Robert Frost 

In his quiet and humble way, 
Bruce continues giving, by having 
remembered the Academy in 
his will with a significant and 
meaningful gift. His gift has been 
used to establish an annual prize to a graduating senior and also to support faculty 
housing. Bruce's deep affection for the Academy and its students were well-known, 
but many were happily surprised to learn of the extent of his generosity to a place he 
loved so much. Our community is deeply and forever touched by his kindness. 

Charitable bequests, such as Bruce McCullough's, are special provisions in your will 
that designate how your assets will be distributed after your lifetime — they help you 
to create your lasting and meaningful legacy. From a practical standpoint, bequests can 
help eliminate or reduce federal estate tax and are one of the most flexible ways of 
giving: you have the option of changing your mind at any time. 

If you would like to join fellow faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends by making a 
bequest to benefit The Governor's Academy, simply include the following language in 
your will or trust: 

"I hereby give to The Governor's Academy, I Elm Street, Byfield, MA, a Massachusetts 

charitable organization (Tax ID 04-2 1 03564), the sum of $ (or a description 

of the specific asset), for the benefit of The Governor's Academy to be used for the 
following purpose: (for example, unrestricted support, endowment, financial aid, faculty 
compensation, etc.)." 

Of course, if you have already included The Governor's Academy in your will, or 
named the school beneficiary of a life insurance policy or qualified retirement plan, 
we would like the chance to thank you personally for your generosity and formally 
welcome you to join the Schoolhouse Society. 

For additional information and suggestions about other ways of creative giving, please contact 
Martha Delay, Planned Giving Advisor at 978.499.3173 or 





In the spirit of the Academy's 
original benefactors,William 
and Catherine Dummer, the 
Schoolhouse Society honors 
alumni, parents and friends 
who have made the school a 
part of their legacy through a 
planned gift. 


James Waugh '44 
Don Rice '52 
Richard Pew '54 
Harry Kangis '68 
Daniel Morgan '67 
Joseph Lapaglia '71 
Steve Shapiro '74 
Jeremy Devaney '98 


On Saturday, June 6, 2009, (the 
Saturday of Reunion Weekend) 
all members of the Schoolhouse 
Society are cordially invited to 
a breakfast in their honor at 
8:00 a.m. in the New Wing of the 
Dining Hall. We hope you can 
join us! 

The Governor's Academy 
Byfield, MA 01922 

Non-Profit Org. 
U.S. Postage 


Newburyport, MA 01950 
Permit No. 1763 


Friday, June 5 

3:00 p.m. 

6:00 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 

Saturday, June 6 

7:00 - 9:00 a.m. 
8:00 a.m. 

8:00 a.m. 
9:00 a.m. 
9:00 a.m. 
10:15 a.m. 
I 1 :00 a.m. 

12:30- 1:30 p.m. 
12:30 p.m. 
12:30 p.m. 
1 :45 p.m. 
2:00 - 5:00 p.m. 
2:00 - 5:00 p.m. 
2:00 - 5:00 p.m7 
2:00 - 5:00 p.m. 
6:00 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 

unday, June 7 

8:00 - 1 0:00 a.m. 
I 1 :00 a.m. 


Registration begins - Phillips Building 
Class Headquarters/Dormitories - Open 
Cocktails in the Whiston»Bragdon Arena 
Mike Moonves Celebration Dinner in the 
Whiston«Bragdon Arena 

Reunion ' 

Breakfast - Jacob Dining Hall - Phillips Building 

Schoolhouse Society Breakfast, Duncan Phillips Library 

By Invitation Only 

Registration - all day - Phillips Building 

26th Annual Pie Race 

Archives Display with Academy Archivist Laurie DiModica 

Parade of Classes 

Headmaster's Address/Annual Alumni Meeting/ReunionPrizes/ 

Alumnus of the Year/Faculty Emeritus Induction - 

The Performing Arts Center 

Cookout Luncheon on the Quad 

Champagne Luncheon for the Class of 1959 

Champagne Luncheon for the Old Guard 

Dedication of the 1 967 Turf Field 

Alumni Baseball Game 

Alumni Softball Games 

Children's Program 

Free Time (Tours, Golf, Tennis, etc.) 

Cocktails in the Pescosolido Library 

Reunion Class Dinners in Various Locations 

Coffee House in the Student Center 

Rock & Roll Hosted by the Class of 2004 in the Black Box 

Farewell Brunch 
Checkout from dormitories 

4's & 9's